I Feel Pretty – Movie Review

An Amy Schumer movie where A bump on the head makes a lady view herself as an “idealistic” version of herself. Here’s my review of I FEEL PRETTY!

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Andrew Paxton says:

If you want to continue not hateing Amy Schumer, then you defenatly should NEVER watch her stand up.

Jason Lilly says:

I’ll tell you what movie was supposed to be funny and then just kicked you in the groin with sadness: Click, with Adam Sandler.


“I feel pretty” – more like “I’m in denial”

tumamaencosplay says:

I give 0 fucks about amy, I have no strong feelins whatsoever about her. But I do dislike the message, because it’s not really about inner power, is about selling that if you can delude yourself that you already are what you want to become, instead of you know, put work towards it, you will reap the same rewards, because its “ALL” acttitude, even if lacks any real-world fundation, and this is what created the special snowflakes that are the Tumblr-crowd.

Of course, anybody reading should note that a negative attitude IS a cockblock to your whole life. that is true, but a positive attiude, and speciall, forced positiveness does not magically improve your life. at least not any more after shedding away the negativeness.

Captain85 says:

@.ENGLISH PROFICIENCY “I was in loser denial once. Until the lacrosse team stuck a parking cone up my ass”

Matthew Boteler says:

Someone should do a frame by frame of this movie and pass it of as a complete original

babakht says:

Amy Schumar sucks ass

Goji Boy says:

Lol. The vibe I get at the beginning of this video is “Wow, Amy Schumer stole the premise of Shallow Hal too?”

Rita Soto says:

You like her because you’re ignorant.

Eric Lecarde says:

The message actually does sound kind of profound.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but sometimes people are so afraid of being rejected, that they avoid getting out there, and possibly finding someone who does find them beautiful.
What this people need is to believe in themselves, and it’s actually refreshing to see a movie like this talk about that.
Being Schumer I expected something along the lines of “Obesity is fine so long as you think you’re pretty”, which would be a really dangerous message, but nope, I guess this one’s fine.

Timothy Burgos says:

Why are you not on movie talk anymore

richard rodriguez says:

By far your worst review in years

Sanctus Manifesto says:

The hand movements though…

Damien Crespan says:

I thought My Left Foot was more heart felt than funny. I only laughed a couple of times…

Jentany says:

Jeremy seems like a sweet guy.

Matheus Sereniski says:

Of course it wasn’t funny, it’s an Amy Schumer movie. That being said, the concept is really cool, I’ll probably check it out sometime.

boxertest says:

Best reviews 🙂

blank pallet2 says:

I like it and i think she is good , she does what she is trying to do , people today want to mak a cause about dust so what a surprise they want to do a march against it to the whitehouse lol

King in the North says:

You need to review a futile and stupid gesture on Netflix

Ryan Spann says:

Watch her Netflix stand up… but be careful

David Castle says:

Amy steals a bunch of people’s jokes. Look it up on here there’s a 30 min video showing the original joke 3-4 years before Amy stole it. I feel like that’s why people dislike her.

spiderhomes says:


belevezero says:

It takes energy to actually hate someone, so hating someone you never met and may never meet shows how pathetic some of you are. ffs just don’t watch her, the end.

Todd Sheridan says:

You gonna review God of War?

NeneGamer says:

Urgh, the fat tard again, no thx.

Mugen says:

The trailer for this movie is pure aids. No thanks.

natshenkin says:

Imagine a film being so bad that Amy Schumer is the good part.

Captain Shijinko says:

Don’t like Amy Schumer and I have no intention of seeing this film but I respect your opinion. Have a nice day

Thomas Thas says:

About time with Domnhall Gleeson and Rachel Mcadams it’s a comedy but not that funny but you like the characters and has a really nice message – it’s got heart – anyone here seen it?

Marlynne K says:

Saw saw it. Pretty awful.

Lauchie Maddaleni says:

Knocked Up!

Ferris Newhall says:

90% of this comment section is Amy Schumer beatdowns.

Joey Santiano says:

‘I feel pretty’

-jeremy jahns, 2018

Mr October says:

Your guitar riff intro reminds me of Woodysgamertag which causes me to gag. Will you please update with a non freeware riff for fuck sake.

snarkus63 says:

I don’t know her well enough to like or dislike her…it’s movie comedy of the last twenty years that repels me.

sarah says:

So kinda like Shallow Hal but not as good or meaningful. And for me 50 first dates is more heartfelt than comedy.

Herman Shields says:

my #1 movie critic hands down..Always on point.

Peyote Pete says:

She reminds me of my first wife, so of coarse I hate her… and she’s unfunny

OcihEvE says:

Kind of wanted to see this but I wanted some giggles..
So either I will be bummed or your funny bone iz broked…

MAG Productions says:

I just got an ad for I Feel Pretty before a movie review for I Feel Pretty.

Chronic Wizdom says:

Him saying he likes this surprised the hell outta me

guitarfreakrl says:

Amy shumer sucks

Lauchie Maddaleni says:

Schumar is a notorious joke stealer!!

Royal Loyal says:

I just don’t like her as a person, she depects herself as a cock whore yet when people call her out on it she gets fucking defensive and plays the feminist card and then she steals jokes(granted most comedians do but they change the format, she does not). Just not the kind of person I’d like to see in a movie :/

vocalpunk97 says:

I don’t mind Amy Shumer. Snatched was a little off, but I LOVED Trainwreck

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