Hell Fest – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Hell Fest, starring Amy Forsyth, Reign Edwards, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Christian James, Roby Attal, Matt Mercurio, Tony Todd. Directed by Gregory Plotkin.


Skynet Dreams says:

Yep, this was truly terrible.

MrAdonis258 says:

Cool shirt

Richard Power says:

Please do a review on Netflix’s “Hold the dark”.

malcolm adderley says:

I am Cyborg, my voice monotone, my expressions monotone, my pulse monotone, subscribe or I will bore you to death humans!

FumeKing says:

The pic looked like an edited poster of logan

That Guy says:

Chris the exact same thing i said from day 1. Instead of remaking good films. Remake bad films. I know studios find it a risk but it’s ways you can go about doing it to sale the film

J T says:

I thought it was gonna be a whole bunch of different murderers and games and houses ..but No just one hash slinging slasher killer single dad killing for..??was what this was

dirk diggler says:

Watch “terrifier”

jondelrey says:

this is a good movie. nice 80s vibe. give it a chance

BuzzRatchet says:

2018 has been too dissapointing.

Eduardo Núñez Pezo says:

What the hell is going on with movies this year??

KatieVanHelsing says:

THANK YOU! As someone who worked in a haunted house and has seen performers get punched by frightened guests, no way in hell would their not be a staff member in all black watching. In a clever movie they might find a way to make that work to the films advantage, but I hate it when movies rely purely on a concept and put in no effort otherwise.

Albert Rodriguez says:

Ok that’s really nitpicking about the realistic criticism of the park. This is a Spook House horror movie. Almost nothing is realistic; we already know that. But to me the worst part of the movie was the lack of any kind of story, AT ALL…NONE. It’s a killer in a theme park….that’s about it. And SPOILERS: the way it ended, to me was some bullshit, for two reasons. 1st. The killer gets stabbed in the stomach, then like the ending of Peppermint, just magically disappears while surrounded by cops. Maybe he beamed outta there. 2nd. Then he must have gotten wolverine healing powers cause he drives home to hang up his mask and greet his daughter, with no sign of injury. And we NEVER see his face or know any reason why he would go through all this trouble to kill at Spook Houses. And the way the last scene is shot, may indicate they intend to do more films because he’s got an assortment of masks and we only see him use two of them in this movie.

Conor McThanos says:

This is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Top 5 worst. This movie fucking blows. I was actually infuriated watching this dog shit.

Rae Kaake says:

I always get so excited for the horror movies that come out and I watch your reviews and I’m like, “Well, he’s a film critic. Maybe I’ll still think it’s a good movie!” and then I watch it and find myself realizing that I’ve wasted my time and money on a stupid movie that I didn’t enjoy and wishing I would have just not gone to see it. So I’m trusting you on this one.

Demo says:

I hated this movie so much

jlac 2box says:

Seems to be like ‘shitfest’

Let's Talk Horror says:

Yep just got out of the theater it was quite boring … shame too set design was nice

999celticsfan says:

Woahh hold up… slasher films not being realistic ?!?

UfodexENMD says:

Where did you get that shirt??!

Pablo Dini says:

Chris, complaining about a horror/slasher movie is ‘unrealistic’ is more then a bit snobbish.
Was it scary? Were there some good kills and gore? Did it to something different/unique?
Not much substance in the review.

b d says:

I think it would have been cool if everyone who worked at the park was part of a cult and locked everyone who showed up inside on Halloween night and hunted all the park guests down and had traps layed out everywhere. And you got to follow the last group standing. Now that would be an awesome concept.

Keenan Tislow says:

I didn’t like this movie I give it a 40%

BackpackFilmmaker says:

Do the Ghoulies make a cameo in one of the haunted houses?

shamone says:

Anyone else notice 223 on the door near the beginning? (322 backwards)

TWSTF 8 says:

If they made it so the killings were going on throughout the park like, the weekend after the main event, when the place is opened exclusively to the park employees and their friends and families, instead of during the operating weekend, when staff and guests would be everywhere, that would have fixed the main problem with the script.

At Oregon County Fair, every night when all the paying guests leave for the day, the employees form human chains and do a “sweep,” to get anyone without a, “staff, friends and family,” wristband out.

And then they all have a RAGING party all night, with every kind of psychedelic imaginable, live bands, etc.

In the woods behind all the booths are collections of little “tent city,” campgrounds for the employees who stay all weekend and work the event.
They usually have any friends they couldn’t get all-night passes for hide in their tents during the sweep, after which nobody really cares who’s back there partying all night.

Anyway, that same concept, put together with the script for this movie, as opposed to having the killing going on during regular event business hours lol when people are lined up and employees and staff are working everywhere could have worked WAY better.

When the Country Fair closes officially on Friday night, all through to when it opens again Saturday morning, there’s HUNDREDS of people there for a movie serial killer to prey on.

And, Everyone would be WAY too fucked up to realize what’s really going on.

If it was a Halloween/haunted house type of weekend event instead, where after the customers leave and the employees get fucked up and sneak their friends in to party all night.

And that’s when the killer strikes?!


That would be MUCH more effective,
And WAY less eye-rolley!

id104335409 says:

Horror movies are as cheap as it gets. Well, except indie sci fi movies…No effort is put in them.
Sorry for the offtopic but the last horror movie that surprised me with HOW GOOD IT WAS even if the setting is the same as so many other movies, was THE COLLECTOR. I immediately looked up THE COLLECTION. Such a joy to see a good horror movie that can excite you.

Evan Rasmussen says:

the whole review I was like…..no duh. come on chris. its like kicking a kid with a limp.

Jesse Day says:

I watched it today, and I thought it was a fun experience. Certainly not a “good” movie, critically speaking, but it had a great Halloween atmosphere. I’d watch it again if it’s ever on Netflix or Hulu.

sara jae says:

I want to cry, i live in FL and would of been rad to meet y’all! Glad you enjoyed HHN !

Trauma Child says:

Horror is my favorite genre, I think that’s why I’m harder on horror movies

Zachary says:

It was so boring and dumb. Don’t see it.

WushuKnight19 says:


Richard Tep says:

Just got back from a late night showing. Only one other person was in the theatre with us and he left half way. It was like we had our own private theatre to watch a Netflix original.

Jeff Demas says:

Slasher films ALWAYS consist of one trait characteristics, plus every trope was in this film. I’d still rather see a slasher in the theatre, rather than another Hollywood supernatural horror.

Wonder_9 says:


brightwriter419 says:

Hey, Chris. Something you might be interested in is the Manhattan Short Film Festival, where they screen nine short films from around the world and the winners are chosen based on audience votes. I just got back from a screening, and a lot of this year’s films are pretty good. I think there are a couple screenings coming up near you, and I’d recommend checking it out. (They have a website where you can look up the different films if you’re interested.)

Adam Hadlock says:

Hey Chris! Are you going to be reviewing Mandy!? Boy oh boy, you’ve just gotta.

FredPRoduction131 says:

If you wanna see afunny horrorcomedy like cabin in the woods i can recommand you le manoir/the mansion. Its a french movie, who has some really good and funny scenes, scine there are that many good horror comedies

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