Halloween (2018) – Movie Review

Our spoiler free review of the highly anticipated Halloween (2018).

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Dr.Movie91 says:

Great review guys, I loved the film. All I wanted was an OG slasher movie with a brutal Michael Myers. What I loved most is we got the OG with some modern techniques. Jamie Lee Curtis was a badass and seeing what that night 40 years ago did to Laurie was insane but not only that seeing how that night affected Micheal…The one that got away. James Jude Courtney my god I never thought someone could come close to Nick Castle but he does once again he brought the old mixed with the new. Love how you both had different feelings on it and seeing two sides. Nothing will ever top the original but this was a solid squeal to it. Take care guys.

SparkyMarkyMark 23 says:

Was there a rumor about a Post Ending Credit for Halloween (2018)?

John Brown says:


Chris Parks says:

You thought this was a Remake? Did you even Pay attention to the story??

Michael McMenamin says:


J says:

(Just expounding off a point). She’s not a very good serial killer prepper. As the pro gun, pro Halloween community will tell you she used very mediocre and very outdated firepower. A real proper wants the best, powerful yet most comfortable firepower for each situation. Jamie Lee Curtis chose a type of rifle Annie Oakley would have used in the 1800s, modernized slightly of course, but still not a serious choice.
Joe Biden with his wacky gun advice would still be better prepared than Laurie. Don’t let the set of same rifles in the basement fool you, Laurie wasn’t seriously prepared by the standard of modern self defense gun enthusiasts. If you want the perspective of a pro gun, pro defense Halloween fan I’ll send you the link to one, but I won’t hold my breath.

JSpades1201 says:

I feel her daughter should’ve been Jamie Lloyd. It wouldn’t panned out better with Danielle Harris.

Antwain Bell says:

Love the video guys talk movies Nation

Jim Duggan says:

It’s a good movie but didn’t live up to the hype. Really nothing new here. Agree with George.

Erik Feinberg says:

Season of the witch was my favorite too.

Kevin Heasley says:

Great video guys! Cant wait to see the new Halloween. The original is one of my favorite movies of all time. Stupid foot and ankle surgery has kept me from seeing it. Dont forget about Halloween 5 with a young Paul Rudd

Damenicion Scott says:

I loved it I thought it was the best Halloween since the original

nps1016 says:

Nice review guys. Saw this one tonight, it was ok. Not as good as I thought it was going to be, very predictable. I like the first two, Season of the Witch and the first Rob Zombie Halloween film,

Scratch USMSS says:

You ppl are obviously not true Halloween fans, this film was a miserable attempt at a true come back halloweeen thriller. It sucked.

MyMovieAdventures says:

I thought it was awesome! People may say he was too brutal but he’s been thinking about this for 40 years so he has to unleash the evil and be brutal.

Chris Korbe says:

I thought it was okay. The 2nd one is my favorite sequel.

malcolm adderley says:

Mikey has no tan, I give it a 0 out of 100!

J says:

I want to say Halloween H20 is my favorite sequel. Laurie doesn’t take no sht and she “faces the monster. ” And John Carpenter’s Halloween II follows behind that. It was the original slasher / horror to bring a killer into the hospital scene, and it kicks butt for it’s time.I like the new one, but I agree with Cody Leach it has seriously flaws.

I like how this is a fluid franchise that allows it’s fans to choose from three or so sequels. Sometimes you have to modernize a film or it’s sequel for *some to stay interested in the film franchise.
I however, am one who doesn’t care about the dated history of a film but rather just whether it’s a great story.

Warning: very soon near every horror film storyline will be seriously outdated by eons when we reach a technological ramp up and game changer in the next decade, so hold on to your iPhones your in for a tech ride of your life. Better prepare, your in for a scare!

Emma Bobro says:

I don’t really understand why people liked the movie. The comedy bits were lame and totally distracting, the tone was completely off from the first film, the music had a dumbass house beat, the podcasters, boba tea?!?!?! Tasteless.
Brutal kills but no actual horror.
Ridiculous jump scares.

David Price says:

im seeing it tonight .great review and looks a great movie.

Deadshot456987 says:

Nice review!

Poetic Nation says:

Nice! Really cool review, dialogue, and breakdown (I just subscribed). Thank you for not giving away a bunch of spoilers. This movie looks phenomenal, and I can’t wait to watch it. You guys make a great movie review team… Anyways, really good review, and I look forward to many more, peace.

ryan james says:

the loomis understudy i thought wouldnt work.. the longer it went, the more i bought into it…

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