Halloween (2018) Angry Movie Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the official 9th entry in this long standing slasher/horror franchise. How does this reboot of the entire Halloween lore fair? Find out!

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Fanfapstick says:

This goes to show how enjoyable a video can be when Joe doesn’t talk all the time. If you all could talk this much each, that would be great!

sacrificedpain says:

This is probably the worst review to date… Really slow? The original was slow, it’s called pacing, building the characters… Pure evil, this was a way of setting up the unstoppable nature of the shape and a key line that defined Dr. Loomis as much as it did Michael… The lack of some kill scenes worked, because in case you missed it, the original doesn’t have blood in the murder scenes… I can go on…

MKCFenix says:

Coming from a reviewer who claims the Rob Zombie remake was good and Friday the 13th is superior to the Halloween franchise….. HAHAHAHA! Yeah, no. I also didn’t take this into much consideration. Good laugh though

서기완 says:

What’s epic is that I got a Halloween movie ad on this vid

cx news says:

The rob zombie Halloween movies was just a homeless guy killing people

Roman Stewart says:

i miss the old styled reviews with the theatre in the background and same for his game reviews

GIPSY says:

its funny how joe spoked more positively on the Predator than this, then again, this is angry joe, he`s more entertaining than objective.

Jordan Winders says:

Pretty spot on I thought… though only 5 kills? I thought there was more.

Yue Jin says:

Hey Joe, you wanna play a Zombie game?

Shaolin Punk says:

Damn you Michael. Why did you let them reboot you again…

J Awesome says:

Did I watch a different movie? I absolutely loved it. Great characters. Jamie Lee Curtis was great. I’d go see it again. The next best movie since the original.

ZxzJerryTheProxzX says:

Should have watched this review first. 4/10

KCalkins says:

The whole “why is this geriatric man so powerful” didn’t bother me at all. This is also the guy that we saw take 6 rounds to the chest in the first one, and gets back up. It’s suspension of disbelief, in the universe Michael is beast mode and always has been.

Momo says:

Stop reviewing movies… You and your friends should really just stick with action packed CGI blockbusters. Until he proves his ability to demonstrate knowledge on what makes a film works, nobody should take his movie reviews serious (I’m upset because he mislead people by having no idea what he’s trying to criticize). Joe you should take notes from “Every Frame a Painting”. He understand the fundamental importance of detailed screenplay and choreography in a film. Though, thats just part of what makes a film truly classic and memorable. I’m still learning the indefinite aspects of filmmaking everyday, and I certainly don’t claim myself qualified to be a movie critic. So, Joe please just stop reviewing movies in this format with your friends. Simply having a discussion of ‘how you feel’ about the movie you just watched after you came out of the theatre is NOT A REVIEW.

Joshua Jasso says:

When is Alex going to be in his breakfast radio podcast???

Fanfapstick says:

The guy who said they look like the three evolutions of a single pokemon, I’m really seeing it now…

RedX 1257 says:

Sorry but Michael got way more than 5 kills

Adrian Chihuahua says:

Should have had mr sandman as the intro song

Anre Dickerson says:

true fans appreciate rob zombies take on holloween. just the fact the Jamie Lee Curtis is back tubs me wrong. seems unoriginal af

Stress_ Free_Rafy says:

I somewhat agree/disagree with the opinions.
This was actually a pretty good movie after all, because I thought Blumhouse was going to fuck it up. I had goosebumps through most of the movie because of how much it felt like the first. The load of References and call backs to the other timeline was nailed greatly. It was sad that the audience who were with me were just pure retards who wouldn’t shut the fuck up, and some kids saying Laurie looks like she’s playing stealth in PUBG (Idiots). I did hope for Laurie’s death despite half wanted Michael gone and alive. Lastly, James Courtney KILLED it as Michael, literally.


Zack Reynolds says:

The only way they could make a sequel is going supernatural. Michael is POSSESSED. It would explain how and why he killed people as a child. It would also explain why he seems indestructible.

Dank Coops says:

Wtf is with joes teeth fr

Lem Collins says:

5 kills huh, How much of this movie did they sleep through? i recall at least 15 kills. Also the moment OJ said he liked rob zombies Halloween, It was made obvious they are not fans of the series.

