Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie REVIEW!

*WARNING SPOILERS!* In this video I talk about events in the movie so if you didn’t watch it well, I warned you. 😀
Here is my REVIEW to the DRAGON BALL SUPER MOVIE! What I liked about the movie and my overall honest opinion of the movie!
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Ghalvz says:

I actually felt bad for Frieza and wanted him to get his 5 CM wish haha.

Krimo says:

*Broly attacking WHIS*
WHIS: am i a joke to you?

spook says:

i loved the movie!! great review and happy birthday 🙂

Golden Yak says:

It was pretty good. I think I would have preferred Ultra Instinct Goku reappearing instead of Gogeta though. And maybe Beerus getting more involved, since he was sort’ve partly responsible for the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Tizzie Smalls says:

No mention of kale in movie. Feel like that was the biggest let down. They referenced TOP but not kale

coolone7100 says:

You forgot to mention Freiza best acting skills

T-virus TV says:

I got to go see it day one on Wednesday it was even better than a thought.

Luiz Marinho says:

My only question is, how is Chirai gonna deal with Broly’s giant ape? She is so tiny.

Richard Akoto says:

Frieza should have died

dhaval mahida says:

Happy be lated birthday ma’am

Tianxia ma says:

Happy birthday!May a frieza with you.Broly is mine.

theLonnatic311 says:

My birthday is January 14

Fredy Flores says:

7.5/10. Good DB movie, but not my favorite. Some of the gripes are personal and not really a fault of the staff/writers. Some of it was. I wish Broly had more lines in the movie when he was fighting. He talked LESS than in the first movie. Bardock wasn’t as interesting as his standalone movie imo. Pacing was weird for sure. Just small gripes here and there.

Battle of Gods > Broly > Resurrection F

Tou Yang says:

Whis said “that was close” fighting against broly, so what does that mean?!

Light Lucilfer says:

Well there’s no point watching ur reaction on DBZ if u didn’t start at the beginning ryt XD

Ichimar486 says:


Jonathan Lisowski says:

Those transformation animations, my goodness! The epic fight scene could be called Dragon Ball Dogfights with the flying barrel rolls and massive barrage of missile-like energy blasts. Finally, we get a very long fight scene without staring matches and excessive dialogue, just straight up action! Loved this movie!

Krimo says:

new broly movie = old broly movie + good drawing + few story details, i just enjoyed the fights

Captain Hindsight says:

i think you are looking at it wrong. its a movie not a series so the structure is different, there are 3 acts in a movie so this made perfect sense to me. overall great review

Angel Martell says:

Did anyone see a ultra instinct cause I didnt?broly still suqs and so does this jenumba remake

Gimme Dat Chicken says:

I was confused they cut the “Do it Broly!”

Echo Ability says:

You did an awesome review for this epic movie. And pointed out alot of the same stuff I thought about the movie as well. And the intro was great haha. Go Broly go. I enjoy u videos all the time. Especially the one piece reviews. Keep up the good work

Broly lssj says:


Antonio Galicia says:

Love you <3 from México

Recommended for you says:

Some easter eggs I noticed among many
1) King Vegeta crushing the scouter in the beginning
2) Goku’s fight when he transforms a moment of UI and Goku biting broly
3) When gogeta first arrives he first does goku’s fighting pose and then vegeta’s .
4) You can call me Goku or Kakarot

patrick louie says:

I loved how goku told broly to call him kakarot at the end…I can’t wait to see what super has in store after this movie

Mattman says:

How spoilery is the movie in regard to Super stuff? I’ve only seen up to the end of the Zamasu arc in Super. I already know about Frieza being involved though, and know of the existence of Ultra Instinct even though I’ve stayed away from anything regarding it. Am I gonna be confused at all going into the movie or get spoiled on much? Should I wait?

RWF1984 says:

The movie was awesome. Best Dragon Ball movie IMO. Freeza to me was the best character in the movie. The facial expressions Freeza made were priceless.

kevin s. says:

They were both tryna kill each other in the end, its not like Broly was just going to stop.

Opie operative funkshady says:

Funimation: we gave broly character development
Fans: NANI?!

dw dw says:


SorryIBlackedOut says:

Best thing to come out for Dragon Ball since Z

zamasu the god says:

Frieza was probably the best part of this movie

Nukatron says:

Your ratings for the movie were spot on! I definitely enjoyed it too!! Such amazing animation in the fight scenes!

Homero MendozA says:

Vegeta doesn’t think twice killing.. his Gogeta side was gonna kill broly

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