Fifty Shades Freed – Movie Review

The epic Fifty Shades trilogy comes to an end! How will this Twilight fan fiction monstrosity wrap up? Here’s my review of FIFTY SHADES FREED!

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Federica Morales says:

It’s over for now, but trust Hollywood to make more dog shit movies worst that this just to make millions

ant3 says:

Worst movie for me is Fan4stic (2015).

Takaro says:

The whole Twilight saga and the Fifty shades trilogy is the worst pieces of dogshit ever created by man. They’re actually worse than dogshit. Dogshit is pure gold compared to these two franshises.

Hunter Perrien says:

Howard the duck is by far the worst movie I’ve seen everything about it is just awful the acting the songs the special effects George Lucas factor at it’s “best”

sarahdangerrr says:

This won my day

Leslie Borregard says:

Its a porn-gasm without a climax!

This movie receives an F-YOU, and not for the obvious references anyone is thinking about.

James M says:

So, no little Renesemee Grey, then ? No Jacob-substitute imprinting on her ?

Em A says:

I laughed so hard… you’re saying all the right things.

superanimegamer01 says:

Dude I’m crying. This is amazing. Thank you so much.

Ahmad Vawaid Sulthon says:

I have a problem, my girlfriend likes these movies (twilight, fifty shade) and Riverdale.

SpiderRealm says:

So glad the trilogy is finally over! Now it can fade into obscurity (really hope I got that word right) and we can move onto movies/books that are actually good!

Konnor with a K says:

Movie 43… It’s the only movie I’ve never finished because it was so bad.

Tyler Bergen says:

Worst movies EVER. I would rather watch a marathon of The Happening because at least it’s stupidly funny! Fuck I’d rather watch Avatar again, and I swore I would never waste my time seeing that again. That movie was far too overrated, I think the whole parallel with early settlers in America was so stupid. BUT that pales in comparison to the awfulness that is this movie.

AceOfGeeks says:

I think I already know which film is going to be Jeremy’s worst film of 2018

ytriles says:

I think Jeremy’s doing some major transferrence of the review over his joy of the dogshit being done. Lol

Chriselchingon23 says:

Why do women love this movie though

L M says:

I always found it funny how the first 2 movies were pretty degrading in terms of how they depicted women, and then the last movie is all about women empowerment in the trailers. I think it’s a little late for that now.

Greg Towe says:

Can this be the end screen every time?

Scott McDonnell says:

No one tell Jeremy theres a spinoff trilogy of 50 shades books from Christian Grey’s perspective…that shit’s almost definitely getting an adaptation.

Nikolina Elezaj says:


THEAnnEla says:

I haven’t and I am not planning to… But I really enjoyed your review of it 😀

Anne Dugan says:

Somebody please tell me a gif has been made of Jeremy celebrating. I wouldn’t mind watching that on loop for a loooooong time. It’s great lol.

Terence Zoleta says:

Jeremy’s trilogy of these reviews is far better than the movies

Imperfect Animal says:


Ashattack006 says:

ghost rider 2

TotallyToonsTV says:

Might as well just call it 50 Shades of Dogshit and leave it at that

Rick Torrus says:

Another fuckin retard watching a film it hates. YouTube going to shit with these motherfuckers and their fuckin fan base

TheNegronomicon says:

Stuckmann: I’m going to celebrate when I’m done with this video.

ytriles says:

On second thought, will this movie make 1 on both the worst, and best movies of the year? Worst, because duh. Best because the series is finally over.

quinn sumo says:

My sister says the 50 shades movies are awesome.. then i said to her ” did you smoke crack or inject meth in your arm”

jakob duarte says:

worst movie ever justice league and dredd (2012)

CptRazer says:

Is The Room better than this franchise???

Wetdookie says:

The “climax” hah!

SpiderRealm says:

There are a lot of movies that I think are the worst, but the most recent one I’ve seen is Downsized. It was terrible! By the end of it, I was on my phone (thank god we were on the top back rows, no chance of disturbing anyone), my mom was snoring next to me, and my sister looked like she was zoning into another dimension xD

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