Fighting with My Family – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Fighting with My Family, starring Florence Pugh, Lena Headey, Nick Frost, Jack Lowden, Vince Vaughn, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Directed by Stephen Merchant.


Shajadur Rahman says:

Why don’t you review the godfather movies. I like know your thoughts about those movies. I just recently watched them.

Connor Avila says:

Ok look I loved this movie the dialogue is freaking good and The direction was okay also I am an outsider, an outcast my entire life so when she stoo dc up I love it but when she was being treated differently from everyone else it really got under my skin but in as good way I give this film an A and 10 points on the Badassatude meter go with your family And give it a watch

Mike Basil says:

I found the scene where Zak gets too aggressive in the ring with Paige very disturbing. But seeing them beautifully make their peace, especially over the phone just in time before Paige’s history-changing WWE debut, won my best respect for the film’s inspirational message about family. Thank you for your thoughtful review, Chris.

SlyRy says:

I love Stephen Merchant. The Office, Extras, the podcasts with Ricky and Karl. The wig. The glasses. The catchphrases. Brilliant.

Pasta Pasta says:

The film was so inaccurate, it was such a frustrating experience to go through.

Brian Baer says:

Stephen merchant and WWE, makes nosense

Michael Williams says:

Is it werid that this movie makes me want to become a wrestling fan?

BAM Movie Reviews says:

I didn’t have a whole lot of interest in this one but the overly positive reviews have changed my mind quite a bit, and a solid B+ from Chris (who I thought wasn’t going to enjoy it) makes me want to actually find someway to watch it now

Dirg Ramsey says:

It was good but there’s not much there. It was short and straight to the point. The best jokes are in the commercial.

Justin Vance says:

Chris is careful not to give spoilers even in a bio pic lol

Dan Graves says:

So weird to think I lived around the corner from her family as a kid, and my fiance had even been round her house a couple times when she was younger lol

GreatBigRedTank says:

Instant family was a surprisingly good movie too. Check it chris

The Last Pepsi says:

Maybe the dvd will include some “deleted scenes”.

Dave Richards says:

B+? Your review had an A-ish vibe.

BJB says:

Just saw HTTYD 3 and it was awesome!!!!!

Nolan Cass says:

Why watch in theaters when you can get the bonus features with a PH premium account

Meshar Rogers says:

I thought this was gonna suck but apparently it got a 91 percent of rotten tomatoes

Pablo Fierro says:

Really enjoyed the video with john a couple days ago, good to see you laugh bro. Hope you are doing well. As to this movie, i haven’t see it.

Darkness1984 says:

Part 2 will be called fighting with sasha banks lol

BigDuck says:

she still does porn right?

Isder Aprob says:

Dope t-shirt

Brian Mcminn says:

Paige’s other films are better still

Adam Kirk says:

I am going too see it tomower omg I am exide for this page is hot

Harry Dee says:

This review is pretty good

Sincere Kirabo says:

Any chance for a review of The Haunting of Hill House in the near future?

ThatWrestlingHound says:

Ayyyyy its lit

iggyrip says:

Can you review The Umbrella Academy please?

Kristian179 says:

Also the irl Zak Zodiac was actually in the movie!

Sketchy San says:

Chris, some guy made a video saying you ain’t in it no mo. fuck him up, son

RealProblemShuckers says:

no review of The Favourite?

pls end me says:

Wow, I didn’t realize how close Dwayne Johnson was to the The Rock! They should meet up :D!

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