Zack Reynolds says:

It’s actually better that she’s no longer his sister. It plays WAY better with the,”he’s got no motive,no rational…he’s just EVIL” character. Saying he was coming after her because it’s his family and he for some reason wants them dead does apply some sort of motive. It’s better if he’s the,”some people just want to watch the world burn” type…far more disturbing imo

The Heyesy Gamer says:

I like the content of this review. But I HATE the new layout. I’d like it to stay with late reviews or TV. I liked the old movie layout. It was simple, but charming to me. Anyway, if you get more votes to keep it, I’m sure I could get used to it.

MrLordJagi says:

Angry joe doesn’t know it’s Halloween 4 with redneck vigilantes who want to do a lynch mob to Michael it wasn’t 6 plus the black texas ranger saying what we going to do cancel Halloween then laugh was mocking part 6 because Halloween was banned in the curse of Michael myers for yrs angry joe doesn’t know hes Halloween films so he cannot evaluate this movie proper this film is garbage no redeeming qualities jamie lee curtis should stick to her yogurt commercials

Junior Rivas says:

You forgot Allison I think but the granddaughter she was sitting right next to him in squad car but he didn’t kill her ignored her completely

Pedro sanchez says:

Wtf are they even horror fans chessy?it’s fucking Halloween it’s freakin Michael Myers it was amazing I have to disagree with all three of them if your a real Halloween fan watch it they are being way to bias

Grave Man says:

Just my opinion but I don’t like your lay out. Go back to the old way.

Papa Charbog says:

I’ve personally been desensitized by jump scares, but for sure Halloween was not filled with jump scares. I feel it was kind of exagerated in this video, because the jump scares weren’t really that prevelant. I had low expectations for this movie, and I have to say it does holed up. It ain’t perfect, but it is really good. It does parallel the original, which i feel it might do a bit too much, but it’s not that big an issue. They did play it very safe, but they played it well. One of my favorite things about the movie was them dumping the whole brother sister thing. I personally think this is a very cheap sort of plot line to explain Michael’s obsession with Laurie, she’s the one that got away and I personally feel that was enough.

jerry Reyes says:

That’s terrible. U want more killing? I already felt that the movie was very brutal especially with the killing of a kid. I do not think the movie needed more violent kills. On the contrary I would appreciate movies made with a little less violence but we are so numb to it. It’s terrible

Mooky Blaylock says:

Cry some more you miserable cunts that don’t know good horror movies

Neo Aka Nick says:

Everyone complains about shit too much these days

MrLordJagi says:

The movie sucks because its liberal sjw anti trump garbage even the boyfriend in film says a guy stabbing and killing people isn’t really considered that bad in the times we are living in now which is basically saying things are worser because trumps president we know what the liberals who wrote that line ment then it basically says Michael survived part 1 getting shot out the window disappearing then guess all of the sudden hes too weak and slow and got caught and put back into a asylum this movie was made just to put geriatrics against another old ass laurie strode vs old timer Michael myers and its pushes feminism making only the woman able to make Michael myers seem incompetent when in reality jamie lee kurtis was she let jamie loyd die and abandoned her son she was a bad mother in Halloween films so they retcon her death take away the brother sister angle and boom shitty movie is born even moustappha akkad before he died said the key is to keep Michael myers alive you don’t kill the monster thats your franchise but jamie lee curtis wanted to kill Michael in h20 wich was retarded and now if Michael lives after Halloween 2018 hes going to be missing some fingers since they were blasted off by shotgun and hes not supernatural so cannot grow them back like his shot out eyes from part 2 and can’t recover from burns rob zombies first Halloween is so much better then Halloween 2018 because atleast Michael has brute strength and not a geriatric about to croak

Eric Dekker says:

Is it me or is the sound in videos from angry Joe recorded at a really really low volume?

ReviewyourwalletUSA says:

The movie more like 7.5 to 8 good kill count Jamie Lee was good in her role and enjoyed this “timeline” of the movie over the rz films only thing Joe was right about could had been more gory

ATLoading says:


Zack Reynolds says:

Michael vs Leatherface would be legit

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