HALLOWEEN 1978 Movie Review

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Kyle Gonzalez says:

Doesn’t Spirit of Haddonfield come to YouTube today?

Anthony T says:

Hey guys you know what you need for a backdrop? I think your missing a Halloween poster!

Kyle Gonzalez says:

What’s this what’s this! It’s Halloween season!

stuart bray says:

Mike I am so glad you pointed out the conversation between Bob and linda, I noticed that like years ago but I’ve never seen a review where someone actually pointed it out. So glad I’m not the only one who noticed it.

brian decarlo says:

Every time I watch the ending, I think of the Deleted scene where Michael Jumps up and runs away, lol. Man, that was hilarious. Also, for me when Michael is running down the stairs towards Laurie, he kind of looks like a spider closing in on his Prey. And I did pick up on the weird Dialog between Bob and Linda before. It really is cringy. Lastly, I think Michael saw Tommy with Laurie when she was dropping off the key and decided to check them both out. That’s why he went to the school to see Tommy and Laurie. But Good Job as always. Awesome way to Start October. I am looking forward to watching all of your videos this Halloween. Keep up the Great work.

James C says:

Awesomeness!!!!!!! I’m Looking forward to all your reviews this month. Halloween is my favorite season and I’m glad y’all can make it better. In case nobody said it later, you guys are great and I appreciate everything y’all do. Thank you so much.

MercenaryX84 says:

Halloween the original classic

janejane says:

LOOMIS …………………..

Chris Bucci says:

“Was that the boogeyman?”
“No. It was an escaped mental patient in a mask! What are you high!?”
That’s some funny shit.

Mike Routley says:

YYYEEEEESSSSSSSSS! THIS MONTH IS GONNA BE FUCKING AWESOME!!!! loved that intro guys, thanks Mike and J looking forward to this month. GOT DAMN

Ryan Helm says:

Finnaly! Halloween!

hamhockbeans says:

Who else will watch Halloween 1978 before going to see 2018 sequel.


F*** YES!!! KICK ME in the BALLS and Set me on FIRE, Cause WE WATCHED A MOVIE

Fact Feature says:

YES YES I was hoping you guys would review the series.

The Texan says:

I maybe in the minority but Rob Zombies Halloween movies are my favorites besides the original of course. Love the channel guys! GOTDAMN you michael!!!

Wildman 1998 says:

This Halloween horror month is gonna be awesome, btw the background looks awesome guys. GOD DAMN YOU MICHAEL!!!

Anthony T says:

THANK YOU! Just Thank You for your contribution to the Universe .

Tony Coleman says:


Hunter Thumlert says:

In Halloween ii, Annie was on the phone in the beginning of the movie, and some people think she is still alive

Eric akay says:

What’s your favorite horror movie ? Mine is Halloween

Derek Goodin says:

Payin homage to halloween 4 with that intro!!!! Love you bastards

Kyle Winfrey says:

Great start the the Halloween horror month guys.

World breaker Hulk says:

It has snow out there and you have on shorts . I get cold when it’s 80° You are insane

april ream says:

Awesome review guys!! Haha, Bob saying “Lindsey” always bugs me!!

VisionFilms100 says:

Halloween 5 Michael you unkempt bitch tuck your shit in!

Kyle Dunville says:

there is 2 cuts in the tracking start. John said it in a documentary.The first one is when Michael puts the mask on and the frame goes fully black for a quick second.The second one is, after he killed his sister, he runs out into the hallway and before he turns and runs down the stairs, he turns to a wall and theres a quick second were it is dark,this is where the cut is, then he faces the stairsi hops this made sense

andrew wolf says:

Bout fuggin time boys. Can’t wait for the rest.

Corn Pone Flicks says:

This very nearly makes up for the fact that I have to go back to work today after a week off. I’m amused to see Michael is reading the same book I’m right in the middle of.

Dan S says:

Our fucksticks, who art in Haddonfield, halloween be thy name, thy new film come, thy kills be done, on Crystal Lake as it is in Elm Street, give us this month our daily WWAM, and forgive us our shitty sequels, as we forgive Busta Rhymes who trespassed against us, and lead us not into karate, but deliver us from Rob Zombie. The power of the thorn curse, forever and ever, GODDAMN YOU MICHAEL!!!!

Presley Kraus says:

This John Carpenter classic is FUCKIN beautiful and I can’t fuckin wait to soil my FUCKIN pants in the theater on October 19th when Halloween 2018 comes right the fuck out

endir sandoval says:

This review remake is better than Rob Zombies remake. Thanks.

gangster Ethan 21 vol.2 says:


smug_grinch says:

Michael heard Tommy and Laurie chatting outside his house. He then visited both schools to see if Tommy would lead him back to Laurie.

Spinosaurus4ever says:

The H4 opening ❤

This Leprechaun Writes says:

The whole ‘Lyndsey’s clothes’ thing ALWAYS bothered me and made me feel uncomfortable. Like, WTF, Bob and Linda? Creepers.

hamhockbeans says:

That Bob scene talking about ripping off clothes was a twisted scene that made me do a double take but Michael must have heard it too so he pinned Bod to the wall and let him die nice and slow and all was back to normal.

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