Glass – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Glass, starring James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Anya Taylor-Joy, Sarah Paulson, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Treat Clark, Charlayne Woodard. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.


Ben Shabtai says:

I like the ending.

KOSMOS says:

I personally have never thought of Shyamalama as a great director who knows what he’s doing. No one can produce that much garbage and be called great. In my opinion, I only see him as lucky. He got ONE good film out of The Sixth Sense and the rest are mediocre at best. The only reason Split is any good is because of the strong presence of McAvoy. I do not give Shyamalan any credit for his phenomenal acting. I do like Unbreakable, but put any other actors in the leading roles, I would not like it as much.

The Lewinator says:

To all the people complaining Chris is down and grumpy, Chris has had a very hard time balancing film school while also trying to have a youtube channel with fans while also trying to see as movies as he can if he has time, and everyone constantly complaining about it isn’t gonna change anything, if you don’t like Chris now, fine unsubscribe do whatever, but he’s not gonna go back to the old ways so just stop complaining.

panthersfreak02 says:

Keep the letter grades please!!

osbely morales says:

Should we leave early and just think about how we wanted it to end?

Juan Rodriguez says:

Is this the first time that Chris has not given a movie a grade?? Very surprised but overall great review I’ll definitely be checking out the movie myself.

Mavin Reyes says:

I was let down with the lack of grade. Hehehe. Joking aside, i will be watching it this weekend

Aaron Slein says:

M. Night makes a couple good movies and than goes back to shit that quick

Stephanie Rodriquez says:

Lame pedo

TJ Jordan says:

Haven’t seen the movie yet but I have a theory that the woman who is trying to “help” the three main characters is trying to destroy their belief in their powers and make them normal. Not because she thinks it’s not real but because she believes people with super powers have no place in the world. Just a theory I came up with during one of the trailers when she said this; “We are not meant to have this kind of power” (or something along that line).

braddockakalatis2 says:

Where is Audrey?

JakePaul IsCANCER says:

Maybe you should go back to stars instead of letter grades.

Welerson Pawlak says:

I watched today and I didn’t find anything that I hated about the movie.

SPOILERS (not really, but you know, better warn)

I just think the last 5 minutes were not needed.

UnILoVeFoReVeR OK says:

you’ve been shyamalized… for sure…

Yoav Gruper says:

Yeah that was also my impression of the film

Ben Krueger says:

On trending

vysakh haritharsion says:

He’s pulling a twist on the reviews too now. Lol

Demonsplaining says:

I’m not a fan of grades either, honestly. They’re almost always arbitrary and don’t really add much to the review.

ledgardo123 says:

Something’s off with him ☹️

Cross Infini says:

Chris!! Are you going to review DragonBall Super:Broly ?!?!

Zach Medeiros says:

Chris is gonna stop soon. Each video he seems less and less interested. But you gotta do what makes you happy.

Daniel Catallo says:

Chris is already established as the Roger Ebert of the internet age, if he can reproduce that as a film maker, more power to him.

John Lewis says:

Did we ever really forgive him for “The Happening” ?

Pizza 2: The Undelivered Pizza says:

This movie “split” the fanbase

ElyksFlicks says:

Dude, you seem completely uninterested and monotone lately. Hope you find and do something your more passionate about. Reviewing movies ain’t it anymore.

Jesse Sisolack says:

I have heard the same thing for three reviews now. The movie is rather good, till the 3rd act where it falls apart. I think I will wait till I get it at home for cheap.

ronn mattson says:

We need grades! You mustn’t do away with grade! You mustn’t! Not allowed.

Alfie Wycherley says:

i respect his decision not to give this movie a grade at this moment in time ive just walked out of the theatre after watching Glass and it is definitely a conflicting movie

MadmanJoE100 says:

You’re like a robot mate. Are you ok?

charlie rafael says:

Just saw it,not sure why all the hate,is it perfect,no but it actually made sense in a comic book sort of way and mr glass says it perfectly,this was always an origen story

Gabriela A H says:

Chris you’re my inspiration and I love watching you but I can see something is wrong in the latest videos, maybe you’re too tired with school or have problems in your life but it feels like your passion is going downhill

Robroy333 says:

Its called a Slurry cam. Camera attached to actor. A technic that has been in existence since Recrium of a dream.

K S says:

Split was a misunderstanding.

Jeff Winbush says:

I had to give this review a thumbs down because I still don’t know if I should see “Glass” based on this review. That’s kind of important and when you mix in the decision to pass on a “Worse of 2018” and possibly the grading system, I believe Stuckmann is losing interest in this gig. His energy level is WAY down and yes, he is very monotone in his presentation. I don’t know if I buy the suggestion that he’s playing it safe because he wants to expand into directing films, but it’s certainly on the table.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out and see if we’re still here this time next year…

Pauly V says:

I think since Bruce Willis (supposedly) is so difficult to work with, directors and the crew and EVERYBODY might have to work around it.. hence why he isn’t a bigger piece in this film.. any other people think this??

{LWA}fortyX battousai says:


The CunningHam says:

I think I’m not going to be disappointed by the ending. I don’t even know what it is yet and I can already tell that the ending itself is not a bad ending. People are getting disappointed because this film is the culmination of 19 years of waiting and expectations, and you were all expecting the second coming of Christ with this film. It’s the Half Life 3 dilemma all over again. But guys: it’s a film. Fortunately for me, I saw Unbreakable for the first time last year, so any expectations I have are… minimal. I haven’t been waiting forever so I have nothing to be disappointed over. I’m looking forward to this film. Sorry it wasn’t what you wanted. Peace and love :3

panzergecko s says:

First video of you I ever watch. You sound bored with life. You’re so monotone and uninspired

Yeti says:

Been a fan for years Chris. I appreciate your honest reviews, I actually prefer your reviews over many other larger channels, but what the heck is going on my dude? You sound so bored, it’s making me bored. Like I’m so bored I don’t want to see the movie or finish your video..

brondaa says:

All the comments here make me sad. While I also do think Chris shouldn‘t make more reviews than he want to this is just a calm, well-worded review. Why this every youtuber has to be hyperactive???

Ivano Forgione says:

I had this review in my watch later playlist, ready to be consumed just after the movie. I REALLY loved the film, I felt like the last 20 minutes were too long and unnecessary but I DID like the choice for the story. I just wish it ended at THAT point and the last 15 minutes or so were condensed in a 2 minute post-credit scene.

Looking forward to your spoiler review! Can’t wait to watch this one more time myself.

Jose Anibal Morales Ruiz says:

I saw the movie today and I liked it a lot. I think is fantastic and for what it was it put a nice end to a trilogy that came out of nowhere. I usually put more interest in the entertainment value of a film but this time the technical aspects like direction and cinematography, even the use of color, really captivate my attention. Shyamalan proved once again he is an outstanding director. He’s writing is the thing that sometimes betray his projects. I missed the ‘Unbreakable’ score but I must say that I loved the music at the end and credits. I can agree that the end felt somewhat anti-climatic and that the fate of some of the characters was unexpected. But for me that anti-climatic feeling passed at the very end. I felt the same like with ‘The Last Jedi’. I didn’t got what I wanted in terms of the story but I understand the direction the story took and I appreciate it for what it is. Sometimes the best thing is to not get what we want. I consider ‘Glass’ a worthy sequel of ‘Unbreakable’. This movie made feel I variety of emotions from melancholy to extreme tension and that is rare for me.

krankyman says:

one of the first times i’ve heard you let your fanboyism get in the way of a review – score the damn thing. take off your fanboy hat. if what i’m hearing is true it deserves a D for all the missed potential.

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