Glass – SPOILER Review

The weekend is over, so it’s time to talk about some spoilers in GLASS!…which is a lot of me talking about what I didn’t like, but hey, there’s where the spoilers are!



Felipe Carvalho says:

I see no reason why Dunn wouldn’t just say what the shitty psychiatrist wanted him to say so that he could leave that bore house

Brionyx says:

I was just pissed david and kevin died. Glass was plausible because he was literally a terrorist but david in my opinion was a good guy that did the police’s work for them and kevin was so fascinating they could have learnt so much from him for future d.i.d patients. I don’t know man. Just seemed ridiculous.

Anthony AV says:

“How bad does he smell?”

Jaren Mendoza Estrada says:

with the whole mud puddle and how Dunn dies I think superman would have died in a mudpuddle that had kryptonite in it, since kryptonite is supermans weakness and water is David’s

Matthias Moylan says:

This movie was beautiful

cole fisher says:

They said the room would fill with water

pauldareason says:

also the final video might be the spark that cause people who have an ability that they denied to realize their something more and then begin testing said abilities and becoming what they were meant to be

Israel Lai says:

I was in denial that he drowned in a fucking puddle until I saw Joseph crying

Evan James says:

That “ending” sounds almost as stupid as Andrea’s death on The Walking Dead.

photoshopknight says:

I liked the first half of the movie. The twist about the train ride got me out of the movie. I guess the train ride caused two people to eventually unlock/reveal their powers? I like that Casey tamed the beast.

fantumas says:

did you watch The Wire… Omar’s death… hello

Carlos says:

You talked about Better Call Saul now you have to review it! Sorry bro I don’t make the rules.

Thinker101 says:

He doesn’t bathe and brush his teeth. Ewwww he must wreak


No it was high pressured water shooting right into his face that’s what subdued him

Charles Holzschuh says:

Clover Pride dog.

The Bacons says:

Changes I’d make to Glass:

-Get rid of Mr. Glass’ mom, she doesn’t need to be there

-Only David Dunn’s son gets the videos, it’s his decision to release the footage. Gives him a reason to be there and redeems Glass a little bit.

The one thing Glass never did was give Bruce Willis any say in his plan. In this moment Glass would leave the final choice up to his son as kind of a piece offering/last show of respect

-Make it so the girl from Spilt’s connection is actually part of a super power. Makes sense because we know damaged people are the ones who get powers in this universe, and in the end she could represent all of the secretly powerful people out there who are inspired by the footage

mujaddidi8 says:

I loved the first 2 thirds of this movie, the beginning was amazing and james mcavoy is seriously a marvel to behold. Having said that, I was EXTREMELY irritated with how this movie treated David Dunn. This movie dishonored and disgraced an amazing character played by an amazing actor. Bruce Willis barely had dialogue, even throughout the first two thirds but I was ok with that because I thought the movie was building to his big showdown with the beast but Sarah Paulsons stupid ass character got double the screen time David Dunn did; and without any kind of build up or self sacrificing validation he just fucking drowns and dies. Not even at the hands of the Beast of Elijah, but just this stupid secret society. I have very rarely watched a movie where through 80% its my favorite movie of the year and the last 20% makes me leave the theaters mumbling incoherent cursing.

bingbangboozygetinthejacuzzi says:

I agree I wanted more of Elijah and David’s story. It feels like they needed their own sequel before they all were put in the same film.

C B says:

The thing that killed it for me was the 10,000 year thing, I enjoyed the movie alot and if shamalyn toned it down a little bit to say it began in world war 2 and was like the men in black or some shit I think that would have worked better.

Factual Opinion says:

Buy it on bluy

mudshark jones says:

good job David was not born in Scotland ,hed be fucking dead the first time he went outside,

Felipe Carvalho says:

Shyamalan just created the most unbearable character ever: that stupid psychiatrist. Couldn’t stand she speaking a minute more. To add injury to offense he still gave her ramblings most of the runtime AND let her walk away in the end. Crippled the movie.

Vulk says:

Me and my friends went to this movie high every time Jame McAvoy came out I would hear all my friends giggling and saying “this dude is such a good actor”

The Bacons says:

I’m not sure the movie really works, but I’m so glad a trilogy like this exists. Much prefer Shyamalan’s vision to the corporate comic book movie series out there

MrSpeedygsv says:

Well played with the ending of the video.

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