HEREDITARY MOVIE REVIEW – Scariest movie ever?

HEREDITARY MOVIE REVIEW – Scariest movie ever? – The Double Toasted podcast review a new horror movie today with a lot of buzz. “Scariest movie ever”, is the word going around for this movie called Hereditary. In this funny movie review, we have a Hereditary clip to show you, along with the Hereditary trailer and we give our review and thoughts on this movie. Is it the scariest movie ever? Or is It just another movie with a lot of hype from the Sundance crowd? Find out in this funny video. Let us know your thoughts on the movie down below if you’ve seen it. And, if you’re one of these people freaked out after watching this movie, then just get yourself some DT merch, guaranteed to make you feel safe in your bed at night!

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queeneternal says:

yall aint never lied…this movie was sho’ nuff scary white people shit. Overhyped.

Calin H says:

Dont know shit about cinematography and guarantee they didnt even make animation for intro. Cant blame low budget! Hereditary had one and still made a masterpiece.. Too many wannabe critics nowadays.

Ellie Plunkett says:

Arthouse movies are not for everyone but idk why you guys had to use the term “snobby” just bc it premiered at festivals and whatnot before coming to theaters. This movie was fantastic in my opinion, and I didn’t even know about any reviews before going in. I was literally shaking when I left the theater.

jadedragon216 says:

People laughed in my theater, particularly at the end… if a supposedly scary moment is unintentionly funny, you have failed.

Qrock raze says:

can u guys do the top 15 or 20 scariest movies ever

Rorschach says:

I think everyone around the planet needs to sit down and come to a consensus of what true horror is….(honestly for me….this movie sells it) but that is why everyone’s so damn conflicted…

Ray and Lonis Reviews says:

You guys come off as hipsters when it comes to scary movies

Nicole Lyn says:

I don’t think the movie is “scary” as much as “viscerally upsetting”. But I wouldn’t promote it as a horror film.

SnortoBorto OwO says:

It was more of a psychological thriller. I liked it for the most part OwO

Facts About Everything says:

CUBE! One of my fav films!!

SCORPIO06061988 says:

Scariest, LMAO, this wasn’t even REMOTELY scary. It felt like more of a drama than a horror for the first 75% of the movie and the last 25% was more a case of WTF am I watching than any genuine frights! SMH! – If you like HORROR in your HORROR films then this film ain’t for y’all! – I’d give this a f*ck you rating, I thought it was utter TRASH!

Thanos The Mad Titan says:

I thought this was a masterpiece
It has a slow ink of dread and terror and its just so fucking tense and horryfying
Its just so realistic

Jon Nori says:

I fuck with yall D.T but yall dropped the ball a bit on this, theres a lot going on in between the scenes that yall missed but overall yall explained the spirit of the movie but it was never meant to soley be a pyschological thriller theres some genuine supernatural horror contributing to the films logic that your missing, good review none the less.

anthony cheesman says:

I thought this movie was great except for the son which makes the end even more bad for me cuz he was easily the most annoying character lol

rupman27isback says:

Everyone has their own opinion on what scary is. Obviously no movie should ever really scare you anymore esp if you’re an adult. Being scared is mainly a kid thing. And i would say it did live up the hype. But it was pretty damn creepy and well made. Great movie.

And I DID NOT get a feel of The Visit or Split vibe at all. That was a terrible comparison. It was a total Rosemary’s Baby/Omen feel to it. This will go down as a classic in many years.

paul rai says:

Going to Miss Goodwin’s perspective on these reviews.

Yanett Garcia says:

I watched hereditary and instead of being scared I was laughing

Johnny Utah says:

This movie sucked ass. It was more confusing that one can imagine.

‘A Quiet Place’ is still the better horror flick this year. Far better than this shit.

Calin H says:

Nobodies talking about a great movie? Yep

ih8mcfly says:

It’s not scary. It’s disturbing. Not a bad film though.

Fidel Cashflow says:

yeah, let’s not talk about the movie, let’s spend ten minutes talking about what some random people thought about how scary it was. people who can’t judge art by itself and need to just compare it to amount of hype they think it has are dumb as fuck.

Soo Kute says:

It Follows sucked ass.

Cm Mosher says:

I can see why people won’t like this. If you haven’t bought in the ending woulf be silly as shit ( i bought in)
Something like this and The Witch are a lot more frightening for myself because of their sense of the inevitable horrible ending.
Though I disagree with the film being total mystery. It is not direct about it but the film tells you everything you need to know.

Kramsey R says:

I just saw this movie, and really guys? We’re just going to sit here and pretend Paranormal Activity 3 doesn’t exist?

Ray and Lonis Reviews says:

exercist is not that scary i fell asleep through it 5x

SCharlesDennicon says:

Hereditary isn’t a scary movie, it’s a horror movie. A psychological horror movie. One of the best I’ve seen (sorry for the hyperbole). It’s more a spiritual son to Rosemary’s Baby than The Conjuring 3. You need to get that to appreciate it. And you need to stop giving a fuck about what the critics say.

SLiMmcl says:


Lou Bloom says:

Knock it off Corey, I’ll wait for your breakdown on how you can quantify how much other people are scared or not with horror movies, at least those Sundance hipsters seems to realize that fear is subjective

Calvin James says:

I was worried that I was the only person in my screening who found this movie hilarious, but multiple people were laughing towards the end.

2swift4taylor says:

The film was great and beautifully shot. I honestly can’t wait for it to release so I can own it.

MysticPRAngel89 says:

2:50 – 3:08 great timing. LOL

Dan_of_Earth says:

Double toasted has been slipping lately. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but sacrificing a well thought out review for cheap jokes is lame.

Sexxy kitty says:

Yall should review the NUN teaser trailer …fucking creepy scary e.t.c btw LOVE Double Toasted <3 <3 <3

lilyann168 says:

Smelling something wild LOL

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