Halloween (2018) – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Halloween, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Virginia Gardner, Nick Castle. Directed by David Gordon Green.


Lorde Fan says:

Why don’t you do spoiler reviews anymore?

David Garcia says:

I don’t know why people are disliking your opinion. It’s opinions, people! Not everyone has the same ones as you!

Maddox Jackson says:

Man fuck Jamie Lee we all want Busta Rhymes back

Cesar Alfaro says:

I’m still waiting for you to review rob zombie Halloween

ErebosGR says:

Jamie Lee Curtis should’ve had made this movie 20 years ago…

scott bond says:

About 90% of the time, I score movies the same as you do so I trust your judgement. I’ll go see the new Halloween, but I’m passing on the new Predator.

Also, I’ve just seen a short trailer for Slaughterhouse Rulez which stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, so that’s something to keep an eye open for at the end of the October/early November.

And can you review Mystic River sometime, please?

lotaz says:

For once your in the majority. Most people like it

Bruce Lee says:

Although I love watching your videos, I never do listen to your opinion. And I’m starting to question why I still do watch you at all.

August Burns Iron says:

You definitely should have directed this

Zach Sutton says:

Can’t wait to see it!

James Vorel says:

Chris, you hit the nail right on the head in this review. After seeing the film myself last night, I’m very puzzled that the critical consensus has been so positive thus far. You are absolutely correct in your assessment: This Halloween is great in its small moments, but largely undone by its lack of focus and very messy script. It’s absolutely packed with pointless characters and threads that don’t lead anywhere, which all steals time from the characters (Laurie and her family) that could have been much more fully developed instead.

A “C” letter grade is just about right.

Tony Spicchiali says:

Saw it last night. While I was not blown away, I did like it. But I get your gist. It was definitely frustrating. The story twist in the third act was nuts. I turned to my friend and said, “What the hell is happening?”. Also, I love your shirt…where did you buy it? Nice review man. It is very fair.

Olivier Costa says:

My mind is you’re mind

Ryan Larsen says:

The Producers Cut of Halloween 6 was not better than the theatrical release. It was ridiculous with Michael being the father of Jamie’s baby which makes no sense. If you are trying to kill your whole family for the good of the cult then why create offspring and let it get away? Also the Curse of the Thorn going to Loomis was also ridiculous. Just based on your statement about the Producers Cut alone I can’t trust your opinion on the current Halloween movie.

PeaTearGryfin says:

You know, for a franchise that has featured Busta Rhymes using kung-fu on Michael, Scout Taylor Compton fingering a bagel, and Malcolm McDowell doing a television appearance with Weird Al, saying this movie is good, but slightly underwhelming is the biggest praise you could give it.

Erik Ramaekers says:

Halloween 4 matters even part 6 in my opinion.It’s very pretentious when you decide they don’t matter.

Nelson Suriel says:

“i dont want to see kids getting high and having sex”…….this literally happened in the first movie and the rest of the series

Joel Fagerström says:

Hi Chris iam back

Diego Diaz says:

this is the first negative review of the new halloween 🙁

Movie Man Mark says:

YES CHRIS, PREACH ABOUT THE TITLE! I can’t stand the fact that this movie, called Halloween, is the direct sequel to Halloween…. I think they got rid of the Halloween Returns title to save it for a sequel.

Peter Butrico says:

This movie was terrific.. I only ever saw the original Halloween and this is an extremely solid sequel.. sounds like Chris is having a rough year:/

drumr72 says:

This guy thought A Star (satanic Luciferian) Was Born was a good movie…don’t listen or take his opinion for more than what it is..not much and his love of satanic Gaga tells all one needs to know.

V for Vegan says:

lol so you just want 2 fucking characters in the whole movie??…..

Mike Tall says:

Almighty shenron we’ve come to summon you forth!

Katherine Laura says:

Everything in life is a matter of personal preference and therefore we all have different opinions we have the right to express as long as we do it in a respectful manner. I like to hear other people’s opinions as I can learn from them, whether I agree or disagree. Personally, I never liked any of the Halloween movies but I love watching horror movies and I like to hear what other people think about them.

MrJerron85 says:

Chris’s expression in the thumbnail is usually how I know the movies bad. P.s. spoilers don’t bother me I probably won’t see it anyway

Ville Lepoaho says:

Shouldn’t Michael Myers be a grandpa already? And why would they ever move him? Just put him in a cage for eternity…

Sheepmode Studios says:

While I usually love your opinion on movies I noticed that you compare this movie a lot to other movies and don’t judge it as much as it’s own thing as you usually do, but that might just be me

D K says:

Do a spoiler review

Zoë De Cloë says:

chris I hate to see you like this. kinda depressing. i’m following your channle for years but damn son! cheer up. i hope you are alright.

John Brown says:

Can you say anything good about movies every single movie review you do you have ripped every one you did what’s the problem

MAN_CHiLD says:

I heard great things about this movie and I just recently watched the first one for the first time and loved it and I heard it honors the first one a lot. I’m going to watch it because I think even in spite of the things Chis may disagree with, I don’t think it would hinder the movie as a whloe in the slightest. Can’t wait to watch it and I’m glad Chris is honest in his reviews and I respect that!

Rowan Kelly says:

Just my opinion I preferred the 5th annual Halloween intro in the woods I thought it was cool

Duskplains says:

My favourite part was when Michael took off the mask and said “YEaH bABY!”

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