Incredibles 2 – Movie Review

After 14 years, The Incredibles are back! Was it worth the wait? Here’s my review for INCREDIBLES 2!


Adam Loring says:

I agree, the villain was weak and predictable. And I think this movie suffers from where we are now with super hero movies. But over all I think it was pretty good. Worth seeing.

Son-of-1 says:

I found the movie to be good, but definitely not better than the first. The villain was way too obvious, and the stay at home Dad cliche felt like the screen time was a little too long. And it makes no sense how they say that the baby got his super powers since he got them last movie. The movie in some ways did disappoint me, I still had a good time watching it though but not as good as the first of course.

zynbw says:

God I can’t believe it’s been so long since the first one came out. I was only 10 years old when I first saw it. But anyway, I just watched the second one and it’s really good. It’s fun and a good time for a family movie. And of course nostalgic.

Cole Riddle says:

Am I the only one who didn’t think Elasti-Girl was hot?

Patrick n/a says:

Pretty much agree. Good movie. Middle dragged a smig and I didnt care for the villian.

joenike55 says:

movie was dumb

aware24 says:

Jeremy now represents the critics not the audience

joneshugh says:

Mr. (Mom) Incredible 😉

greato80 says:

Just saw it today. Hoestly, not as good as first. Its basically an Elastigirl movie with the family thrown in for comic relief. Action was good. The whole scenes with dad n kids really didnt even need to be in the movie. This movie is same plot points as first but hired to be hero dad tries to save her and gets caught and kids come to save both, then family n frozone fight together. So incredibles was more like Sameoldibles. Movie will only do good financially because people have wanted a sequel all these years. But like all sequels five to ten years after first..its not that great…the villain is an inventor just like the first movie. No originality.

Osman Safian Baharuddin says:

For one I think Brad Bird highlighted how the current generation sits on their asses expecting other individuals to solve their problems for them. Basically wishful thinking prevalent in society, but, substitute leaders/entrepreneurs/politicians as superheroes.

Previous one hinted at celebration of mediocrity while suppressing the exceptional.

hunter wilbanks says:

The reason that simple philosophical bullshit from the first movie was so profound to you is because you were young and stupid. Don’t sit here and act like the first movie was so much smarter than the second movie because you watch the first one when you were 12 and the second one when you were 26.

Eriq Jaspar says:

Just saw the movie, it was very adult. The one thing I noticed while watching is “hey, maybe this really isn’t for kids” Incredibles 2 could have been PG-13 if they didn’t know it would turn away a bigger audience 😉

TaperTrain says:

Incredibles 2: 3/10 Jack-jack should’ve been Boss Baby, hated the movie.

Just kidding, if I had to rate it an 9.2/10 it was fun watching the first movie again the night before and being refreshed after 14 long years.

Adam Loring says:

This may seem like a strange form of praise. But the lighting in this movie is great.

Xavier Knight says:

People say this is a sjw movie can i get peoples opions to this?

Sprkl Muffin says:

The new villain’s philosophy wasn’t that bad,
it was basically “normal people become reliant on heroes so they are a threat because they lead to a society where people can’t fend for themselves to be safe”

Michael K says:

Didn’t like it. Elasti-girl is now a Mary Sue and Mr. Incredible was nerfed. Dash was tossed to the side. It was a stay at home moms are super heros movie on fathers day weekend. No lesson learned and not a complete film like the first one was.

Razz My Berries Reviews says:

I loved the film but have to agree with you on the villain not being as great as Syndrome.

Chris Willie says:

Screen Slaver had some pretty cool points in those rants but they were never expanded upon. Screenslaver got the Mandarin treatment and it did the idea of the villain a disservice

TheRoadToRed says:


Sheev Talks says:

Dude no movie could EVER make a villain better than Syndrome

Educated Scum says:

I had a boner the whole time

St!ck1 says:

Review Hereditary Jeremy!!

LSDloli says:

not going to lie only reason i went to go see Incredibles 2 was for my 1st boner crush elastigirl

MyAssIsBrass says:

I personally really like the action in animated movies/shows. Drawings will generally allow for a lot more wierd shit to be possible.

Jared Rice says:

I wish it had been mr incredible who didn’t answer the phone

xxREDHAWKSxx7 says:

I say it’s worth watching and worth buying on blue ray

C A says:

Review hereditary please

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