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Chris Stuckmann reviews It, starring Jaeden Lieberher, Wyatt Oleff, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Chosen Jacobs, Nicholas Hamilton, Bill Skarsgård. Directed by Andrés Muschietti.

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AngelKat567 says:

doesn’t smell like caca to me senor

quality conflict says:

This is on my favorite horror movie list, even if it’s more along the lines of a supernatural thriller.

Josh Who Videos says:

Just bought the book awesome

Tipped Jungle says:

Terrible terrible terrible movie!!!

Guido Ferrari says:

This movie was boring too many “You must feel scared” noises And lame characterization of The kids, The only Things i liked were The clown performance And The relationships between The Kids And The adults

Akilliez HD says:

IT,… more like shIT

Saleem Frazer says:

This is the first time in my history of watching and reviewing films where I really wished I was onboard everyone’s hype for a film. This film was okay. I was hoping for something legitimately scary after the immense praise surrounding this film.

Zak Slayer Vlogs says:

I also love this movie since that pennywise is my favourite horror movie character

Five Stars says:


DaisyReyesR Dizzy says:

I got scare this movie
I scream a lot this movie

Me and bf love this movie

Crave88evarC says:

Not one of these kids made me believe they were ever scared in any part of the movie. Just pretend scared with open mouth and big eyes. That made this movie fail imo

Diego Gonzalez says:

I honestly thought Pennywise sounded like Scooby-Doo, that can’t just be me right?

dillydilophosaur says:

I haven’t seen the 2017 film yet, but I’m watching the 1990 miniseries for the first time and I’m loving even the second half so far. While I disagree about how well it’s aged, hey, can’t knock you for your opinion- which you even mention is your opinion. Take a like for props in acknowledging there can be disagreement about that! The best critics say what they thought, but do it in a way that doesn’t invalidate your own thoughts and feelings- it’s a hard tightrope to traverse, but you do so like you were born for it!

Crash of The 90's says:

I grew up with it

MaO Captain says:

IT sucked…was so disappointed. there was just way too many kids, i literally can’t remember ANY of their names, and most of them don’t have ANY impact on the story, also made pennywise look so outnumbered and busy. also why is pennywise so weak? he just goofs around and makes balloons. and to make matters worse, he got beaten to death by a bunch of toddlers. so how did he commit so much mass murders in the past century? the CGI with the sick mummy dude was so out of place, it just didn’t fit in. Bill however is the only WOW factor for this movie, he is truly the perfect pennywise, it was such a shame that almost everything else wasn’t even closely on par with his perfromance.

Imunclean says:

i think it sucked big time.

Billy Boob Broccoli says:

not scary in the slightest, kinda funny rather.

The Bad Guy says:

i didnt get scared while watching the movie, i just found it interesting. i was interested to see what would happen next and especially what pennywise would do next

aarontwenty7 says:

Bored the shit out of me . Penny wise was crap , kids where ok. Nothing on the original

Anthony Kulik says:

I was not scared at all watching this movie.

CCGtv says:

Dope content, keep it up and stay blessed!!!

Ian Carver says:

ahhhhhhh now i get that the movie they talk about you see it

Isak A. says:

You didn’t talk about the flaws.

10_scarymovies_lane ._. says:

“This movie sucked cause it was funny!!!! :(”

They intentionally made you laugh. And one of the main things they need to focus on is chemistry between the kids. They nailed it and gave great jokes (for 14 year Olds to make). The thing is, Just cause a horror film doesn’t completely scare you doesn’t mean it was all bad.

I get that some people were expecting a balls to the wall horror film, and I was to. But, what they did character wise and chemistry wise *was phenomenal* .

Beverly was very developed, and had a great story to tell. And kicked ass well telling her story

Bill was developed. And had suspicions that people would have in the situation, *denial* .

And eddie, was very driven and even when he is at his highest; the movie tries it’s hardest to put eddie down under the attention given to richie

And richie, wasn’t really developed. Just relatable and funny. But his jokes and scenes stole every time he was on screen.

Ben, smart and fun character to watch. But he has little to no chemistry with anyone but beverly.

Mike, and Stan were bad. Not well developed. And just background characters so we could focus on the others. Atleast mike had moments of being competent. But Stan had one of the best moments in the movie. Otherwise Stan’s story is over. Everyone knows where he goes from here. And hopefully Mike is competent in the sequel since Stan will most likely die.

But otherwise the film was great. It deserves the love. And it has cgi. But I didn’t mind it, cause it really worked. All performances were phenomenal. Most characters were memorable and great. And the aspects of development in beverly, and Bills case was great.

And I loved the aspect of Bill believing Georgie was still alive. Even though on the inside, he knew Georgie was gone

Suba says:

Being a reviewer used to analyze movies, giving a good review to this movie is really embarrassing.

Jacob Burden says:

I know some 9 or 10 year olds who watched this and laughed more than screamed.

Queen_ Khia says:

Did anybody notice he had the book in the background

Jack Rouse says:

I hope in the second movie we get clips of the kids after they had defeated IT. Like how Ben moved away from Derry and when he arrived at the new school and he was bullied by the kids about being fat and that sports teacher who made fun of him as well. I liked that scene and how Ben exclaimed that he lost weight and I hope in chapter 2 they do do scenes from the book after the climax of chapter 1

cobblerz says:

Can’t believe everybody’s saying this movie is great – it was a sentimental cliché fest.

srai12snake says:

It was a mess. Full of jump scares and the fear wore off in the first 30min, the jump scares were deliberately done tho. It was the foolish amount of it what killed it for me.
I only got surprised when the scares came, it was not horror I was feeling.

Marco says:

i just don’t understand why georgie died and got eaten when in the first place he was not scared of
IT at all and was even enthusiastic of IT. On the other hand, IT did not eat bev because he smelled that she was not scared of him anymore.

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