Insidious: The Last Key – Movie Review

The Insidious trilogy wrapped a couple years ago….so let’s review INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY!

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jellybean79852 says:

This movie reviewed? Or is there a part two with spoilers

jewoo han says:

Yo can you review The Greatest Showman?

Lamp says:


Tyler M. says:

I saw this tonight and I actually enjoyed the movie. A lot of twists and it was enjoyable. Definitely worth my money and time.

jaden naidoo says:

Jeremy it would be awesome to get some anime series reviews from you… If amine is your thing that is

Ian Elliott says:

Do Westworld Season 1!!

Bat Mang says:

Jeremy is just scared of scary movies so he gave Insidious a bad review

Frankie Cypher says:

Jeremy Jahns you slick mf !!! Spoiler alert like a mf lmao you completely left out this plot twist lmao you got me man

LoN3wOlF5tudi0s says:

I completely forgot about the Insidious movies until a day or two ago…

Happee Birthdae says:

Anyone else drunk

Will York Music says:

I actually want to see this movie

Saad Aljalowdi says:

do a review on ” the end of the fucking world “…

The KING says:

How much you wanna bet, the last key isn’t the last key -__-

Artic Vixen says:

Knew you’d rake this thru the coals so I held off watching til I saw it, myself. I loved it as a standalone movie and thought the family dynamic was powerful. Sobbed for several scenes and by the end I just wanted to hug my mommy. Keyface crawling towards her was super creepy but otherwise I agree the rest of the scares were jump scares. A few cheesy lines here and there but I still loved it so much I’m gonna see it again next week. I got a bit lost in the previous chapters so if someone could do me the favor of telling me if the end set up for a new chapter or if it closed the loop, that would save me from having to watch them all again. The mom was my favorite character. Did anyone else see Sandra Bullock in her?

Abhishek Gowravajhala says:

Oh look, hickeys!!

SpencersModernLife says:

I think you might be wrong on what you said in the beginning Jeremey this is a prequel type movie and Insidious 3 left a cliffhanger that hasn’t been resolved yet so they’re definitely making more

Ethan Dunne says:

Jeremy can you make a blu ray collection video

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Cool review Jeremy.

Jonathan Tovar says:

This movie was horrible

13tals says:

Review “the end of the f***ing world”!!!

Senior Lazzyman says:

I didn’t even know they were making a 4th movie.

Goth Lyfe says:

Big fan of the series but I agree that it wasn’t as strong as other instalments

MankeyGamez says:

So this is the Insidious version of Jigsaw without the terrible plot ? Ok

Noah Hamelin says:

6k likes and 66 dislikes, spooky af

Wetdookie says:

The first insidious was the best and scariest. They’re just milking it now.

Liked Attorney says:

Gah dam whats with the intro.. i could of made that

alvaro cortez says:

So you won’t review the nerflix punisher right? Just asking.

Brandon McDowell says:

Enjoyed the first 3. This one was just laughable and awful. OPINION of course

Yersifanel says:

I actually liked this movie because of the story, I guess I’m more story driven than anything else.

DS 61 says:

spent half the video staring at the gap in Jeremy’s hair…

Amara Naki says:

It’s ok not a big deal I needed more and it let me down

Javier Gomez says:

this movie had me sweating

Brady Austin says:

The god of war trilogy was good and all but the best game in the franchise is on psp in ghost of sparta.

Chris Topher says:

Review Greatest Showman!!!

Brickster's Animation and Stop Motion says:

‘Wonder’ review??

Michael Furman says:

This movie sucked ass such a damn disappointment

Jay Parker says:

Talk about the Slenderman Trailer

ItzSilentStorm says:

um…aren’t “final” and “last” essentially the same word?

zack phy says:

Stuckmann said the exact opposite thing about this movie, that the first 3rd to half of the movie was really good and hooked him and the last half kind of fell flat and you said the first half dragged and last half brought it together. Maybe that means there’s good parts in both and I’ll like both halves or it could go the other way and I hate both, hope it’s the former because I like this series.

Emerson Listenbee says:

Never go see a movie in January, your setting yourself up for failure and waiting on that proud Mary review ANOTHER January movie lol

Peter Matthews says:

Really well- rounded review Jeremy. Thanks for filling me in, you’re one of the first channels I subscribed to on YouTube and I’ve never regretted it!

rpm297 says:

Well, we found out who the keymaster is, anyway…

kwang-won Chung says:

can you please review Black Mirror??? Please????

Osm says:

Holy shit I just found out that jeremy is 37 I thought he was like ٢٧

Miguel says:

Any word on when Jeremy will do a face reveal? Seems like the rage currently.

fluffy ezio says:

You should review el camino christmas on Netflix id like to know what you think about it and dont worry its only about as christmas as die hard

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