Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – Movie Review

20 years later, we have a documentary about Jim Carrey and what went on, on set of the Andy Kaufman biopic “Man on the Moon”! Here’s my review of JIM & ANDY: THE GREAT BEYOND!

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busscr says:

The. Punisher.

ricardo mendoza says:

As someone who only really found out about Andy through a video of nostalgia critic. I can say I didn’t know that much about the man. And i loved this documentary. I looked up a lot of Andy after I watched it.

Garreth Thornburn says:

There was no rating?!?? I don’t know if I should buy it on blue ray or get drunk with a bunch of friends and watch it now! I need closure!!!

CABLE 715 says:

Another amazing impression by Jeremy, bravo my dude

losangelescardinals says:

If you’re gonna review “Man on the moon” then do it as a spoiler review please

Joshua Pelfrey says:

“98% chance I tasted semen in my life…”
That is the first time in a while I have had to pause the video to laugh and then comment.

slikrx says:

The whole thing was painful; Man on the Moon, and the docu of this Jim Carrey playing him.Painful.

Irma Granados says:

Ey jermy when are you gunna review the punisher

Kino Uy says:

WHY did Jared Leto mail shit to people? Is that something the Joker will do?? If he sent someone a dead rat with a ribbon, maybe that could count as a very cheap dark comedy. But it was just dead rats and condoms. Was he sitting silent in his trailer just waiting for the commotion and attention??? Boggles the mind, it wasn’t funny so how does it relate to Joker??

Frankie Virgen says:

So do you watch all these movies by yourself ?

Aj Gaming says:

He didn’t rate the video

Chris Phillips says:

What if Jim Carry and Jerry Lawler were friendly when the doc cameras were off? They might have been recreating the controversy just for the sake of their small audience. Given that it mirrored real life and was so insane – thinking of the ambulence bit- it made me wonder …

Nate Puterbaugh says:

He’s right about the Lawler Kaufman stuff. According to Jerry, Andy never cashed a single check from the almost 2 years working together. Just was doing it for fun

toBnamedlater says:

As opposed to tasting semen in your life WHILE knowing about it? 😉 Jeremy you horn dog.

GoldenGirl24 says:

I didn’t know about Man on the Moon or Andy Kaufman, I came in knowing I love Jim Carey and learned a lot about the actor’s experience going FULL method. It was great!

Bryon Goff says:

So no rating on this one?

nightowl907 says:

So true about the Jerry Lawler interaction

Merrick Lindo says:

Jeremy pls review the first season of The Punisher

Meghan Chapman says:

I hadn’t watched Man on the Moon or even heard of Andy Kaufman prior to watching this, but i was a big fan of Jim Carrey and his existential interviews. I feel like through the interviews Jim was like, “ok, i’m gonna show you Andy Kaufman so you ~understand~ Andy Kaufman.” Like a good friend that doesn’t just throw you blindly into The Grateful Dead but makes sure you know a little bit about them and listen to the right songs in the right order. I’m definitely going to watch Man on The Moon and dive into all things Andy Kaufman, i’m sold.

Bernadette Eichenlaub says:

I love your videos

Mateo Giovannini says:

I just got jeremyjahnsmanized

Nejc Stage says:

why dont u talk about south park .. its the most creative cartoon ever !

SunshineinBasictech says:

I liked it a lot very interesting

Erin Pratt says:

review ladybird!!!

Caleb EVans says:

Oh yeah…u better do a man on the moon review jeremey

KingTray says:

I feel like documentaries and mockcumentaries are going to but a big thing the theatres in the coming years it’s on the rise now. Would really want to see the behind the scenes of the DCEU

Spuud13 says:

When are you gonna review The Punisher Series on Netflix?

Psyclonus says:

Imagine what these reviews would be like if every sentence wasn’t edited.

AlienPet13 Gaming says:

Watched it a few nights ago. Really great documentary!

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