Happy Death Day 2U – Movie Review

Flower Gelbmans relives the same day she relived in the first movie, only this time, we delve deeper into the explanation as to how. Here’s my review of HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U!

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Master Ninja Mo says:

For me the killer is just there. People will be disappointed and easily guess who is behind the mask because that isn’t the point. The point is the journey Rothe’s character goes through. And that shit is hella enjoyable

• RK • says:

“one has to be a… dick to navigate an asshole”

Struggle Drax says:

Loved this movie more than the 1st one, which i never thought i would say.

Snaggyjake says:

God i am so glad im not gonna be seeing any more fucking ads about this stupid fucking movie on every fucking youtube video.

Oscar Johnson says:

Alright be honest who else was surprised that this just now came out and had forgotten about it along time ago

Lukey Spooky says:

The third one should be called Happy Death Day, Tree

G Goerl says:

Spoiler Talk Pls!

Parzival says:

It’s been a year we don’t need this.

Staten Island says:

“One has to be an asshole or a dick to navigate the asshole” – A man of Legend 2019

Justin cotter says:

I’m an asshole but 3 people seem to like meh so I’m happy

nicolas orduz says:

One has to be a dick to navigate the asshole.
-Jeremy Jahns, 2019

juan david posada says:

“One needs to be a dick to navigate the asshole”… Ok then

Malachi Blackwood says:

I hope the sequel is called, ‘Happy Death Day 3 Me’ or something similar

Shaq4real says:

*Navigate the Asshole* – Jeremy Jahns, 2019

Kazually Kunfuzed says:

For a moment I thought she was related to Eli Roth. But she’s Rothe with an E

Matthew The Epic Neewb says:

Stop doing so many cuts

Fuzzy Pickles says:

Went and watched it last night on Valentine’s day with my girl and literally only five other couples watching it with us. But we all loved it and laughed numerous times together on the same jokes. And all of us laughed during the suicide scenes, not one person thought it was in bad taste. HAVE A NICE DAY!

Will Cribb says:

“One has to be an asshole or a dick to navigate the asshole”
That’s a quote to go down in history

judy Radin says:

R u doing
Cold pursuit
Isn’t it romantic

Doug Jennings says:

I FUCKING agree 95% part 3 please ! The blonde asian kid ? What happened there were 2 then no explanation are maybe I need to watch it again still Jeremy as always thanks bro….

Felly Setiawan says:

Please do netflix series. Kingdom! So awesome

Doug Jennings says:

Kinda put me in a state where she’s Penny (Big Bang Theory) caught up in Ground Hog Day meets Scream .

Spaz5991 says:

“One has to be a dick to navigate the asshole”

thomas says:

is this guy incapable of just sitting still and talking without the rapid editing? what awful and jarring presentation

Edward Kenway says:

Where’s the review for possession of hannah grace ?

Peter Benson says:

I cant believe a great Star Wars fan such as yourself has not reviewed, done a reaction or even mention anything on The Vader fan film!

Very disapointed not only because i want to see you review it but also the lack of support towards another channel

Dalton Barnard says:

I always looked at this movie basically like a slasher movie meets Groundhog Day meets a romantic comedy and it was a lot better than I EVER wouldve thought it would be lol

al zolez says:

I watched the first movie the other night on tv and was pleasantly surprised and really liked it. The main girl in the film is fantastic and really sells you on the whole premise. I saw the first 40 minutes of part 2 as I snuck in before I went to see Alita and I really liked the second film also. You definitely have to see the first to appreciate the sequel. Btw Alita was awesome~

Jachiro Movie Reviews says:


Tobi J says:

Are you not Allowed to review VICE or something!! ???

Jobenblue says:

I just despise the franchise because it killed Blade Runner 2049’s domestic sales

Carlos Guzman says:

So I just saw Alita and holy crap that ending was like having sex and right when you are about to bust the nut she tells you to hold it

NatePoky says:

Review Cold Pursuit!

eerohughes says:

I cannot wait to see this movie!! The first one was so good!

Dylan Gerding says:

“Gotta be a dick to navigate the asshole”

Squeakypits says:

Wonder how much beers he drops

Eric L. says:

Jessica Roth is fucking gorgeous

TheCreepypro says:

didn’t see the first don’t think I will see this either

Isabela Hart says:

Wait since when is there a second one of these lol completing sneaked past me

jamesmallone says:

So her killing her self multiple times…hey, Bill Murray did it in the original Groundhog Day. So you could say it’s…..reflecting its source material? [trollface] [even though they’re different I.P.s]

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