Ghost Stories – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Ghost Stories, starring Andy Nyman, Martin Freeman, Paul Whitehouse, Alex Lawther, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. Directed by Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman.


Carlos says:

Hey Chris it would be really cool if you reviewed The Caine Mutiny for your pre-1970s series. It’s a really awesome drama about the navy starring Humpfrey Boggart. It has heavily influenced films like A Few Good Men and shows like Better Call Saul. It’s great.

Mr. Jackpots says:

Are you ever going to review You Were Never Really Here? If not, then you really should since you usually do review indies and it’s quite a good indie. Joaquin kills it yet again and I’m speculating that it’s a potential contender at next year’s Oscars…

The Indian Gamer SVxC says:

Finally a good horror

Tyler Griffin says:

Ghost Stories anime next pls

g suave says:

does anybody knows where can I watch it?

Bruce Wayne says:

Yeah, the ending was kinda wasted. But at least it was set up very carefully. Otherwise this movie clearly understood the concept of entertainment through horror. This isn’t a disturbing movie, more a thrillride. It even had a pretty amount of humour in it, too! The acting is superb, the make-up can be a little bit iffy but all in all, it’s better than most average horror movies. From what i’ve heard, this movie is based on a stage-play, can somebody here mark the differences between the two scripts? It would honestly interest me.

guinness sauce2510 says:

The goatman gave you chills, right?

Miles Trombley says:

It sounds like a psychology horror flick.

bobby fagan says:

I thought this film sucked

disgraceland uk says:

I was disappointed by this after all the hype. Decent idea, poorly executed.

LionMaster55 says:

Holy shit yes!!! Your going to review Psycho!! I truly cannot wait to see what your thoughts on my all time favorite film are! Good review Btw, am hoping to see this sometime soon!

Ninjaman195 says:

How do you see this movie? It doesn’t look like there’s any showings in my area

Elmo Jedburgh says:


Red Sonja says:

Oh that guy is in it! I guess I’ll watch it then.

Lewis Ashby says:

Loved this film saw it a few months back and its amazing

UndeadSlayer5 says:

Chris can u please review cobra kai and all of the Karate Kid movies?

leeloo1967 says:

Great review Chris
I will be seeing this film
Can’t wait for your Psycho review!

Xenopuppy says:

I’m glad people like this movie, but I saw it a month ago and despised it.
The literal opening shot was a jumpscare. The opening fucking shot. I’ve never had a cinema experience like this, because the first story had my entire row just dying with laughter. I’ve never been to a screening where people found a film hilariously awful, but this film… this film was something else.

The Cosmic Hamster says:

where are your halloween reviews

freddy and foxy says:

What’s this

Meldy 1983 says:

Where can i watch this movie jeez pls help

Heroic Dale says:

Cool I’m from Leeds and went to Leeds University

cazza09 says:

Did we see the same film? I thought it was poorly done. The second “story” was funny because it’s stupid, the third one was kinda promising, but ended with a silly jump scare.

And the big twist at the end was so poorly executed that I got really annoyed at it.

But fair enough, a lot of people seem to be enjoying it, just not for me

Naseem Loumachi says:

You should review Atonement.

quazz79 says:

Paul Whitehouse is in This? Awesome
Suits you, sir

juan t says:

You should review Lawrence of Arabia

Jason Mahon says:

I saw this too! I really liked it and I’m glad you did too. I agree about the ending. A little let down but over all really good. I love me some Martin Freeman!!

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Cool review Chris.

Ad Meliora says:

I didn’t see it but i bet the end shows the character is dead and a ghost himself.

SS park says:

Can you review Cobra Kai please

Nathan Fisk says:

How did you watch this?? Please someone let me know

glyph2011 says:

I so wish I could have seen the theatre show. It must have been amazing live. This is one of my favourite films of 2018.

TheResistanceCompany says:

You should review Batman Ninja


i wonder if there will be a pie scene in this one.

Jon Baxter says:

Hey I’m from Leeds uni!

rockinchimp says:

I saw this and A Quiet Place in the same week and though I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as that film it was so great to watch two new, solid but different horror films back to back.

Chris Guerard says:

For a second i thought this was that anime called ghost stories you know that anime that has a very boring English subtitle version but has a very funny English dub so i was so happy and then i started to watch this video and found out that he is review some British movie i love you’re videos and the fast and furious movie reviews and the marvel movie reviews and the anime reviews I’m not interested in this video you all can keep watching this video but I’m skipping this video

Joël Westra says:

I didn’t even hear of this film. I’m not gonna watch a trailer, thanks for the recommandation!

Keep up the good work!

brettps says:


Kevin Young says:

3 weeks late. Started ok but it was a bit rubbish. I dont need twist endings. but i’d rather watch any hammer, black mirror, twilight zone or tales from the crypt.

Mark Ellis says:

Where can you watch this movie? Is it streaming on amazon or anything else?

ANIMA 51 says:

I have something to say to you all. I grew up watching The Last Airbender.

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