Fighting With My Family – Movie Review

Based on the true story of Paige’s the rise from obscurity to WWE stardom. Here’s my review of FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY!



Luke Dawson says:

Please collaborate with Sean chandler

Jedislayer says:

You are probably the only movie reviewer I watch lol

kemuael says:

Paige would be happier in the Kitchen.

Alexhdoodles says:

Thank god my home town is put on the map for something again. God bless Steve Merchant.

Emeron jos says:

I want a sequel to this movie which focuses on her career as a tag team champion with Xavier woods and Brad Maddox.

Connor Avila says:

Yeah I saw and I loved it

Presley Nicole says:

make a review over the umbrella academy pls

Wrestle Freak says:

This isn’t wrestling. This is entertainment. If you want to see real wrestling look up Jordan Burroughs

Willy Wahyudi says:

wow… must be a good movie… I believe in Jeremy

The Puncakian says:

Jeremy, for the love of God review The Expanse! It’s such a great series!

Christopher John says:

Jeremy, watch Kingdom on Netflix! Stellar short series!

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Cool review Jeremy.

M15949 says:

“Fighting with my family is awesome tacular” …. You sound like my dad???

Allknighters says:

Everyone was awesome!!! That means ME TOO!!! I’m that guy!! Who says those things!!! In that crazy voice!!! With Vince Vaughn!!!

Supermaniko ! says:

I’d love to see a spoiler talk on this

Sean Mesler says:

I liked the movie but I feel like it rushed the last act.

Kristian179 says:

it was great, but their should have been more cameos from wrestlers and other stuff that existed in the documentary!

Malik Moss says:

This movie sucked

les1266 says:

Wow you are really excited… I am so booking the tickets to see it immediately!!!

Daves GoldenDuck says:

I will see it today

Malik Moss says:

I hate fake reviews

RenzXXX says:

Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox

Pro Jey96 says:

I will see this movie with 2 friends…
You know…

mr J / pro wrestling says:

Awesome fn movie INJOYED

Shane Everett says:

If it has the seal of approval by Jeremy then I’m seeing it.

Canadian Comedy Fan says:

This dude makes good videos

Ayman Yousif 2018 says:


kimbo neccck says:

Wow ..

Wolfie Belfort says:

Wish I saw this tonight saw cold pursuit we all necked

John Paul Roman says:

Really liked the movie and really liked your review. There is a lot to take away from this movie and you clearly articulated it in your review

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