Jigsaw – Movie Review

After a 7 year hiatus, the Saw franchise has a new chapter for Halloween. Here’s my review of JIGSAW!

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Wa Ri says:

This was worse than Saw 3D. At least Saw 3D had Hoffman and Saws wife. This movie is based on a copy cat who wanted revenge on a cop. It took them 7 years to come up with this. What happened to Jigsaws other followers? They could have used them at least. Weak plot, lazy traps and shit characters.

Proper Gameplay says:

you are a criminal and belong to prison

Cory Austin says:

I liked the Saw where they had Shaq chained up and in order to get out, he had to make a free throw.

KitsuneCookies says:

I thought it was.. okay, bit cheesy and as you said the gore wasn’t really there. The ‘twist’ caught me off guard even though it’s literally been used in all the other Saw movies, I think because it’s been so long they just got away with reusing it (the time scale thing and the reveal thing) Also i’m not sure why it was called Jigsaw because it wasn’t about him or his life or anything, it was just another Saw movie. And the ending where the girl makes the decision was reallly stupid, like what made her brain think that was the right answer I’ll never know.

Vin Ucci says:

I liked it.

Matthew Maguire says:

The first Saw had the perfect mix of psychological thriller and traps/gore. The second done a decent job too with the mystery but it cranked up the gore. Then the third was just a ridiculous gore fest. So much so that the psychological mystery was completely lost until the big reveal at the end. It just became about the traps and gore and as a result lost what made the first one so good. The 6th Saw was the exception though. It was gold.


First impression is that this is just a lame cashgrab.
Coming from a long time saw fan.

Steve Chaput says:

What a disappointment! It started out pretty good and there were some scary moments, but I didn’t care for the ‘twist’ ending and reveal. Plus, several characters just seem to disappear at the end. The remaining female and the other detective. Way too obvious attempt to set up sequels and I’ve given up caring. Good review as always. It’s a toss up for me whether the first film or the second are better. I stopped after three.

SuperLego444 says:

This movie is considered by many to be an improvement of the other 4 predicessors. Although, the reason this movie was made was because Saw 7 left more questions than answers. I have yet to see to movie, but I plan to see it.

marcus batton says:

Give this guy a show. E! Coming Attractions reboot maybe??

SAMCRO Till I Die says:

I kinda liked Hoffman…

Simon says:

Who skips to the end of a 3 minute video?

Nikkimond says:

It was an okay movie. I didn’t like the ending or the reveal that much. I was watching the movie and constantly questioning what was happening. *spoiler alert* How would he know character x would be the one to go there and do that at that exact spot in order for this to happen? How did he know character y would still be alive to go over there, then move away before pressing the tape? The shotgun test at the end was a simple one but for some reason the characters decided not to pay attention to what he was saying after listening to him the whole time before. Also, ask yourself what tv tech was available ten years because I don’t remember flat screens being that thin.

solar flame11321 says:

loved it

mrlelle111 says:


What if the shotgun trap against the end was the main focus of the film? It would have created a more psychological feeling and return to a similar pattern as the first film. I enjoyed Jigsaw, but that trap was rushed as hell… More focus on that in a “directors cut” maybe and I think this film will be one of the best Saw installments!

Fractured Films says:

Jigsaw Saw 1 and saw VI are my favourites

Carl Smith says:

I personally found this movie very cool. nice refreshement

Cruz Approves says:

i think they should do SAW in space!!… eh eh see what i did there.

ccrisp93 says:

Thought it was ok, the twist saved it imo I stopped after saw 3 but saw this one because why not

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

My personal favorite saw movie is Saw III. Don’t care much for the rest of them.

Chris Rice says:

Show some god damn respect for JIGSAW you fuck. Your mother was only interesting when I was drunk. My favorite saw movie was the one without you in it.BITCH.


Does doctor Gordon has a role in the movie ? Because saw 7 ended up with him and Hoffman

DavidAkiCreations says:

I saw it and I thought it was okay. The traps weren’t as gruesome as the previous films, but the actual investigation into who’s mimicking Jigsaw or is Jigsaw still alive is fairly interesting.


At one point a guy tries to break the rules by knocking through a door labelled “No Exit”. So obviously the floor falls through and his leg gets tangled into some wire, which is being tightened by cogs. The other 2 players of the game go into a small room, leaving the guy with the trapped leg behind. The room where the 2 people went into starts to fill up with grain and then metal objects such as; knives, pitch forks, saws etc. To stop the room from filling up with these items, the guy with the trapped leg needs to pull a level, which will set them free but then slice his leg off…

But what if the guy didn’t try to go through the door labelled “No Exit”? All 3 of them would’ve entered the other room and died… So lets let this moment slide… Another trap later and the woman does force herself through the door labelled “No Exit” and then get drugged to prepare her for the next trap. But how else was she went to get to the next trap to progress to be potentially set free? The other dude who had the trapped leg passes out because he sees a dead body. What would’ve happened if she didn’t try going through the bad door? Would someone just come in a drug her?

Also, at the very end of the film, the guy mimicking Jigsaw says he tried to mimic these traps exactly. Which means the first incarnation of this meant the guy had to get trapped, and the girl had to force her way through the bad door to get knocked out…

So yeah…

Matthew Heywood says:

this movie was a hot mess and the kills weren’t even fun

Henry Crowther says:

This is my favourite intro

Alice Alice says:

First video I searched after almost 2 months without internet or comunications in PR after huricane Maria. Luv jeremy!

A A R O N V I L L A L O B O S says:

Im a fan of the series, so I enjoyed it for sure! Crazy plot twist at the end

PrototypeGames c says:

Saw 1 2 and 3 were the best cause there was an actual motive there was an actual reason to do the tests after jigsaw died it pretty much became about just torturing people for the hell of it also the first 3 had the best traps but the stupidest characters

G-Dub 85 says:

it was damn good for me….IT and Jigsaw movies of the year so far (cause lord knows Ben is going to fuck up JL -.-)

Mr go fast The human hedgehog says:

The first movie was so good because it was well written and didnt focus on the gore. It wa incredibly atmospheric and it was also overwhelmingly tense

Lucian Effbe says:

does this one have lasers?

Matthew Baumann says:

I was hoping there would be more of a twist that was foreshadowed. The whole twist wasn’t based on things that happened earlier in the movie like most Saw films. No “Your son is in a safe place” moments.

Quinn Wilx says:

Has anyone seen the X-rated version where some guy is forced to cut off his penis?

Patrick D says:

I really think there is a market for like a parody jigsaw movie where either jigsaw himself is fucking up the whole time or like he has a bumbling assistant or something and just go full dark comedy horror

glee 401 says:

Its the worst so far

richardhalo says:

Where’s the review for the Stranger Things 2? Com on Jeremy, it’s been a week already.

brenton brundidge says:

This is the best into you’ve ever done.

Francis Dolarhyde says:

Saw 1 and 6 are great, 2 and 3 are good and the rest are alright, 7 seems a little misguided

Mike Best says:

Dude same here after first three who cares

Rolf Harris says:

terrible movie

Marco Ludema says:

I think my favorite is Saw VI, mainly because of the great selection of traps, the emotional core of the plot, the soundtrack and the directing. I also think VI is a bit underrated.

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