IT – Movie Review

Stephen King’s IT gets a big screen adaptation! Is it the version we’ve all been waiting for? Is it better than the 90s mini series? Here’s my review for IT!

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Kane Gang says:

This movie sucked but Ths all scary movies these days

LegionaryWithAGladius says:

the fat kid reminded me of myself when friends use to come over and I use to hide all of my lego sets and toys because I thought I was too old for them hahahaha

Bella Rana - Transgender says:

I didn’t got scared at all..may be Bcoz the ghost was a clown …lol

missvampiresweet says:

It was good but not as a horror movie , it was more a thriller / action movie ^^

• •big•uzi•horizonal• says:

It was waaay scarier than the first one by a mile. If you disagree, go back and watch it please.

Dave The Rave says:

Gonna be completely honest: I was never really afraid of Tim Curry as Pennywise. I thought he was just, creepy rather than anything. Like he’s the clown you and yer wife would see in the park and go “yeah, lets not hire that guy for Timmy’s birthday party.”
This guy WAS FU KING TERRIFYING!!!!!!!! Like he’s a fu king psychopath

Erin the Awesome says:

I think I am the only one who seemed to enjoy this film.

JelloMello1st says:

Did he even say the name of the movie

pedro camenzind says:

you’re a heartthrob Jeremy

Stagnance says:

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rooster booster says:

what a film this is ! great update to a classic and one of the best horror/thriller ever made . cant wait to see the next chapter

Black Toy says:

Slow down… It sucked!

Miles Bennett says:

It wasItn even that scary

nikos223a says:

Fuck IT ..that movie was a comedy

Magus says:

Imagine remakes of “IT” and “The THING” but with the monsters swapped.

KaiLordKing says:

My parents never got burned down in a house like the black kid…why do black people get only 1 person to try & connect with :/ an i aint white ;-;

Bill Ill says:

IT was boring af.

Drew Francis says:

I watched this before i saw the movie, set me up for disappointment coz i was expecting a scary film. What grit… all of the important children survive.

christoph andrew says:

4:20 is the best joke ever made in this channel i think. so thats 1 like for you

Madden Mobile Einstein says:

go check out IT black parody. it funny as fu**. Come back and like if you laugehd.

no says:

this new pennywise reminds me of that clown digimon from season 1, which I used to think he was fucking creepy when I was a kid

Hamsters chickens and fish 10 says:

Let me guess your sponsored

aka rha says:

I saw it and felt like I was watching Stranger Things which I hate but wanted to be scared which I wasn’t it was an OK movie

mahchymk93 says:

Movie is shit. It’s only scary if you’re 12.

TommoHawkeye says:

“It”….tries it’s best to be iconic. But it rips off classic horror scenes and falls well short of what perhaps it could have been, were it written and scripted a lot better. The story has great potential when it deals with the fears and reality situations of the kid’s problems. But like the original “it” movie, it falls off the rails on so many levels : Characters are inconsistently stupid at times. The Clown could have killed any of them at any time, but ultimately ends up dying a lame death despite all it’s power! Completely Lame/ 5/10 for the movie. Terrible messy story towards the end. Good effects and some decent moments. Lame characters who at times are so stupid it defies belief.

phil lighbothe says:

Thanks! Very interesting! I hope you are respected this film too!

The Realist says:

Lol none of these kids remind me of me lol you fuckin lame don’t just assume shit you goofy

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