Hostiles – Movie Review

An escort mission involving a U.S. Military Man and a Native American Chief In the 1890’s. Here’s my review of HOSTILES

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Jay Wolin says:

I feel like this movie just keeps drudging on. It takes forever!

BOOBOO KittyFuck says:

I live in Billings, Montana

M Aaron Taylor says:

This movie was so realistic, it was like spending your day at home with no tv, no internet, no radio, no phone, no windows, no people, no magazines, no books, and no food.

Invisible Ink says:

“Getting Past you Past”


WildwoodClaire1 says:

I have the impression that a number of reviewers have found this movie unpalatable, or as one critic called it, “flawed,” because instead of portraying native Americans as peaceful-unless-provoked, wise, deeply spiritual, “at one with nature,” and invariably blameless victims of genocidal monsters, it depicts them as flawed human beings capable of casual cruelty, just like everyone else.

Spade says:

12 strong review pls

dragdragon23 says:

The first third was great, the second third was fair and the last third gone way too pc for me. The movie was longer than it should, the story was bad at the end. They need to show the unbending point of view between the Captain and the Chief, Both would say they were sorry or want to. The acting was great, Bale did delivered as I was hoping he would. Sad to say, me and my brothers wife was the only two there on the second day of the showing of this picture.

Jayce 7 says:

God of War Story Trailer review?

Spartan T & G says:


veronica carlson says:

My friend has PTSD and we had to leave this movie with all the shooting. We have seen other movies with shooting but it was just so loud in this movie. We had to leave. Just sayin

kurban kurbanov says:

Review PREDESTINATION Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jake Cruz says:

review paddington 2

Kellen Quigley says:

Saw “Hostiles” this afternoon. It has everything I want in my modern revisionist westerns. It’s slow-paced and quiet, beautifully filmed, uses realistic graphic violence and is extremely sad from the opening scene to the end credits. I really liked it.

is21rocks says:

Jeremy Jahns “There are good people and bad people in both side of anything.” Sounds like something Trump said.

Andy Barton says:

Ros-A-mund Pike.
Or is it spelt different in the US?

Killer Caritas says:

Come Jeramy do Harsh Times

no name says:

Move was good until it got PC halfway through

Finua Bøy says:

Jeremy looks like Tom Ellis

Kōji Kabuto says:


Brian C says:

Totally agree with this review I saw the movie and while the acting was very good and it had pretty cinematography, it was soooo boring!!!!! True, it was a last minute selection – Phantom Thread was not available on my movie pass app, so I went in kinda pissed but the movie nearly put me to sleep & I ended up walking out to watch a showing of Shape of Water – now that movie was REALLY GOOD!

blkmattymatt says:

Hey Jeremy could you review The Babadook? I thought it was a great film. I wanna know your thoughts on it.

Ujjwal Uniyal says:

Now that Jeremy has mentioned ‘No country for old men’, can anyone explain me the ending and by ending, I mean what Tommy Lee Jones was actually saying?

JackSpad3s says:

Are you going to review The Greatest Showman?

chrismas says:

Magua from Last of the Mohicans.

Caden Stone says:

Hey Jeremy will u make a Punisher season 1 review

20GRIZZ20 says:

I️ enjoyed this, old school, gritty western.

Paul says:

Well speaking of No Country For Old Men. Jeremy, would you please do a review of that?

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