Hereditary – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Hereditary, starring Toni Collette, Milly Shapiro, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, Ann Dowd. Directed by Ari Aster.


Dad30474 says:

Ok, warning!!! This review is actually really full of fucking Spoilers!!! I’m stopping half way through because I want to see and enjoy (be Totally surprised by) this movie

Mayelis Barroso says:

So many views already. Good job

Luigi says:

I ALWAYS dance to the intro and outro.

Jono Topia says:

I guess I’m the only one that found this movie boring and not scary.

Ershin Havok says:

Babadook was way better. And btw YET AGAIN you pronounce a name differently than the CREATORS THEMSELVES HAVE CLEARLY INTENDED. PLEASE. PLEASE. I am begging you. If the movie tells you how to pronounce the name BA-BA-DOOK, please do NOT take your little hipster mind and twist it into your own little unique hipster version. STOP PRONOUNCING THINGS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isaac Rahman says:

Just got back from watching it. Excellent film. Good review.

Alexis lou says:

This movie was horrible, the first hour dragged on and the second was more funny than scary. People were literally laughing at the scenes that were supposed to be scary. Don’t waste your money.

Kurt Rein says:

Good review, now I want to see it. Is that a Gorillaz shirt?

Andrew H says:

Just watched it, trailer made me think the dollhouse would have more of a factor, definitely a movie I would torrent not buy, let’s hope nosferatu is good when it comes out

Alan Humphrey says:

That one key moment of shock/grief in the first act. So powerful. I dont think I’ve felt depression like that since Requiem for a Dream

Sig _nified says:

Just got back from seeing this. Definitely NOT horror to me. It’s a suspense movie with build ups that don’t really seem to pay off. While I appreciate what the film maker was trying to do, I found it very slow and way too long.

Laurence Lanigan says:

What? I don’t get it. While there was some potential for an intriguing, albeit unoriginal, study of a woman’s slow mental deterioration in the face of tragedy, the decisions made in the last 20 minutes were baffling and ridiculous. The theatre I was in was literally howling with laughter throughout the denouement. Was it rude? Yes. Was it irritating? Yes. But considering that it was Friday night and because of the nonsense happening on the screen I really can’t be too mad about it. This was pure schlock which is fine, but it’s masquerading as something better which is shitty. Emperor’s new clothes situation.

CJ Laity says:

Just got back from seeing this. What a confusing mess. Some creepy moments and a lot of tension and Toni Collette is fantastic, but the film makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE, is too long and boring and the first words out of my mouth when the credits started to roll was, “That was stupid.”

Kiki says:

Ahh this movie was so good (even though my friend said she hated every minute of it lol what a wimp)! I love how it didn’t rely on jump scares (and the few that were there were very well done), and it was awesome how towards the end it left me scratching my head trying to put all of the pieces together. I thought it was more of a psychological thriller with horror elements mixed in rather than a straight up scary movie, but even so, not a movie I’d recommend if you have a weak stomach lol. Over all, it was really good, and if you like dark stuff or even just movies that make you to think, you should definitely watch this one!

Jordon Rosson says:

I saw this last night and I honestly slept with the lights on. Doesn’t help that my fan makes a noise that sounds a lot like the young girl clicking her tongue. But this movie was phenomenal.

I feel like we need another video from Chris on this movie about the lore and the stuff that they don’t necessarily fully explain in the film. I feel like there are some really cool theories to be had here, and it’d be really great to see Chris talk about them, seeing as he really liked the film too.

Travis Clark II says:

Okay, I’m going to just say that Hereditary was good. However, you call it one of the best you’ve seen in a long time and give it an A. However, you give Get Out was B-.

Can someone explain this to me?

rbgg2010 says:

Just watched it, and I agree 100% about the film straddling the line between art house and mainstream.

Have you ever seen The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh? It’s similar to this movie in a lot of ways.

Pa!n737 says:

anybody else laugh at the naked dude smiling in the doorway was that just me

gripm says:

Yep, first horror movie that has made me cry

Marquis M says:

Yo Chris! Bobby Lee says hes a fan of your videos!! I think you should hit up Tigerbelly and do a podcast with them!

Phlebiac Brothers says:

I’m not trying to bash Angryjoe but Chris Stuckman definitely provides his viewers with straight to the point in depth information at a fun loving intellectual manner 2 Thumbs up!!!

DJ Lee says:

This movie is a slow burn with weird imagery. If you like jump scares, this movie is not for you. If you’re religious, this movie is not for you unless you’re into Satan worshiping. The plot is predictable. I knew from the beginning what would happen when it introduced this one important character.

Richard Lindsey says:

Great movie. Saw it last night. I can’t stop thinking about it either. This movie really disturbed me.

liam meh says:

This is for sure my favorite horror movie, i think it was MASTERFULLY made.


Drop a link where you buy your shirts. Please! Awesome review by the way.

B. Burns says:

I”m on the fence, mostly because of A24. I haven’t liked one of their films. Everyone praised, It Comes At Night, but I got bored with it. The Babadook is another one that I just simply got annoyed with the kid and I thought, “No wonder the mom is going nuts, look at the kid.” I want to see this, but I truly want to be shocked, very much the same way, when I first saw The Shining as a kid. I think, to this day, no horror film has had an impact on me, the first time I saw it, like The Shining. The opening shot and the music from the start, was very unsettling. I will probably see it because I’m always hoping for a genuinely scary film, but I’m always let down. I almost walked out of The Conjuring 2 from boredom…it was essentially the same movie as The Conjuring, but it now was in Europe. The nun…YAWN, I think it would have been scary with the less is more approach. I didn’t even like IT, as a horror movie…it was entertaining…but it wasn’t scary. Oh well, I may go see it…but I will always be a jaded horror movie fan, in hopes of something scary. Maybe Hereditary will be good. If it is scary, I will come back and admit I was wrong. I just hope it’s not like The Babbadook…ugh…that movie was terrible….and I enjoy movies for the artistic approach, not just a casual viewer.

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