I Feel Pretty Movie Review: See It Now, Later or Never?

The new Amy Schumer comedy ‘I Feel Pretty’ directed by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein stars Schumer, Michelle Williams, Emily Ratajkowski, Busy Phillips, Aidy Bryant, Naomi Campbell, and Lauren Hutton. The film focuses on a woman who is struggling with insecurity and wakes up from a fall believing she is the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet. Her new confidence empowers her to live fearlessly, but what happens when she realizes her appearance never changed?

Perri Nemiroff and John Rocha are here with their latest episode of “Now, Later or Never!” and give you their review of the movie and let you know if you should See the film Now, Later or Never. If you’re looking for short, sweet and informative reviews of the hottest upcoming releases, “Now, Later or Never!” is the show for you! On the fence about what to see at the theater this weekend? These reviews will help you decide if you should see a movie now, later or never in just two minutes. Share your thoughts on this movie review in the comments section below. Be sure to share this video on social media and subscribe to the Collider Video YouTube channel for all the latest entertainment news and reviews.

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Cameren Wave Foley says:

Digging this format

Isaiah MV Gonzalez says:




MrAlcazar says:

After her disgusting and abysmal “Leather Special,” I refused to watch anything involving Amy Schumer.

Frank Segura says:

Obviously haven’t seen it nor will I. So never

TomNewYorker says:

seeing it Sunday.

I kind of liked Snatched, but I loved Trainwreck.

Brendan Little says:

Definitely not going to this one.. even with MoviePass I’m not doing it.

The Nerd Upstairs says:

never. not even if it played on the inside of my eyelids.

Hellsing7747 says:

That movie looks bad

Dr. Schwifty says:

I like this new segment!

Seven Milz says:

Hinting to your viewers to “never” see a movie is dangerous. Respectfully disagree with the premise. You can say you don’t like something but don’t ever campaign to torpedo a flick.

Ronald Regan the man says:


Alec Musial says:

Interesting format, I think the graphics are not stylistically pleasing to me and I prefer longer style reviews. That being said, movies that are not gonna be reviewed in depth can definitely benefit from this idea

Robo says:

Anything by Amy Schumer is an automatic see it never.

jack harrington says:

After snatched I refuse to see any more Amy Schumer movies good video guys

Hardcore Curtsey says:

Roche in the video 🙁 no thank you

Mariko True says:

The concept seemed kind of cringe-worthy, but I thought that if anyone could pull it off Amy Schumer could. Yeah this is a Netflix view, where I have control over the fast-forward feature. Sounds like editing (probably for time) might have made that last act too rushed. Again yet another good concept that probably would have played better as a Netflix original series. Thanks to Perri Nemiroff and John Rocha for saving me money (saving up for multiple viewings of Infinity War). BTW still getting used to the pop-up graphics, maybe go lighter on (or eliminate) the audio effects? Hard to say, maybe ask the fans after 6 or 7 of these new shows?

LULZ66 says:

Interesting new format. Colors are a bit too bright/distracting.

ZISSOU says:

Never say never. But seriously, NEVER!!!

J Tevo says:

Well, I was never going to see it anyway….

Star Wars Junk says:

Saw it. In my toilet

mythdusterds says:

I just saw the trailer this morning. I had no idea this film existed till today. This has been a poorly advertised film.

neil Varma says:

Looks like a never

General Audiences Only says:

I dislike schumer. She’s stolen jokes and when her Netflix special failed, she hid behind the banner of sexism.

Ben Cramer says:

All I got from this review is that I should eat popcorn now, eat candy later, and drink soda never.

Nik S says:

Didn’t even have to watch the review. It has Amy Shumer in it? Verdict: Hell Fucking No!!! Only suitable use for this film: should be implemented in torture procedures to coerce information from our enemies and criminals.

Ocean Sage says:


A R says:

Format is cool but avengers needs a longer review

Graham Snell says:

Great format for those movies outside the top 5 each week. Nice idea 🙂

Media Shock says:

You’re going to kill cinema if you keep this spot up! Who are you to judge to your fans what to see and don’t flat out each time? I get bad reviews and bad reviews but to label them in advance based on your sole opinions, to your audience is just wrong! The audience is the only critic, you are steering them towards your own agenda!! No wonder complex left your asses to burn, pathetic!!

Xervello says:

Saw Amy Schumer, came to read the nasty comments.

Corri Noel says:

Perfect length for the amount i cared about this movie.

J says:

This Movie is literally the drizzling Shits.

Dakota and Liana Wicker says:

Haha wow so let me guess don’t see it. Cuz it’s a white American girl who wants to be pretty. Anti sjw propaganda

david mckesey says:

loves this idea for the concept of your show. keep it up. love you perri

David Datura says:

Great format. Short and to the point.

Emilio Barzini says:

Unless she’s hiding the soul stone, get it outta here.

I Don't Know says:

Terrible “comedian”. No respect. Not funny at all, steals jokes, and just talks about her genitals and having sex a lot.

Collin Winters says:

Amy Schumer is basically the female Adam Sandler

Jediman114 says:

Definitely a never

TheRogueMage says:

I like the concept of what they are doing, but I hate the graphics. And I don’t get when they say see it later: not opening weekend, at a matinee for cheaper, or when it comes out on video? “See it later is very open”. Does see it now mean opening weekend or like within the first two or three weeks?

Tyler West says:

Body sit Asian mainstream somewhere dig economics.

Jamie Mcvay says:

whats wrong with having a girl with some meat on her bones

MirrorAshes says:

This is a great format

seyi ogundana says:

we’re not seeing it please, Our money is being saved for Avengers

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