How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – Movie Review

How To Train Your Dragon is now a trilogy! How does the 3rd chapter stack up? Here’s my review of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON!

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Grace Kim says:

I loved this movie so much!! Def cried

Ariel_of_Narnia says:

I enjoyed the movie and liked the themes they chose to end the trilogy with, but I felt that there a couple things that needed some ironing out. The villain, after some thought, seemed to me like a forgettable Marvel villain. The team is somehow suddenly great at fighting together a week (during which no training happened) after they demonstrated some serious need for improvement. Character development was almost nil for everyone not Hiccup (yes, he is the one who had the most development in the first two installments, but others showed more development in those than in here).
BUT. Did it nail in the places that mattered most? Yes. Yes, it did. Nailed it so hard, I shed tears on three occasions.

真太郎緑間 says:

I feel like they shouldn’t have put “The Hidden World” in the title because SPOILER

It was barely shown in the movie. I mean you could argue that it was the reason they moved in the first place, but I think just calling it HTTYD 3 would have suffice.

Mhariz Saifuddin says:

Is 3D movie/TV still a thing ?

The Reviewer says:

Loved it

Connor 71 says:

I thought the ending could have been better

ZONA 8001 says:

Just saw the movie an hour ago and Man this movie was great , the ending holy shit! a fantastic way on ending this beloved trilogy

Ryan Harris says:

Just got done watching this movie. Its definitely a 10/10 in my book. The ending had my heart strings I was about to cry. This has been the best trilogy for any movie series I’ve watched in a long time. I hate that it’s over but damn it ended so nicely

Marina says:

I didn’t cry, but I sure as Hell wanted to bawl my eyes out
I’ve only seen the 2 and 3 movie and the show on Cartoon Network , I’m gonna have to go watch the 1 one

jdzencelowcz says:

What…an…exit………I WANT MORE!!!!!! Which is what the best stories leave you with.

John Smith says:

I loved this movie. Great trilogy.

Yajie Liu says:

We laughter and cried. The entire theatre.

You, Me, VALHALLA says:

It was so good man!❤️

Jon Thomas says:

I liked also that they finished up the bad guy so there was still 30 minutes worth of new Burke, wedding and family and the scene of visiting the dragons. So many movies end right after defeating the bad guy

PixieLawyer says:

Couldn’t agree more. I loved this movie and it’s such a beautiful ending to the story of Hiccup and Toothless.

Joel Perez says:

Hiccup and toothless will return again in dragons :endgame

Legion says:

The ending was sad…but also an happy ending.

BrownEagle says:

The last scene in this movie was the best part. The rest was a retread of the second, but with different decision making. This franchise got lost in world building and villains after the wonder and discovery of the first. Still enjoyable, but the Kung Fu Panda sequels did the “species was hunted down and the main character is the supposed last of its kind” bit. Is Dreamworks that lazy?

Baba2020 says:

I thought that sand animation was real. lol

Dulala says:

I couldn’t agree more.

Grimneo says:

Seeing this tomorrow.

Chris Tuttle says:

How to train your dragon trilogy > toy story trilogy

Alex Has Left The Party says:


Julie Gilbert says:

Was awesome in 3D

Josh Francisco says:

I just watched the movie 30 mins ago, and there’s something about the movie.
I felt the impact is lesser on 3 compared to 2, or maybe I just expected too much?
I mean the movie is beautiful. But is it just me, that I felt a little bit sad like how sad was hiccup letting go of his bud?

floofy corazon says:

I watched it in 3D and I am so glad I got to experience it like that as my childhood trilogy ended.

Dinda Tamara says:

I feel like I’m the only person who hate this movie so much..

Harrison Moeller says:

It didn’t quite hit the mark for me as a whole, with a much slower pace and in my opinion a bit of an underwhelming finale. BUUUUT I really loved the growth of Hiccup and Toothless as individuals who must grow up and make choices. I wish the film has been a bit more epic, but I still had a good time nonetheless

Ross Sapp says:

I may be in the minority on this one but wow was this movie disappointing.

triad6425 says:

More will you review captain marvel or just sit this one out? I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, just don’t lie to us, PLEASE?.

John Aldridge says:

Saw it today when I had a movie day along with my second viewing of Alita Battle Angel and The Lego Movie 2.

The How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is the best trilogy of this decade IMO. Nothing else has came close to touching how great this trilogy is. I hope I get to see The Hidden World again before the theater run ends.

Joe Montgomery says:

Saw last night in 3D. Damn my throat hurt from keeping in the tears. Such a perfect ending, or just the beginning?

Luke Lim says:

I love this movie to shreds .
All I gonna say is baby dragons and toothless are the cutest ever!!! 😉

BenJamin Croft says:

If you want a more in depth experience I recommend watching the series in between the movies.

1) How to Train your Dragon
2) Riders of Berk
3) Defenders of Berk
4) Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon
5) Gift of the Night Fury
6) Dawn of the Dragon Racers
7) Race to the Edge (seasons 1 – 6)
8) How to Train your Dragon 2
9) The Hidden World

Christopher King says:

While most of the time I usually agree with Jeremy Jahn’s awesometacular reviews, this movie was NOT awesometacular. I was bored for nearly 45 minutes, and it’s not anything you haven’t seen. 2nd one was definitely better. Bad guy was weak, toothless was weaker, the female dragon’s character was wasted making her a damsel,
I’d say good time no alcohol required but I’m not buying this nor watching it again.

Alitta Battle Angel was waaaaay more entertaining and deserved a better rating.

Szilárd Hajdú says:

Just thinking about the ending of this movie makes me cry.

Derp Herp says:

This movie was amazing. Idk why I didn’t cry at the end but its a beautiful movie. I hated the villain but in a good way. He is kinda like wimpier but smarter Drago. The trailers hyped him up too much and I was expecting like thanos levels of wit.

The channel that actually does research Gaming says:

HTTYD 2 = A+
HTTYD 3 = A-

One of the greatest trilogies ever made.

OctoYoshi says:

This is the first time I cried in a Dreamworks movie.

Lance Shadow says:

Loooovvved it

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