Fahrenheit 11/9 – Movie Review

Michael Moore is back and once again tackling politics in America. Given the current situation, this was only a matter of time. Here’s my review of FAHRENHEIT 11/9!


Isaac Gudino says:

5:01 damn Jeremy got it faster than the leaders of my party (the Democratic Party) did.

Kermit DaFrog says:

Now do death of a nation

Matt77 says:

I only have one question, is Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell the same person?

Redgame21 says:

Um. Fucking great Donald impression tho.

The Film Effect says:

Michael Moore has Trump Derangement Syndrome. People like him are one of the reasons Trump got elected, plus Hillary being one of the worst candidates in US history. Moore among others like SJWs are just adding fuel for Trump getting reelected.

Towlie TheTowel says:

His impersonations are always A fuckin 1

EricKnight1528 says:


Robyn Benson says:

How does this guy have 1.4 million subs?

Ryan Cox says:

Why would this video piss off anybody? You weren’t biased in any way, and even when you have your opinions you used reason and logic.

Aaron The Emo Otaku says:

will you review Assassination Nation and The House with a Clock in it’s Walls?

Connor Haywood says:

Damn I respect your review here

Mudabbir Ahmed says:

You know when you’re a white dude… you’re never in danger of having your kids locked up in cages; you’d also not see Hitler comparisons either.
It’s about being informed; which unfortunately you’re not.
If you don’t even know stuff about Flint… holy shit; that takes special effort to stay ignorant.

This is a good review but as usual; from someone who because of who he is will never understand what some other people will & are going through under this administration; simply because of who they are.
& as typical of a white dude; not understanding others is a defining trait.

What’s worse is that you actually don’t like Trump & yet you’ve got stunning levels of indifference or complete lack of understanding of certain very important issues… now imagine being a white dude who is a Trump supporter.
The levels of ignorance just rise & rise.

Tristan Newman says:

This was the least political political movie review I think could have been written about this movie. I’m sure it’ll still manage to piss off someone, though.

Connor Haywood says:

One of the most fascinating (and depressing) phenomenas I observed while watching this film in the theater was during the segment where Hillary Clinton was interviewed by a bunch of different News Anchors (Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, etc..) and then each interview freeze framed and sexual assault allegations appeared onscreen. It was utterly uncanny that people started bursting out into applause—I understand being pleased with people facing justice for their actions, but I personally feel like it’s disgusting to giddily applaud because we caught an abuser. In a healthy, liberal society you don’t cheer as someone gets a prison sentence—you mourn over the whole ordeal. Of course the other perverse aspect of this phenomenon is the fact that Hillary Clinton is married to an alleged rapist and harasser and she helped slander his accusers but Moore and the applauding audience conveniently ignore this. It’s sad that our current political game has people literally living in 2 different worlds.

Daniel Kunkle says:

Well, the movie bombed over the weekend. Seems people are tired of his BS.


Jake Murdoch says:

Good review! I appreciate your honesty and unbiased opinion!

Sean Sterling says:

Lol. That Trump impression though. Spot on sir.

Mathias Hummer says:

I appreciate you remaining objective. I agree Trump has used the presidency to inflate his ego, but it hasn’t made him any money. He only took the $1 necessary for him to do the job. He refused to be paid any more.

Jason Lamb says:

Jeremy you’re so gorgeous. (And I like that hair!)

Austin Bond says:

Fuck trump

8mmKyle says:

You ask how to keep politics out of your channel… just don’t do this movie! lol I mean most of your demographic don’t care for Michael Moore films, so why do it?

But that’s just my opinion man, you do you, still a big fan!

David Hicks says:

I’m just here for the crazy comments…it’s truly beautiful

Alicia Bell says:

Nice comparison to making a murderer.

RK AK says:

#17 – trending in Ireland. ✌️

Naden says:

Wow, that Trump impersonation was pretty good.

gunsmithbasic says:

so it is interesting as a case study to analyze propaganda. I get the feeling that the movie itself is not good though.


If this movie offends you keep this in mind: The greater your outage, the more fucking ignorant you are.

anottakenusername says:

Jeremy Jahns, I have gained respect for you because you recognize your own biases and can remain objective enough to call out the bullshit “Trump is literally Hitler” propaganda message. Because you review movies it’s probably easier for you to see the beyond the emotional manipulation to see a filmmaker’s true intent. Unfortunately, it’s people like Michael Moore who cheapen the Hitler comparison to the point that it is meaningless and just pushes people towards the right.

Dustin Royer says:

I’m still young and don’t have the will to sift through bias editorials to see the big picture(I try), but it’s still glaringly obvious how money is being hoarded by inverted totalitarians.
After watching ‘how big oil conquered the world’ I’m certain that I cannot trust any establishment. call it paranoia, it is, and guess what, its well-warranted.
Faith in God is dying while demons runs the country and naive Americans idolize sin.

Bruce Wayne says:

Michael Moore is the Alex Jones of the left, the world is going to end type of guy.

LaLaGrunge says:

2004 = mid-00s

Mjikan ! says:

If this video and documentary had come out a year ago. It would have easily over a 1k dislikes. The fact that it doesn’t might be a sign of changing opinions. Maybe some ppl finally opening their eyes to bullshit on their pillow.

BlasterMaster42 says:

Please review Smallfoot next weekend

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