GLASS (movie review)

This is the first M. Night Shyamalan film to be a co-production between two major film studios: Universal Pictures and Touchstone Pictures (the latter is one of the film studios owned by the Walt Disney Company).


Immortal One says:

Thank you because I was worried from previous reviews

Caiba Show says:

I’m glad to hear this movie was good because M. Night is famous for dropping a good movie then his next few are mediocre to bad, so it’s good to hear he’s being consistent lol. I’m also seeing mixed reviews myself so I hope I view it in the same light as u because I have high hopes for this movie because spit was so good. Awesome review my good man!!

Rashad G Reviews says:

Ok, Im def intrigued with this, heard mixed reviews including yours, def divided. Gonna check it out this weekend…personally not a fan of the Sham Knight, lol. So we shall see fam…hopefully “Spit” isnt the best lol

Rumana's Movie Review says:

Great review. Really enjoyed hearing your details thoughts. So glad to hear that you liked this movie. It’s very anticipated movie for so many people, yet I am seeing mixed reviewing again for this movie. Very soon people gonna stop seeing review I feel like. Lol.

j Sahil says:

Great review buddy, keep up the good work, very excited for this movie.

M.A.G. Visions says:

Yes some people like it some don’t but we are hear for it good review

John Marston says:

Does David and the Beast die?

Joe T says:

Im a realist too brother. Thats why I liked Split a bit more than Unbreakable because it dealt with realistic issues like kidnapping,abuse,and mental disorders. It seems like the people who didnt like Glass wanted a “superhero” movie


I can’t Wait! Specially to see McAvoy’s Epic Acting Performance like he did in Split!!!Great Review Brotha!

Oscar Maidana says:

I cant take it anymore. For every review that says “Is a bigger let down than Last airbender” I see other múltiple reviews that say is great, and hard to spot if is better than Split or Unbreakable.

Fear & Loathing in Germantown says:

This was a great video. SUBSCRIBED

ZULU Ent. says:

I’m hearing so many mixed reviews but I’m gonna go with your word and spend that moneys! Plus I’m a big fan of Bruce and Samuel L Jackson and I loved SPLIT

Kool To The Foolas says:

A great video review from you, man!!!!! I can’t wait to see this movie!!!!

Sly The Movie Guy says:

Great review bro, this is one of my most anticipated films of 2019. I’m really looking forward to it, and the trailers for the most part look really good. Also I love Unbreakable and Split, so hopefully I will enjoy this film!

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