Halloween II – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Halloween II, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers, Lance Guest. Directed by Rick Rosenthal.


Tyler Brown says:

About that iconic score…

Look up the song “Castle Walls” by Styx, which came out in 1977.

You might recognize the synth part in the middle.

Fredgamer4 says:

Have only just noticed Chris’s tattoo fully coloured there. Awesome awesome awesome. Also hope Mrs Stuckmann is better soon

Premium Quality says:

Hey chris you should review stranger things season 2, I’d love to hear your thoughts

Cabeza Time says:

Dude just review COCO already

The Vicious Chicken of Bristol says:

Samhain is actually pronounced – Sah-win.

Michael Anderson says:

Halloween 1-4 are all good to great. The first is clearly the best, two feels a little dated now but still a good movie, A lot of people will disagree but Season Of The Witch is criminally underrated, Halloween 4 is probably my favorite sequel in this series and the rest basically suck for the most part.

TheFriendlyStranger says:

Hey chris! Could you do a review on Loving Vincent? It’s a fully oil painted movie about the life and death of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh told as a detective/mystery story. I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time and would love to hear your thoughts on it 😀

Ospiri Vorgath says:

Samhain is Gaelic, it’s pronounced Sow-in

TheXKL1NEx says:

Where’s stranger things season 2 review?

Nicholas Anderson says:

Chris why haven’t you reviewed Suburbicon yet. I was waiting for your review to figure out if I want to see it or not.

shredmaster2009 says:

Part 4 is my favorite after the original… I love that flick. It’s well-written and directed, suspenseful, and the characters aren’t just meat for the slaughter, both in the sense that you care about them, and in the sense that every death in that movie serves a purpose in the plot.

assar henden says:

review scre four m

Shawn-Ray Mulder says:

“Sah-winn” is how it’s pronounced [samhain]

Justz Youtuberz says:

Chris please review okja

Joseph Garcia says:

i always got to watch the 1st and 2nd films consecutively every halloween. great films

Captain crooked clown says:


Ryan Hall says:

can you do a movie review of Leatherface?

Herpy derp says:

I liked the Rob zombie movies

Hugh Mulqueen says:

Please review Stranger Things 2!!!

emil engen says:

Review The Little Mermaid!!

nutmegg91 says:

Please do review of RAW! It’s the perfect horror movie, so provocative and on Netflix

sanna karppinen says:

Chris witch carachter is creepier Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees?

Island of Rob says:

Great video buddy and send my best to the wife, hope she feels better soon

tony malds says:

Stranger things season two please!

iDGF999 says:

Fuck off, flu!

EddieMachetti says:

Chris, no Suburbicon? I figured you would have gotten right on that shit. It’s a good film. I’m curious as to why you haven’t reviewed it.

hi says:

chris… Stranger Things Season 2. now.

Amanda S. says:

Will you do a review of “The Others”?

Matski Toots says:

Happy Halloween!

logan martin says:

Great review as always 🙂

Great channel. Hope your wife gets better soon. Keep doing what your doing 🙂

vincent valentino says:

Chris u have to watch indonesian movie called satan’slave/pengabdi setan. Satan’s Slaves

Amhlaoibh McSweeney says:

Samhain (Pronounced: sow-in)

NexusGamer says:

Do one of Stranger Things 2!

Omar Miller says:

Ay can you review mind hunter the tv show on Netflix.

darksoul 992 says:

Rip, well I hope ur wife gets better 🙂 (sorry forgot her name ) 🙁

daniellekingdjk3 says:

the slasher film got old real quick.Douchebag in a mask goes around a town a fairground a school a hospital a camp and kills a bunch of teens many of them women with a big fucking knife.Oh and dont be black in these films either.It got so by the numbers that all tension just goes and the evil dick bag always comes back to do the same shit as last time.I want to see a film where a bunch of knife wielding assholes have to run and hide from a bunch of homicidal busty blondes who want to kill the serial killers that killed their sisters brothers mothers lovers fathers etc.Now thats a film i would pay to see download buy on blu ray and dvd

Andrew White says:

Hope your wife gets better. Please keep her out of your reviews.

Shawntia Jones says:

Hey Chris i know this is off the topic but can u do a movie review of Odd Thomas 2013 please

jalen walker says:

whats that awesome lookin’ tatt’ of you have on your right arm ? @ChrisStuckmann . 
hope your wife gets better soon btw

daniellekingdjk3 says:

get well soon Mrs Stuckmann

LoveLenaNicole says:

I cant believe you haven’t reviewed Train to Busan?? I hope you’ve seen it !

Andres Martin says:

Could you make a review of the movie wer? I was waiting for your Halloween reviews
Saludos desde México

Jay Mac says:

Wish these reviews were longer.., Get into the meat ,get Stuck(mann) into it lol

984bc says:

Stranger things season 2!!!!!!!!!!!

daniellekingdjk3 says:


in2green 78 says:

Sorry to hear your wife has been sick. 🙁 Hope she feels better real soon! Love your channel!

gutz1981 says:

I so dig that ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Poster you have in your room. That’s the Australian version which I grew up with on VHS covers. Way better than the ‘Gone with the Wind’ version of Empire poster. Trying to find a copy of that poster myself. Shame it is not as easily available.

Fighting Irishman says:

sowin its pronounced SOWin 🙂

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