First Man – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews First Man, starring Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Patrick Fugit, Ciaran Hinds, Pablo Schreiber. Directed by Damien Chazelle.



got a youtube add for First Man before this video started lol looking forward to this movie actually

Blake Ison says:

I still can’t believe they didn’t use any green screen!

Courtney Bilyeu says:

I can tell you’re kind of disappointed from this movie because you seem very detached from this review

princessthyemis says:

Great review as always, love your stuff!!

Sarcastic Duck says:

F*ck youtube, now they made unskippable long ads!

Beau says:

curious as to what your thoughts on Sorry To Bother You are

Allen Perez says:

Where can i get that shirt

Carson Lee says:

I saw this a TIFF and I actually really loved it

Samuel Jackson says:

Chris grew up on the moon

I really should stop reading comments says:

The detachment might have a lot to do with the fact that Chazelle was always taking this as a impersonal story. He never wanted the viewer to get ‘carried away’ with the passion of a country making a herculean effort to do something nobody had ever done before. He wanted to write a character study about a guy who was involved in something bigger than himself but didn’t know how to act, and keep his own personality true to himself by being stoic. In the end he wrote a movie that forgets the reason behind its history and thus loses its soul.

Martian Rajpal Yadav says:

so is it “riveting” or not??

Luke PixlerREVIEWS says:

Would love to see an A Star is Born review!

Tom Sullivan says:

Completely unrelated, but love the Halloween Horror Nights shirt! Which house was your favorite?

Rich Monks says:

Chris grew up on the moon.

Errold Tumaque says:

the whole ryan gosling acting stoic is the reason i dont like his acting o.o

Jon Doe says:

Not really getting your criticisms with this


I haven’t seen this movie but I just got back from watching A Star is born. And I’m just here waiting for your review Chris! That film is a modern classic both Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga blew it out the park!

Ralph Macchio says:

They wanted to cut the American flag out of this movie. They can’t even make a movie about American hero’s without shitting out their globalist crap.

Speedy Gunz says:

So, is this a pretty accurate movie? Do we see the Earth as being flat and the moon is made of cheese? If not, I’m not gonna even bother.

David Price says:

nice review

Alex Talking says:

But is it Filmed in the same place as the Moon Landing?

Corey Tyler says:

Does anyone else see Christian bale instead of Ryan gosling in the thumbnail?

BYOB M8 says:

When’s the Halloween review coming?

John Wick says:

Awesome shirt! I was at Halloween horror nights last week. It was amazing!

Noah Frank says:

where is a star is born???

YES - Young Entertainment Specialists says:

Will you be doing a Halloween special this year?

The Last Relevant Sage 2 says:

LMMAO !!!!

Cool Kellan says:

I love your shirt where did u bought it?


Need Shirt.

Maciej Bogdan Stepien says:

Anything about Mr. Armstrong Masonic career in this movie? Being a freemason was an important part of his life (and Buzz Aldrin’s life as well). An attempt at being insightful at personal & family level requires some details to be included, or else you won’t get the picture. You’ll just watch moving pictures instead.

Donna Cianciosi says:

But do we need a film about the Apollo 11 mission? I really like the approach that this film seems to be taking – it’s about the private journey of the man who just happened to be the first man to walk on the moon.

REN says:

“he is kinda my man crush” HA, he said kinda

Timothy-John Smith says:

Could you review Widows ?

Albin Joseph Roy says:

Cool t-shirt Chris…

Eon Flux says:

All the anti science flat earth republicans will say this movie is fake news lol

NWANKWO Energy says:

I wanted to know if the 1969 moon landing movie is better than this remake.

Anson Hartzler says:

Sequel to hidden figures.

Daddy Paul says:

Feminism wanted to remake of first man into first woman.

Sgt R says:

Ain’t no USA land on the moon

Eric Bay-Andersen says:

is it comparable to “All The Right Stuff”? that movie touched a bit of the family aspect.

Speedy Gunz says:

A Star Is Born is really good.


no Mandy review smh you missed out on a great film

Ricardo Vargas says:

Chris, WHERE YOU BUY TSHIRT’s?! Please 😀 I need some of them 🙂

Noah Frank says:

This movie is fake because we never even landed on the moon and earth is flat

Alexander s. says:

Man crush??? Faget foreal dude suck his dick

Didn't Have Bill says:

I as many Americans, absolutely refuse to watch this movie ommitting the planting of the American flag. This was a United States victory through and through, due to the Cold War and Space Race with the U.S.S.R. Not including it is yet another attempt to rewrite history to their liking by the globalist leftists who are anti-American and lack patriotism. Boycott this movie at all costs. You shot yourself in the foot again Hollywood. Sickening.

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