Green Book – Movie Review

Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen star in this true story about two people with very little in common, on a road trip….and no, it’s not a comedy. Here’s my review of GREEN BOOK!

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JosieCat says:

This should be called Southern Hospitality

Suvir Sinha says:

New Godzilla trailer?

Sandeep Mehta says:

Review My Name Is Khan (2010) please. It premiered in a recent San Fransisco Film Festival.

SaiyanDuckkEdit says:

im in adelaide australia and the weather is so confused down here atm.

Brandon Edwards says:


D Brooke says:

I did NOT recognize Aragorn!

Jamaican Me Crazy says:

Ahhh but did you notice the color of the car they were driving

Vann Guarnieri says:

My #1 movie of the year, GO SEE IT!

Now it's a Party says:

Here’s the Green room review hiccup.enjoy…

HocusPocus Sally says:

Great review

Brandon Croker says:

Laundry day!!!!

Marshall the Movie Man says:

The reason it was called The Green Book directly tied to the themes of the movie. Overall it’s about the stereotypes in which people are (at the time this film is set) safe to go. The film is about the growth beyond those stereotypes and the reasons that those conceptions of how black or white people should act shouldn’t exist. The Green Book at the time was literally the safe places that black people could go. That’s why (character wise and thematically) it is so powerful when he gets admitted into his Italian household. He’s saying that he’s safe with him, and by extension into a foreign culture. That’s at least what I took from it.

Axelieus Konzern says:

“Enjoying the sun right now”
Day of 30~°c, yesterday Very humid Day of 37°c, then today a day of 13°c with Galeforce wind and rains

Yep typical week in adelaide

slydtsatmosman says:

Green Book is that movie that you didn’t want to see because everything else is sold out and you didn’t want to waste a trip to the theater. It’s on a dinky screen so small, your TV at home is bigger. You watch, and get blown away by how good it is. I started to think after I left this movie. The list of movies I didn’t want to see but was dragged along to, or agreed to see with reluctance, then blown away by, (Including Green Room) is staggering.
To make it even worse, I don’t remember the movie I originally wanted to see in the first place!

Brian Garcia says:

Do the 2nd Godzilla trailer!! Please!

cesar perez says:


RampagePhoenix says:

“Two guys driving” actually DOES sound like a good movie title.

austinmario13 says:

How many times did you say greeenbook in one sentence?

Oz says:

Jeremy just caused frustration on thousands of trolls that once they heard “Green Room” went straight to the comments to complain.

Brayden Aitkenhead says:

FUCK THE SUN ITS 45 DEGREE HEAT HERE! In AUZ. But i appreciate it all the same.

Strider Zessei says:

Jeremy, when Godzilla trailer review?

aware24 says:

You’ve gotten lazy as f***. No wonder your subscriber base has peaked.

Erik Lamela says:

Where to sign a petition for renaming this movie with “two guys driving”?

aj pat says:

Glad that Jeremy Jahns reviewed Green Book. Now, he should review Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman, Bumblebee.

Cailee Spaeny says:

Jeremy is the people’s critic.

Junior Shaw says:

im from Jamaica

mjstory1976 says:

Awesome video

plz stop no plz plz stop says:

Lol he said green room

Calum John Roberts says:

Who think this film’s going to win the Best Picture Oscar?

Ray Palmer says:

now time for the Aquaman review

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