Game Night – Movie Review

A dark comedy about a group of couples who’s game night turns a bit too real. Here’s my review for GAME NIGHT!

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Your Mum says:

I loved this movie.

Raging Wampa says:

Jesse Plemons (Todd from Breaking Bad) is really good in Fargo season 2. Really recommend it!

Artic Vixen says:

Three movies really surprised me that took me awhile to watch cuz I thought they’d suck but I ended up being blown away by all of them: Stigmata, Hairspray (remake), and Kingsmen Secret Society. And I still say the new Ghostbusters is THE BEST option to pick to show off your super awesome 3D 4K TV.

InQuickWeTrust says:

Favorite movie of the year so far

Vatroslav Morbidović says:

I avoid trailers in general lately. I only watch 1per film and that’s it.

Critic Quest says:

I love the Denzel!

Tyler Allan says:

Good movie

Gustavo Gutierrez says:

There’s an after credits scene!

Mr Blue says:

I really want to see this movie

Jay Wolin says:

thought this movie was a great time and a fun/quirky laugh out loud comedy.

Daniel Okafor says:

24th video in 2018

Joe Sugar says:

A movie that I saw without any idea of what I was going into and I absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed was “The Death of Stalin” by Armando Iannucci. You should really see it and maybe review it Jeremy!

Pewdiepie S says:

Who immediately went to see the trailer

Revolutionary Cinema Productions says:

Surprisingly entertaining movie i thought would suck? Justice league.. it wasnt very good, but it wasnt batman v superman levels of terrible, that shit was god awful terrible, an atrocious monstrosity of mankind, almost as bad as the nuclear bomb. Almost.. lol all jokes aside, justice league isnt a good movie like the Avengers was, but i think justice league is a bit more entertaining than people like to admit. There are two kinds of a good movie. There is a well made movie, and then there is an entertaining movie. The difference between logan, and justice league, is that logan is not only an incredibly entertaining movie, but it was also incredibly well made, whereas justice league, not very well made, at all, except in the whedon directed bits, but still overall entertaining. Sometimes a movie can be wellmade, but not entertaining, like that movie about the paris terror attacks that was apparently not a very good movie, but well made.

Darth Erudius says:

You kinda already said mine Jeremy. By far the most shockingly good movie to me was the new Jumanji. It wasn’t absolutely amazing or anything but it did blow my expectations (of it going to be terrible) out of the water. It just…worked somehow.

Craig Farnham says:

As far as a movie that I went in with very little entusiasm for: a bunch of friends and I went to see a movie that ended up being sold out (can’t for the life of me recall what it was) and so we ended up seeing “There’s Something About Mary” instead. For the record, I was not happy with this turn of events, had zero interest from the trailers…. BUT we ALL walked away having had a hilarious time.

Steve Angervil says:

I felt that way about Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter. Low-key awesome movie

James V says:

Looks hilarious, wish my friends would go to the theater for anything else besides marvel

Tate Farley says:

Everyone thinks face shaming is still Acceptable. Type casts are horrible for actors. I think Todd lends herself to the role as a comedian. Your rolls don’t defy you.

Kevin Levine says:

Game Night
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Happy Death Day
Girls Trip

This is a good string of comedies (and a horror) that had mediocre trailers, but ended up being really damn funny or good! I love them all! I’m getting myself a framed Game Night poster, a “Captain” shirt, and will forever obsess over the cinematography (egg toss in mansion, car chases looking like racing video games) and the amazing score from Cliff Martinez!! So pulse-pounding; right up there with DRIVE and GOOD TIME in terms of original score!

The Nezzy Channel says:

I’m…the CEO of cyberdine. XD loved that line

Youtube Channel says:

literally just watched the trailer before watching this hahahaha

Wilfredo Ayala says:

It was an awesometacular for me. Just came back from seeing it w/my girl and I thought it was funny from beginning to end. Haven’t had fun watching a movie in theaters like that in a long time.

Ivan Triana says:


Daniel Sanzone says:

I thought the Matrix was gonna suck and didn’t see it untill about 10 years after it came out. I loved it. Also, everyone said that The Adventures of Pluto Nash sucked but i enjoyed it.

Alex Mahany says:

Isn’t video game night techinically game night still?

Cloud strife says:

Actually Todd from breaking bad was first seen in like mike as the bully just saying

The Death Star II says:

Watch black mirror

Marcelo Souza says:

Can Rachel McAdams already be considered a MILF?

Weapon X says:

Damn. Flashpoint might end up great

waste of time says:

What’s this? Another movie worth watching in _FEBRUARY_ …
Madness I say.
But I like going to the theater so yay for me.

Isfahan Mazlan says:

Review on Greatest Showman pleaseeeeee!!!!

Beaira says:

Saw it tonight and I agree I knew it would be funny but I didn’t think u would laugh so much

blumusdu says:

I pretty much stay away from all trailers these days, especially comedies! They just love to put all the funny parts, and even the ending twist in the trailer like a bunch of dicks. I’m going in blind, but pure. Thanks for the heads up Jeremy!

Abraham Miha says:

Dude, cut back on the stimulants.

Mr. True Thoughts says:

Glad you left Collider and back home in Seattle, maybe I’ll see you at comic-con

lilacmoon6 says:

Movie I thought was gonna be shit? Thor Ragnarok. Was surprised to hear that so many people liked it and I finally saw it today and it was fantastic

xavier angulo says:

Loved this movie

Kevin Reynart says:

I thought Central Intelligence would suck, but boy was I wrong. It ended up being a good and hilarious movie.

Method Living Productions says:

Jesse Plemons was easily the best part of this movie. Hopefully this movie will help his career! Otherwise this movie was…meh…

Artic Vixen says:

Loved this! Saw it yesterday morning where there were 3 other people in the theater. Make sure you stay til the very, very, very end so you don’t miss the cute post credit scene that everyone else missed. It doesn’t affect the main storyline, but it explains one of the smaller subplots.

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