Holmes & Watson Angry Movie Review

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Angryjoe, Otherjoe & Alex Review one of the worst comedies of the year by one of the best comedy duo’s. How did this happen!? Our thoughts!

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mnoell35 says:

I’ll list three movies I threw in the towel on; Godzilla(1998 with Matthew Broderick). Adventures of Pluto nash(Eddie Murphy). Wild,Wild West(Will Smith).

IcePickMan says:

Had a feeling this would suck, but I might be a bit biased because I hate most if not all Will Ferrell’s movies. Except for maybe Elf

Yu Jin Chong says:

When will you do a trailer reaction for Us?

Maywither Dragon says:

They should do one with Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton as Holmes and Watson.

James Austin says:

Apparently when the test audiences hated this movie, Sony tried to sell it to Netflix, and Netflix said no…. That’s like turning up at a brothel and having the girl behind the counter say “umm… not today, thanks. All the girls have headaches”

Og LongBarrel says:

I like other joes style bro

ErosiaEU says:

Review Shards of the Past Vader fan film. It’s a big deal.

Gavin Wheeler says:

Maybe the original script was good but they changed it until they ran it into the ground

Ciaga wey says:

That thumbnail is amazing

MC Intricacy says:

You look like all 3 people in the video

IAmSirZak says:

Really enjoy Alex along with Other Joe. If I have to pick another co-host besides OJ it’d be Alex. Bring him along in more reviews!

K-rex says:

Is it “pixels” level bad? That’s the real question.

Eric Burden says:

What was the last good Will Ferrell movie I have seen, I can’t remember, he really needs to take some chances and not work with the same people all the time to help his comedic career or pretty soon he will not have a career other than late night tv appearances; John C. Reilly is not that far behind either in the damage this film will do to his career.

The_Gay_Charlie says:

I wish they would remove that jackass already, his opinions even for bad movies are terrible

Lee Goodman says:

hopefully we get a sherlock holmes again thats not got stupid jokes in it, lets have a film thats working from one of the old books , he can be funny sherlock but its not dum jokes every time, the character does the jokes at the natural time, lets have the sherlock name done by someone who respects the books and the character and doesnt throw jokes in for no reason…

DryBones271 says:

RDj is returning in 2020 for a Brand new Sherlock Holmes movie.

Luke.S 2099 says:

Lol I heard this film had 0% on RT, now its at like 7% I think. Damn.

Justin Gonzalez says:

The last actual movie I laughed at was the room comedy sucks now I hope will Ferrell makes a good comeback after all this criticism

HellomynameisRyanfirstoutindeedgooglelikesmesomuchtheybotheredmeuntilmynamewasthislong says:

Damn, 2018 for movies is even worse than games. It’s like 80% of the movies are trash especially goddang Star Wars and Ghostbusters and other feminist/black/anti-white agenda movies. I mean at least we can watch reviews for games but movies, you literally had to either watch it asap or regret watching it or being spoilt by Angry Joe XD.

Scott Swift says:

The lady doctor, “ would you like sum heroine” joke in the trailer made me laugh.

Dalton Kay says:

I’m sorry but nothing will ever ruin the campaign for me.

The_Real_Big_Boss says:

Some people said they’re walking out of the theater because it is so bad

History of Video Games says:

Jesus I forget just how much of a brick shithouse Alex is. Wasn’t he in the Marines or something? Could have sworn I saw something of that sort several years ago.

Due Decimal says:

Will Ferrel movies are never funny. Change my mind.

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