Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Directed by Tatsuya Nagamine.


Danny Cervantes says:

He was never cannon tbh he just became cannon with this movie the old broly doesn’t exist anymore

john doe says:

Broly movie was not good it was owesometacular

CaptainTruth says:

Of course they had to make Broly a good guy… typical post DBZ writing.

Ace HAMMER says:

over all I think it was a decent movie it gave the same good old Dragon Ball action and humor, I can accept that this is basically a new character to the main Dragon Ball timeline but I don’t feel they did Broly justice here, this Broly lacks the epic-ness of the original movie, the back story for Broly is much the same, he still has the anger issues just the same but its not explained why and it looks like he had much the same upbringing as most other saiyans did, we don’t see him do anything special early on and we don’t see his childhood so why and how was he so angry, in the original movie we were told why he was so angry and we knew who it was directed at and then in the original movie when he lost control he still had a personality he not only wanted to kill people but also had fun torturing them too, but in this movie when Broly loses control he just becomes a mindless hulking rage monster that just attacks anything that moves and breathes, and honestly even his transformation into super saiyan wasn’t really all that impressive either but that was pretty funny how Freiza killed his father and tried to play it off and then still gets wrecked by him lol, so yeah that was just a few of my issues on this new Broly movie

Zaine Bamfo says:

Gogeta vs Broly is one of the best DB fights ever

lee says:

I haven’t seen it yet but I’m excited to know that vegeta doesn’t get ragdolled like in every other movie he actually gets a chance to shine for once

marx chong says:

Yeah, my ass squeezed so hard when broly screaming..

mario vargas says:

3:59 u said “Fucking”
Ooh I’m telling…lol

Alpha Since '95 says:

Did anyone else lose it, laughing their ass off when Broly began beating the shit out of Frieza lol

Matthew Ritch says:

This was a great Dragon
Ball movie.

Phant0mGetsuga993 says:

Top tier animation quality
Power ups
OP moves
Broly OP as FUCK

Vegeta doesn’t know what fusion is (despite this taking place after Buu Saga & Fusion Movie
Broly supposedly has never met Goku before?? Uhhh you did like before he fought Cell.
No Ultra Instinct
Paragus doesn’t remember Vegeta from DBZ Broly Movie # 1
Broly OP as FUCK

Bradmyr says:

Ah, the occupational hazard of a movie critic. Being disappointed in a ton of movies.

Batitcous Prime says:

I hope we see Broly in the next story arch

kevin smith says:

Thanks Mr. Stuckman, watching this review at 945, going to the theater at 1130, unspoiled but Super Hyped!

Larry L says:

I felt like they did a classy way of redoing the broly story

Talos DOGGOD says:

It was so fucking awesome to finally watch a dragon Ball movie in theater’s. I already watched the whole tournament of power arc and was worried the movie might not live up to that but it did. I honestly think it was as good or better than infinity war and almost ANY marvel or dc animated film. I really hope it inspires people to watch the the whole goku black arc and the tournament because it seems like the franchise is just getting fired up again.

The illuminati says:

Max gang




1 / 10


Dragon Ball Super: Broly is SHIT

Anikko Barton says:

Solid 7 out of 10 for me. The music was GOD awful the entire film. However im just glad broly survived. Clearly wasn’t his fault.

SuperFan2024 says:

The director of the movie actually co-directed the Dragon Ball Super TV series starting from episode 77 up until the end of the series.

Jose Garcia says:

But Broly you can call me Kakarot

Talos DOGGOD says:

It feels like it justified my whole childhood lmao like it made up for anything mediocre dbz has put out

BasedSif says:

Is Bardock’s old movie canon?

N.O. Gillardo says:

Great video agree 100

apple pie says:

I didn’t like how they shortened the movie that pissed me off

Hector Quinonez says:

I like the TOP better. The music in TOP was better too imo still a good movie

venom326 says:

Are you planning on reviewing Suspiria?

Neuton Gama says:

Great movie, the best I have ever seen!!

Ataur Rahman says:

dbz is a fuck show

Scythe_Ti says:

No ones gonna talk about nappa having hair

Triste d3 Nemesis 13:17-13 says:

I give it a A too great fucking db movie

Dark Glass says:

Goku was nothing more than a _puny god_ in front of Broly.

Lancelotxxx says:

how does it compare to the original Broly movie from the 90’s ?


Bio broly is great

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