Happy Death Day 2u Movie Review

Happy Death Day 2u Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & movie review of the 2019 sequel! Killer fun?!

Happy Death Day 2u Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of the 2019 sequel, Happy Death Day 2u! Should you see the full movie? Enjoy Happy Death Day 2u in 2019 and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Sci Fi 101 – 00:00
Horror Movie? – 1:10
Suicide – 2:07
Cast – 2:17
Back to the Future – 3:04
Big Bang Theory – 3:18
Should you see it? – 3:47
Conclusion – 4:12

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TrickyLover says:

I didn’t care about the horror aspect I’m glad I’m gonna enjoy this for the story and characters

Constantine Cineph says:

Grace I know people who haven’t seen movies like Star Wars, the Godfather, Jurassic Park and Jaws just because there are not their type of movie…. and they say the Shinning is very ridiculous for a horror movie…….In my opinion these people don’t quite understand the quality of Cinema….

Ryan Lillis says:

I was dating a girl and once I found out she hadn’t seen BTTF and didn’t want to, I dumped her.

Caleb Griffin says:

My wife (from Jamaica) hasn’t seen any of the movies I think she should have seen. And she doesn’t really care to see them either. But she loves that I enjoy them.

portland 182 says:

Grace, Tamara Chambers has a whole channel about never seeing films, she can’t be alone. There are people who have never seen Star Wars – any of them! The general public do not know the difference between Star Trek, and Star Wars (that’s the one with Dr Spock?). The multiverse concept is not general knowledge outside of fandom (and science), despite all the sci fi media that have covered it. The general public seems to know less than you imagine… look at the react channel to see a variety of people failing to recognise hit songs, that everyone ‘should’ know.  I work in IT support, and until you have done that job, you have no idea how little most people know about computers…

BlairPhoenix says:

I’ve seen bits and pieces of them…that count? Maybe?….yeah…

Tyler Woods says:

I never particularly cared for this series, but it seems interesting. I’ll take your advice one day when I’m very bored and give it a shot!

Tails Prower says:

I had no idea they where making a sequel. I really enjoyed the first movie so will definitely be checking it out.
Thanks Grace X

Official Filmilen says:

Jessica Rothe is amazing in this movie

Vell P Entertainment says:

Thanks Grace… I just loved part 1 and Im going to enjoy this 2nd. Slasher or not…Im a time travel ,ground hog day type of fan…Are you going to review The Doom Patrol? Never heard of it before DC Universe ad

Mob Kao says:

I haven’t seen them…..

Ren Mez says:

I haven’t seen Back to the Future

Devon Grant says:

I really loved the first Happy Death Day movie and I love horror and sci-fi genres so I expect to really enjoy this ☺️

Nick RH says:

Not even kidding but ive never seen any of the back to the future movies. People like us do exist grace lol

Aly Valles says:

Gracie I’ve seen the first one and I loved it so I know I’ll love this since I’m going to expect a good time! Too bad I won’t be able to see it til next one when my best friend comes to visit me. Thank you for another review Gracie!

Hans Hoffmann says:

1 minute ago: Don’t care for this sequel.

*Hears Multiverse*

Me: wait what?

Edwinlicomedy says:

LOVE your thumbnails but be careful they give away how you feel about the movie – people might not click if they already know you think the film is meh

Keep up the amazing work!

Grace gives this movie 1 1/2 “stink faces”

El Flaco Oso Supreme says:

Maybe she was from that place called Wyoming?

Javier Marmol says:

Hmmm. As I watch your reviews of the opening films for this week, I get a clearer picture of what I want to watch.

Thr 33 says:

This is just a Cash Grab. They didnt think the first one would do well. I just would have let this alone

D C says:

SOOOOOOO I liked the first one

Rockerdude17 says:

I’m a huge sci-fi fan but I haven’t seen the back to the future movies at least not all the way through. I’ve seen parts of it just haven’t been able to sit through all of them.

Carlos Miranda says:

Happy Dead Day: Infinity Days

Jennifer McMahon says:

My birthdays this weekend, 17Feb…so

Rewatch BTTF aka one of the best trilogies or this….

white owl says:

If you ever want kids, hit me up.

Spencer Theater Official says:

Great, Great review! Love your channel so so much!

tomuscranius says:

Could Grace be anymore more of a foxy fox

Jerry Mathurin says:

I do love your breakdowns

Mr Ken No says:

I love Jessica Rothe. So talented.

bookmovietvworm says:

As a person who adored Happy Death Day for the characters, thank you for confirming my suspicions that this movie is for the people like me. I can’t wait to see it this weekend!

SuperCatSavior says:

Kind of wish that they still had horror elements but excited to see what this movie has to offer!

Julien says:

We are more on ” Groundhog Day ” than “Back to the Future” on HAPPY DEATHDAY (and 2 U)

Carmine Carpenito says:

This movie was so much fun and better than the first one. It’s very emotional, has heart and soul. I liked the multi genre mix and think that Christopher Landon did a really good job creating a crazy film that even works as a drama. Jessica Rothe absolutely “kills” it and I laughed so much during her suicide scenes. It’s a fun ride. But again, I was very surprised about how emotional the movie is. It’s really beautiful at times. Go see it it’s fun.

Gabriel Cavalcanti says:

The first was quite s surprise to me. I thought it was going to be one of those absolutely awful horror films Hollywood puts out every now and again only to cash in but I was slapped in the face but how well crafted it turned out to be. Not too excited about a sequel, but eh. Why not? I can get into something that gets ridiculously funny as the franchise progresses.

Captain Marvel says:

Happy death day 2u,Happy death day 2u,Happy death day 2u,Happy death day 2u,

Greg-Da-Mage says:

Never seen back to the future amy of them. Is rick and morty based off it

Connor Diaz says:

Saw this a few weeks back at an advance screening-legit not a horror movie at all, totally science fiction! But fun nonetheless

Lauren Masters says:

Looks fun!!

Ben Wilcox says:

Happy Death Day (1)
Happy Death Day 2U (2)
Happy Death Day Dear Tree (3)?

RcDub says:

I know people who have not seen any of the Star Wars films, Raiders, BTTF, Jurassic Park, etc. They are a rare breed, found only in the wild…..

M.D.M says:

I thought the first HDD was one of the best horror-comedies I’ve ever seen, with a Groundhog Day twist to it. We’ll definitely check out HDD2U.

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