Fighting With My Family – Movie Review

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John Flickinger – The Flick Pick movie review – Fighting with My Family, starring Florence Pugh, Lena Headey, Nick Frost, Jack Lowden, Vince Vaughn, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Directed by Stephen Merchant. #FightingWithMyFamily #TheRock

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blazing onyx says:

I’m glad you’re back it’s nice to see you again

Eduardo Jijon says:

Glad you back

Marston Sneddon says:

Guys he did 2 videos in 1 months!!!! could the old john be back?!?!?

George Greenham says:

Fucking hell dude forgot what u looked like it’s been so long

Kircher Talks Entertainment says:

I’d still rather watch your wrestling video than something like The Room

MacawEagle says:

No wonder you look different

On Tour with the Britney ! says:

I’m here

Movie Man says:

I’ve been having a hard time lately because my mom might have cancer. But this has made my day

Marston Sneddon says:

Damn, John is still the same handsome bastard I remember.

leo50perez says:


Aniket Lad says:

We miss you john, love from india

That Guy says:

we love you man!!

Himanshu Chhabra says:

After so many days ✌️✌️

Levi Fischer says:

I missed you too John. Glad you’re doing okay!


I thought you forgot your password

tomek 2703 says:

Seeing the thumbnail of this video, I felt like Bane looking at the burning batman’s logo, saying: impossible…

batman big fan says:

Cool vid as always love you soo much all the way from kuwait

Carl7119 says:


gabi ciupitu says:

finnaly flick make a comeback


you lost weight. great to see you back

James Morant says:

You Should join WWE your Definitely got The Built

Mr. Gotti says:

Where is the Brittany Breakup details video?

EpiphoneDude says:

Flick uploaded a video? What is this, 2018?

Glad to have you back man.

Aakash Chrispin says:

Hey man what’s up ??

Robert Collins says:

Im from Norwich uk where the family is from 🙂

Faris Alsubaie says:

I would love for you to do a ( the warriors 1979) review please there isn’t a lot of them on youtube

Wyndamn says:

And that’s the bottom line, cause the Flick Pick said so!!!

Tanishq Chandra says:

Finally,The Flick Pick has come back too Youutubbeee.Don’t get scared now.

A. Charles Ross AKA Phantom Lock Creates says:

Glad you’re doing ok John!

Gustav Wälivaara says:

And the Flickpick appears

Godsplan says:

JOHN IS BACKK!!! Just try to keep this up now johny boy! I loved you from the beginning and I will love you trew everything you go true.

Pure love from patreon user: Beau

luvyou baby says:

Glad ure ok. We Missed you

1997residente says:

Flickpick is numero uno

Mikey Morales says:

Welcome back brother

6ix God says:


Evan says:

John grew up fighting with his family

Leon JO says:

Surgery sucks.
I recently had one on my left shoulder due to it being dislocated.
Though I am not as massive as you are. I did lose quite a few muscle mass…..
sad days.

Big K says:

Winner takes all lose takes the fall. right Johnny boy?

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