Fighting with My Family Movie Review

Fighting with My Family Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & movie review 2019 movie! Dwayne Johnson! WWE Paige!

Fighting with My Family Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of the 2019 movie about WWE wrestler Paige, starring Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Vince Vaughn! Should you see the full movie? Enjoy Fighting with My Family in 2019 and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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WWE Paige – 00:00
Female Athletes – 00:52
Sexpots – 2:29
Fresh Take – 3:21
WWE 101 – 3:34
Johnson & Vaughn – 5:06
Pugh – 6:27
WWE Fans – 7:19
Fame & Family – 7:34
Inspirational – 7:58
Conclusion – 8:22

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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PrincesseJen says:

I haven’t watched wrestling in a long time so I guess Paige is responsible for a new wave of serious female wrestling. I watched during the Attitude era. We had Chyna but she wrestled with men so wasn’t much help to the women’s division. Lita was responsible for the wave of serious women’s wrestling getting popular. She was a high flyer wrestler which WWE didn’t have then. She was original.

Faith Hudson says:


MrIceSoRetro says:

Please React to Ma Trailer!!

Brad Bardy says:

Your theory is uninformed…can’t just bring in a manager that isn’t signed to WWE

Phillip Lopez says:

Grace will challenge Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch for the women’s championship!!!

Phillip Lopez says:

Paige was a huge breakthrough in women’s wrestling and other women have continued it to the next level since her unfortunate retirement. I cant wait to see this.

Take Five says:

Brilliant! I really want to see this

Saul Gonzalez says:

There’s always a discussing as to who exactly brought women’s wrestling back into the limelight. One thing is certain though, the major players included Paige, Emma, AJ Lee, and the 4 Horse Women of NXT (Cahrlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Bayley).

JuniorX EastNY says:

Wrestlers have to be extremely fit, agile, strong, with good improvisational/theatrical acting skills, they have to be FUNNY/SARCASTIC/INTIMIDATING, they have to create bigger than life personas and stay in character among fans and media long after they’ve left the ring/stage. All together, this is an extremely difficult skill set and who among can do all that?

Dj Genius says:

“low blow” best unintended pun ever

Atticus X says:

The rock is overexposed. I’m tired of his bald head

The Gold Chum says:

I never thought Paige was the best but she opened a lot of eyes and helped bring attention to NXT where Sasha vs Bailey really captured a lot of attention. All of this led to Becky Lynch AKA “The Man” becoming their biggest current star.

So yes I can confirm Paige had a huge part in it.

Jamie Brown says:

Paige was one of the key women that made female wrestling popular , however THE key women who made it popular was aj Lee the only reason the movie isn’t about her is because she left the company

Randall Hill says:

Pro Wrestling is NOT a sport, it’s a stage play with athletes.

Shahrizuan Sani says:

Thank you for this !.

Listoric says:

So Steven Merchant has written and directed a good movie and you only name him as a cameo? I actually hoped to get some insight there too. Didn’t know he was directing at all.

AintItJay187 says:

This is an interesting take view grace. You should see Glow and it’s documentary on Netflix

Bill Lee says:

I saw an WWE house show and Paige wild up the crowd by saying, “this is my house!” or “who wants a picture of the champ? ” turns her back, ” you don’t (audience) deserve it.” LOL

sorenpx says:

Women’a wrestling has clearly come a long way. When I was watching the only female wrestler I knew was Alundra Blayze, and she only wrestled like once a year.

The One says:

Female Wrestling is the best WWE has right now. It’s great!

Kyle Winfrey says:

I remember when she beat AJ Lee the night after Wrestlemaina 30. It was pretty cool.

Purplederple says:

Dwayne Johnsons movie? No. Its Stephen Merchants movie.

asalas salas says:

It was Aj lee that called out wwe at one point for not giving women enough credit or even enough airtime

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