Glass – Movie Review

M. Night Shyamalan gives us chapter 3 of his Unbreakable trilogy. Does it do Mr. Glass justice? Here’s my review of GLASS!

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Callum Byrne says:

Unbreakable Split Glass I loved all the movies equally the same I give them all and 9 out of 10.

James Cook says:

has this guy ever made a movie, and if he did I bet it’s dog shit.

monty_art_design says:

Just saw glass, what a movie ! In my opinion it’s a must watch saying nothing else

Abraham Moya says:

I just saw it and I love this movie. I did enjoy every act. And aside from being called Glass juste because is the other character. For me, it might be called that because this is his creation (vague). I loved, every bit of it. It elevated me, it was suspenseful, broke my heart and gave life again in a melancholic yet blissful way

PinkGuy VEVO says:

People need to learn *you cant top marvel* so stop trying. Its embarrassing to people who still read comics

first_ chapter says:

This trilogy end with more question than answer..

krakkenchaos says:

I just got back from this movie and I loved it. There’s some clear flaws for sure, but overall, the good stuff outweighed them for me. Strangely though, I feel quite opposite to a lot of what Jeremy said. It felt much more tied to Unbreakable than Split for me and I thought that the third act was the strongest.

Koushik Prasad says:

I know it is your opinion but I felt you saying it derailed In the third act is pretty harsh. I felt it was not as solid as the first two acts, but did not derail …I went in expecting dogshit third act after your review, but was surprised to see it I was not that bad

Sandra Morris says:

I admit I was let down by the third act as well. I’m still not sure how I feel about the movie as a whole

rxtsec1 says:

I loved this movie. it became my favorite m night movie.

jack black says:

Split down the middle on this one.

Aaron David says:

I think theyre 3 different movies that encompass the three main characters and glass played out just as it should have. Glass thought superheroes were real from the very first movie and this whole movie is about proving it to the world that he’s right. I wish me glass had some more screen time but he was able to tie everything so well with the time he had on screen. It’s a great movie

t3tsuyaguy1 says:


That movie was amazing. The feeling of isolation, the paranoia, the loneliness. That one scene…you know which one…NO YOU’RE CRYING!! Then comes the final act…O.o Wait…What?

I’ve rarely seen a film that was so brilliant executed, right up to final scene, and then blew it all to hell, like “i am legend” did.

Sounds like that’s the case here.

ZERO says:

This movie killed everyone that I liked in this universe. Fuck mnightshalasdfsadf

Adam Kelly says:

I compare this trilogy to the Godfather. I know, horrible comparison. Unbreakable was the follow up to the 6th sense, people forget that, yet it was a unique, like you said “character based” movie. Then, we get Split. Which for James McAvoy alone was just like Godfather 2. Deniro knocks it out of the park, while we slowly see the rise of Michael. This felt like Godfather 3, because it felt like it tried to connect back to the 1st, but couldn’t spark the magic. That Shayamalan cameo was horrendous. Yet, when Kevin met Cassie again, movie magic. This was movie was a legit Split.

Greenkidd says:

Loved it. solid acting, nice contained story ,But stupid ending that needed to be editors by like 10-15 minutes lol but I’d give it an 8/10

I don't want to be a part of this BUT says:

I just finished watching it and I don’t know how I feel about it. It was decent but I anticipated several directions that this could have ended up going, and I left feeling like there were things missing or that it should have been executed differently and that it didn’t go the direction that it had the potential to. There was so many filler scenes and unecessary moments that didn’t need to take so long. It was so slow paced and I wish there was better dialogue and a more detailed or better structured plot which could have made the film stronger. It had so much build up the entire movie especially with the character developments but the ending felt underwhelming and not as big of a twist or conclusion as I wanted. but overall 6/10. Still so many unanswered questions…I just hope they make another one to hopefully complement this one. Hopefully, making it better and continuing the story line. Cause it has the potential I think. Especially to introduce new characters but I’d also like it if they kept these same characters too.

G I says:

The Horde: 23 personalities all incapable of closing their eyes tight enough to get past some flashy lights.

Tejas Soni says:

M Night had the perfect opportunity to redeem himself had he not fucked this one up. People were willing to forgive him after Split. But no…he just had to ruin it.

Sam D says:

I liked the movie, the 3rd act is pretty out there and over the top, but the movie as a whole as pretty damn entertaining. When it ended I was satisfied with the movie, M Night has his trilogy now.

Cameron Tait says:

Yeah he really Shyamalan’d the shit out of it.

Meeg Loopz says:

Who else is here because Chris Stuckmann is once again whining and looks depressed reviewing films?

Chubby Panda says:

All January movies are shit. Change my mind

basquat76 says:

Fuck that. Bruce Willis was sleepwalking through this just like everything else in the last ten years. I’ll bet he didn’t do over ten days of work on this, and that’s being kind.

Alex Hebert says:

Come back to twitter

Csaba Marton says:

hey Jeremy, do a movie review on Bodied produced by Eminem, I’m really curious about your 2 cents on it. thanks

Ryan Hall says:

To the Critics & Jeremy Jahns “YOU ALMOST HAD ME BRO!” This movie was SO FREAKIN GOOD. Loved it. I didn’t like HOW the ending happened…. But it does not mean it was a Bad ending. Quite the Opposite really.

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