IS IT WORTH A WATCH?? | Captain Marvel Movie Review + SPOILERS

Yesterday we saw Captain Marvel and we think it’s a very decent movie despite all the mixed reviews online, but we will see it is not as important as Marvel made it seem to watch the movie
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Adrian Nogales says:

Jazz u need to react to 2 of the sml vids browser junior learns Spanish and Jeffy teddy bear

Bryson Chapman says:

When’s the reaction for Blame The Hero

Truth says:

this is the nicest way to say that this movie is the worst compared to other MCU movies lol.

xVintage Blaire says:

I agree with yall and give it a 7/10 , I still enjoyed it though. And the post credit scenes!

Creeper Bomb says:

I loved this

Lil Myron says:

Hell yea watch it!!!!!!

M m says:


Poop Ass says:

She like anal?

adriana ramirez says:

My friend said this…
“If you want to watch it, then watch it. And if you don’t want to, then don’t”

You should go subscribe to him

rozzaninja says:

How you gonna title the video ‘is it worth a watch’ and then include spoilers

Bay Bay says:

9/10 for me

Caleb Hughes says:

If you don’t think too hard it’s entertaining. Decent action, good effects. The plot was just so lazy and from someone who enjoys literature and the art of story making, this movie fell flat. There are so many ways to write a successful female lead that is empowering for women as well as respectable by men and this movie just did not do it. Alita, Hunger Games, hell even Twilight did it better than this. Honestly the movie was maybe a 4/10 from me, on a scale that gave movies like Infinity War an 8/10 and Hereditary a 9/10.

3MILI0 Z3R0 says:

Ive seen cosplayers looking better than her.

Kevin Perez says:

Do a reaction to sml movie Jeffy skip school

FaZe_Zay says:

Movie ass

Mario Luquez says:

New sml

Heng Phan says:

I just came back from watching captian marvel

shades says:

Watch Hellboy red band trailer

Metricc says:


Amazingrocket8 playz says:


CoolKid King says:

I saw it today and IT WAS AMAZING

Super- Nova says:

I saw it last night well and I agree with everything they said but it felt like it was hyped up a bit and the movie didn’t quite live up to it but it was still very good I definitely suggest you go watch it if you haven’t

Im Just John says:

I respect your honest opinion but I watched the movie and this is one of the worst marvel films I’ve ever experienced

Kam ran Stokes says:

Public vs private schools (part 2)

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