Insidious: The Last Key – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Insidious: The Last Key, starring Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, Josh Stewart, Caitlin Gerard, Kirk Acevedo, Javier Botet, Bruce Davison, Spencer Locke, Tessa Ferrer. Directed by Adam Robitel.


Cinthia Vasconcelos says:

Can you review Downsizing? I’m curious to get your thoughts on the movie.

Uskilii says:

the punisher (2017) review soon!!??

Jose Alfredo Saucedo jr says:

Was that knock a Insidious 3 call back

Jaikis says:

I’m upset they didn’t have the scene in the asylum with all the ghosts exiting their cells from the trailer.

Keanu Nelson says:

Happy New Year Chris Stuckmann

Gehtea. says:

What happened to your cowboys and aliens review you mentioned it in a video so I looked it up but you don’t have one what’s up with that?

Chief Chimp says:

Lin Shaye is the bomb. She will always be the teacher in Elm St. to me.

RemixZX says:

This was literally one of the most cashgrab movies of Insidious and you’re saying it’s still a good movie?

Jevan Reed says:

Your face on the thumbnail says it all

PoliteWerewolf says:

I had two dogs on the couch next to me and when you knocked, they started barking and freaking out because they thought somebody was at the door. So… Thanks for that.

Nicole says:

I got a insidious trailer ad for this video

Matt Static says:


Ocelot4R says:

I actually prefer the third one to the second one

Luis Suazo says:

if that shirt isn’t mario crossover references, then a i dunno what it is

Just Me says:

I️ only like the first 2 Insidious movies

Dr.Decker says:

Fuck you it’s January!!! Too bad Chris is scared by RLM.

Daniel Courter says:

Freddys Revenge > The Dream Child

Michael Derr says:

Lovin the Metroid pride Chris!

Jean-Frédérick Gauvin says:

Could you review The Punisher S01 (netflix) ?

Zysoth says:

Fantastic Review once again, Chris!

Balkaran Singh says:

so where’s that dude who comments the grade and saves my time?

GregVaBch X says:

Read better media. Girl

Andrew Jones says:

There have been some quality movies to come out in January before like Cloverfield, The Book of Eli, The Grey, and The Last Stand.

TheKrazyGoob says:

you as much as i like you are completely stupid… the 74 was for the name only….. was it really hard developmental prologue…i love you tried to make this move as not a terrrible…..

Ďinda S says:

Chris is so cute 😀 just saying

Dancerama6 says:

Lin Shaye is a fucking badass

Hunter N says:

I’ll have to see it if the guy did The Taking of Deborah Logan, that movie had some legitimate disgustingly horrifying scenes.

benway23 says:

Thank you for your work.

Dylan Hammer says:

Please do an analysis of the last Jedi

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