Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, starring Madison Iseman, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Caleel Harris, Ken Jeong, Wendi McLendon-Covey. Directed by Ari Sandel.


Spetterman says:

I think Chris is really stressed lately with his small independent film he’s doing.
He just seems not as happy and not as into everything e.g. halloween.

MisterLyn says:

There’s a Goosebumps 2?

Karl Cahill says:

Complains about a movie with no energy while giving a review with absolutely no energy?

Cid P says:

Hey Chris, would love for you to do a review of the The Haunting of Hull House on Netflix!!! Id be interested to hear your thoughts on it

Anthony Ace says:

I remember being scared as a kid by the haunted mask episode of the goosebumps tv series. It had creepy atmosphere, the mask was also creepy, and you could feel the horror going through the mind of the kid who put the mask on. He couldn’t get it off and was desperate for her normal face to go back how it was. Plus he only had until the end of Halloween or else it would be permanent. That’s what makes for quality entertainment. You don’t need a big budget or great effects. Just passion and good writing.

Alex Lee says:

Do a review for CREEP!!

Puppana says:

Ohh…it’s Sony *expectations plummet*.

Redding D. Shanks says:

I had no idea this movie was even a thing.

Loser life gaming and stop motions says:

My theory is Sony animation spent too much money on that fucking embarrassing movie you know what I’m talking about SMALLFOOT

Daniel J. Nickolas says:

Still seemed like a begrudgingly given C+.

Cameron Robb-MacKay says:

I wish Netflix would make a Fear Street series with Stine heavily involved

Minecrat Silent Build says:

I read the gossebumps books and loved it and will never watch these movies and have the books ruined so i’ve chose to finly watch the Halloween movies instead

TheRapDude says:

Please review «22 July» by Paul Greengrass!!

ODB says:

This is only two grades away from first man

Kevin Foreman says:

Thank you for telling me I love ur Channel and I can not wait for ur Halloween special

Eddison Thomas says:

Is that the fat kid from It???

Jose says:

I legit did not know this movie was a thing until this review came on my feed
Were was the marketing for this thing XD

The Mushroom says:

You should review the new movie on Netflix 22. July

Connor Dexter 99 Gaming says:

I wanted it today and I loved it

Ahmed Qureshi says:

CGI bumps

Outer Frames says:

Why don’t they just adapt the actual stories?

Kristen K says:

When are all the Halloween reviews coming? Or have you decided not to do them anymore?

Gio Trujillo says:

Please review bad times at the royal

No Neck Jeff says:

*mini spoiler*

What really disappointed me was that they promoted the trailer as if jack black was throughout the whole movie. But he was only in it for literally about 6 minutes towards the end. Other than that it was a fun movie. My son liked it.

DamashixGunpla DamashixGunpla says:

Jack black is going to voice as Knuckles in the Sonic movie

ZimtikiBar says:

Sooooo disappointed in this movie. It felt like an ABC Family straight to T.V. film. It had little relevance to the original and the only Goosebumps character in it was Slappy, really shitting on the idea the first movie had with all its cameos.

Benny Mbibi says:

please review the movie THE WAILING. it’s a south Korean horror film and i would love to hear your thoughts on it

DeadLunge says:

You gave venom a faking C- and you give this shit a C+ what are you on tf

OfficialMotionR says:


Jacob Staten says:

Why did he even bother reviewing it? It should have been clear what kind of movie it was going to be.

lain iwakura says:

I just find it disappointing that Slappy isn’t scary looking in the least in these films like how he looked on the cover of the first book, he just reminds me of Jack Black for some reason.

Lobogryz says:

Are you going to review apostle? Gareth Evans + horror, is a must.

Ben McDonald says:

This movie wasn’t that good, I think 1 of my biggest issues with it is that this time around the main cast is really bland, in the first movie the characters weren’t that great either but compared to this movie they were at least somewhat fleshed out and somewhat interesting, in this movie I forgot all of the characters the second I walked out of the movie, also this movie takes way too long to get going, all that chaos and mayhem with all the monsters you see going down in the trailer doesn’t happen until like 30 minutes in, the only monster to get any screen time during all of that is Slappy, but he doesn’t really do much either, pretty much all of it was just Slappy fucking around with the main kids for 30 minutes, he just plays really weak pranks on them until he finally decides to get things going, then when all of the other monsters come out you realize that this is just gonna be a retread of the first movie, there is literally nothing new here, all it is is the first movie with less things to care about, it’s like the movie knows it has no reason to exist so it just tries to throw action at you hoping you’ll forget all the problems but we don’t, it just makes us realize how utterly unnecessary this movie is, this is actually gonna be a really short review simply because their’s just nothing to talk about, if you want a more entertaining experience just put on the first movie, even though it’s not great it’s more entertaining and a lot more memorable than this rushed, half-assed forgettable retread of a movie 3/10

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