Fahrenheit 451 – Movie Review

The story of the Ray Bradbury novel is brought not to the big screen, but HBO. Here’s my review of the 2018 film FAHRENHEIT 451

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MBrotherton21 says:

Saw the trailer n thought they rebooted Equilibrium til they showed it. Glad someone else thought that

Dallin Whiting says:

Honestly, my favorite dystopian future story is a really underrated book called Brave New World. It’s basically 1984 but the masses are being controlled by having too much fun instead of maximum security.

Zack Taft says:

Jeremy a boba fett stand alone movie is in the works you happy

Gabriel Samanofam says:

I hate this guys vibe

Samuel Johnson says:

Absolutely adored the book. Can’t wait to check it out. I had no idea that this came out

Nathan says:

Read The Book!!!

Diana Gonzalez says:

I actually thought it was an HBO series, disappointed that it’s a movie. It’s been a long, long time since I read this book, but I don’t think the book did a whole lot of world building either, but I do remember that the way he goes from Firefighter to book reader was a gradual logical arc that made sense.

Monty Leverett says:

I’ve read the book, and seen the 1960’s version, Montag did “flip” the same, he just flipped, which may be the drops/drugs, who can say?

Marcus Mizerak says:

Movie was horrible…

Jordan Moore says:

There was reality tv in the book, before anyone knew what that was. Their tv walls and getting so entranced with people in them they dont care about themselves.

Hannah Mann says:

You should read the book. It really is incredible and it definitely has that character development of Montague make so much more sense

Adam Cahoon says:

I don’t mean to be the actually stickler but Asperger syndrome is not independent of autism it is a higher functioning form of Autism on the spectrum

Louisa Carlson says:

Love the book. The original movie is also great in a British 70s way, but I was hoping the new movie would update some things. Sad to hear they messed it up so badly, hope this doesn’t dissuade someone from redoing the movie again in the future

King MAM says:

do Lucifer review

Naveh King says:


Adam Droge says:

Great book! I’m sad that the movie didn’t do it justice

Metal says:

i have seen the original movie from the late 60s (i think) but the book was still better. montag did like his job but he got curious why these people would keep them. also he met this young woman who he had interesting conversations with that made him question his methods even more.
you definitely should read the book.

Ricardo Nunez says:

Waste of time, stupid movie made by stupid homosexual men

Jacob Anderson says:

Equilibrium was such a great movie. I remember watching it shortly after seeing The Matrix for the first time, and I remember liking it nearly as much. It had some obvious inspiration from The Matrix, but told such a different story that it wasn’t just a rip off.

Wynter Guilbault says:

The book was worse than the movie to be honest. Someone made a version of the book where the 1 on the cover of the book was a match and the spine was to light the match so you could burn the book. The only useful thing that came out regarding it

Matthew Richards says:

LOVE the Legacy of Kain shirt bro! now you need to get the Raziel one from Soul Reaver!

Goth Lyfe says:

Maybe I’ll just read the book for a third time. (Or memorize it.) 😀

Viewtiful Joe says:

Why was “mediocre” a jump scare? Was that intended?

Samanta Luna says:

Well, Fahrenheit 451 is not a long book, is like 50.000 words, barely a novel. So I don’t think a season of television would be good for the story. They would have to create lore to fill in the gaps and that could make it worse.

Ran Bar-Levi says:

The book is a classic. in fact I liked all Ray Bradbury’s books as a kid.

Steven Mcilwain says:

I thought it was ok.
I didn’t feel the ending
Post to be emotional but it wasn’t .
Michael b Jordan is still awesome though

Arman Avdić says:

Would love to see a modern adaptation of Brave New World


My favourite dystopian future is the one in Idiocracy, because it actually came true with the election of Trump.

JauchBeast Films says:

You should review Watchmen.

OyBoSuEtSuSbEeDsMuUcSkIsCnFoAwN! says:

So, from what I’m gathering from the review and comments is that Guy Montag doesn’t even have a wife. What????????????

joshua kavanaugh says:

That is the character in the book, he explains how out of place he feels, he was never the rock start just a loner. At the end there are a group of nomadic scholars that memories books. But her family was just artistic.

Javier Belmer says:

I have two favourite dystopian films: ‘Children of Men’ and ‘Snowpiercer’.

panda squad says:

The only thing ( after i watched a bunch o f your vids) wi disagree with you is Solo solo is amazing but i will still sub

seth6665 says:

I think Devilman Crybaby did a good job of making an older text and updating it to the 22st century

Brian Rokosz says:

Does Michael B Jordan say anything along the lines of “It’s MY TIME NOW!” cuz he basically says that in everything he’s in. Also, did you see the original movie from the 60s?

Bolide Spirit says:

Shoutout to Jody’s Corner for pioneering the Medicoreee! Rating for movies, tv shows, and other forms of entertainment. Nothing wrong with using it but at least acknowledge Jody for starting it on YouTube.

Karen Travis-Eaddy says:

Has anyone seen the original adaptation of the book that came out in 1966 with Odkar Werner & Julia Christie? Since it was pre-internet, it made much more sense and with censorship even more of an issue now, the story itself is a timely one. Read the book or watch the original movie & you’ll appreciate the message as it was meant. And read a real book sometime!

dumaramutsi says:

Putting Michael B Jordan on the same level of Michael Shannon is an insult. To Shannon of course.

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