Incredibles 2 – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Incredibles 2, starring Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner, Samuel L. Jackson. Directed by Brad Bird.


hfanti says:

I normally get bored with action, but always had that Dash running scene on the first movie as one of the best action sequences I’d seen. Now this one is very action-base and I liked it too. Nice word, Birdman.

David K says:

This movie suck.. I fell asleep.. Best part is the baby…

Casimir Roosje says:

Awesome review chris. LOVE THE SHIRT!!

Dr. Epiphany says:

I saw it in 3D. Pretty amazing.

MoonPlayz says:

I thought the villain’s powers were interesting and good but the motivation and set up was bad.

ale Senatore says:

Great movie, but i prefer the first one, my favorite animated movie ever, my favorite disney movie

John Bobbitt says:

I agree. This movie was spectacular. I’m going to have to go see it again when there aren’t so many little kids around. In a packed theater, you could hear all these little kids asking their parents questions during the WHOLE MOVIE.

VanCity Food Crew says:

I loved how Chris had to specify the animated films are among Brad Bird’s best. Tomorrowland sucks balls.

Abigail Avalos says:

I’m so glad I went at night. It was all 20+ year olds cheering. It was awesome. And I cried watching the Pooh trailer

Brionna Boyd says:

I’m kind of glad that they waited this long (if not took the time to make it amazinnggg). The graphics and animation were amazing. The story plot was amazing. The messages were amazing. This was the best animated movie this year or ever. And they had CUSSING WORDS IN THE MOVIE. Amazing just amazing

m3l0nad3 says:

Chris where did you get that T-shirt it’s so awesome!?!?

Joe- L says:

Listening to Chris talk…..instead of compared to Jeremy with his quick cuts and “witty” whatever….. I treasure Chris much more …..:)

El Mantishrimp says:

This was good but the original is still better. My biggest complaint was that the villain isn’t that memorable. I don’t think we’ll ever get another villain as good as Syndrome.

rogerwhutwhut says:

Chris grew up with superpowers

dan & alpha says:

This movie was so meh and people praising it are letting their inner child affect their reviews. The movie is trying so hard and it ends up being a bland superhero movie.

Iván Solorio says:

Honestly, it was worth the wait

Tonymovie9 Mendez says:

Please do a spoiler review

Imperfect Animal says:

Can you review Won’t you be my neighbor please?

Agent 2514 says:

All I gotta say is, that movie was worth waiting 14 years xD

Clamp God Clutch says:

Forever my favorite disney movie and michael gucciano is a god this is my child hood

Noah Baia says:

I absolutely adored this film.

HJ Mcpaid says:

Highly recommend getting the 4k release Chris

mR. wigleegiggle5 says:

Please do a movie review of TAG, idk if you’d like it, but I really liked it for some reason. You’re a pretty great movie “critic” and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

MP Reviews says:

Sigh…. +Chris Stuckmann I’m not try to sound rude or be a hater or anything, but why are your new review just so… bland? You seemed so passionate about what you were talking about in your old reviews, from how you were speaking to your expressions. But ever since your last jedi review, I’ve noticed you’ve been sounding a lot more bored in your reviews and that passion that made me subscribe to you back then is gone. Why is that? Are you getting tired of reviewing movies? Is something else going on in your life? Again, I don’t want to be rude or anything, but what happened to the old chris? Where is the passion that made your older reviews so enjoyable to watch?

littlebigmarc says:

so much spoilers lol

Touched By An Angel Beauty Shop says:

Just seen this yesterday OMG i loved it!! jack jack was a Star⭐❤

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