Escape Room – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Escape Room, starring Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine, Nik Dodani, Yorick van Wageningen. Directed by Adam Robitel.


Francis Cade says:

weird, just watched another movie called escape room. It was shit too.

Daytona Smoove says:

*Wheres the Bird Box Movie Review?*

George Holliday says:

Do movies ever get an E? The letter E just does not exist it seems.

milton velez says:

have u seen rust creek .

Pulse666 Fang says:

They had an very good logical closure point. But no. They added a few more.

Ginger Lemon says:

I mean it’s alright that it’s a horror movie but it would have been cool if it pulled like a Narnia and they had to go through a real life fantasy world. Because I think an escape room isn’t just made to escape from a room it could also be used to escape from reality. Like you said there’s Star Wars ones and Harry Potter ones. I think it’d be cool and imaginative if it was like that.

ashwinterx says:

Has chris reviewed bohemian rhapsody!?

Kristoffer says:

This movie is what Netflix is for.

Noah Does stuff says:

I would give it an A. It was actually really good. I just saw it tonight and loved it. That is just my opinion though.

Ravenclaw Pride says:

Hey Chris. I just wanted to say I’m a big fan of your channel. You give honest reviews. Whenever a new film comes out I’m excited to see what you think. Happy new year man.

Steven Goes to the Movies says:

i agreed with pretty much everything you said! I have a tiny review channel of my own, would love some tips!

black list says:


Jane Sharp says:

did you know theres a film on netflix also called escape room?

ANTI-SATAN pro life says:

Sounds gay

Connor Zehr says:

Do Bandersnatch pls

Trush Tucker says:

Youre chubby now

Mac Slacks says:

I know this is off topic. But why have you never done a review of Shindlers List?

Amber Keil says:

You know what you can’t escape subscribing to pewdiepie

GCT10/31/1990 says:

Looks and feels like another movie back in 2017….oh right, Escape room…. Why would they make the same movie twice? Year after year? The only difference is the money reward that’s the only difference, the whole movie and concept is the same. Boring

Colin Tran says:

This guy is so dull. Sorry not sorry

Vida Gringa says:

The ending is terrible indeed! Congrats for the channel, I love your reviews.

Pizzachuu says:

Can you make a vid of a close up of Your sleeve?

Tshiabu Kabongo says:

Literally just another Cube

Clif Haley says:

Sounds like an after school G rated version of “Saw”.

xKdYux says:

Chris, you need to watch “Summer of 84″… I really want to see your take on it….

Andres says:

I liked this moive

Cazey Croland says:

I LOVED Insidious the last key

Litch 01 says:

I really liked Escape Room, the ending kind of bucked me but the last 10 or 15 minutes were exceptional, I loved it

wrsltnmusclefan says:

I agree mostly. Plus a little “Cabin In The Wood” vibe too…

Luigi Camp says:

Movies are becoming like Games; they give you a somewhat incomplete version of the game hoping you will buy into the DLC (sequel for movies).

aww yeah says:

straight to DVD huh

Andy Wandy says:

You should do a hilariocity over the amazing bulk

Lacy Coleman says:

like the cube??…..looks like we agreed on that

Director Donovan says:

Lol whenever Chris talks about how terrible or nonsensical the end of a movie was, it lowkey makes me wanna go see it even more

Kade Bollinger says:

Tweak this film a bit, adjust the tone/plot and this movie could become a Riddler origin story.

Olivia Piper Robeck says:

This reminded me of would you rather which is on Netflix

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