Incredibles 2 Movie Review

Kristian reviews Incredibles 2.

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Sam says:

more feminist propaganda from disney what a surprise

Naveen Chandra says:

Zip it harloff

Max Minhtet says:


Salah Al-Bloushi says:

my youtube feed is filled with postive incredibles 2 reviews i’m fucking living

Kyle White says:

Glad to hear this film is worth the 14 year wait.

Keith H says:

Glad the fantastic four still haven’t made a great live action. Incredibles rules.

Skinny Pippen says:

Can’t wait. Been waiting for this one since the first Incredibles

canvas11xD says:

If Christian liked it you know it’s good. Rarely ever gives a perfect score.

Naman Idrees says:

Loving the buzz and good reviews on this. Incredibles is my 2nd favourite animation movie after Wreck It Ralph. Can’t wait to see this .

Ian Smart says:

Brad Bird has not made a bad movie. Dude should be more of a NAME than he is. Out the gate with 2 masterpieces then great from then on. Not to mention his tv stuff. Give Brad Bird ALIEN!

Alex Silva says:

How did you just like the first one?

Marcus Lewis says:

I trust your judgement can’t wait to see them

Simonsays REACT says:

It has feminist and sjw bullshit in it tho I know it’s gonna be good but man that sucks the time of day were in

Adam Moore says:

1. Toy Story
2. Finding Nemo
3. The Incredibles
4. Inside Out
5. Toy Story 3
6. Up
7. Monsters Inc
8. Coco
9. Toy Story 2
10. Finding Dory

Al's Variety says:

The first 5/5 Schmoe rating of the year!

I’m definitely seeing Incredibles 2 next week!

Gypsy Road says:

Finally Harloff is not grumpy

Redx 37 says:

Oh so they’ve switched scenarios from the first where now mr incredible has to help raise kids will elastic girl work.

T.E.C._1 says:

Glad to hear it’s on….Parr…..with the first one! Ayyyy.

mjstory1976 says:

Looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see it

RyanTube says:

You spoiled the movie for me

Brendan Little says:

The Schmoes have been stuck at the same amount of subscribers for like 3 years. Is something wrong with their channel? That’s do weird to me that they haven’t even gained 10K subscribers in such a long time

Vito Nappi says:

What a “wacky” review…I’ll see myself out

TJ Epps says:

So glad to hear this movie isn’t complete shit like finding dory! I’m tired of Pixar making crap sequels!

Edward Reyes says:

We get it you had a kid

TheCreepypro says:

I’ve been waiting for the movie forever super glad that it is as good if not better than the first and the first is probably my favorite or at least tied for favorite with Wall e

Smashfreak1 says:

I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!! Very relieved that Pixar seems to be fully back in form with Coco and now this. Absolutely will go see it ASAP!

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