Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review Jumanji, is this a movie worth seeing for the holidays or just another limp cash-in? Find out!

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Jay Will6 says:

Just wait for the DLC, it looks amazing.

The Nerdiacs Podcast says:

The creators said that the Jumanji game itself kept the “Alan Parrish was here” inscription because it considered Alan a worthy opponent.

PhantomYodaGaming says:

The girl? The chick? You mean the awesome Karen Gillan? The Scottish lass from Doctor Who… I’m pretty much only watching this movie cause she’s in it haha

Obdog says:

It might just be me but there was a couple cringe moments in this film, but that’s just me. Please don’t attack me.

CursedMonkey says:

Not the one!

Máté Soós says:

Can I play Dark Souls like they played Jumanji??? Some Silver Knights? Capra demons? Gargoyles and so on???

queenform says:

FatDelrith turned buff

Rob Vespa says:

This is one of your better reviews. Nice.

Panama Ghost says:

It was a simple great fun movie that’s great for anyone

Michael Johnson says:

You guys are weird!

SkatterBrainGaming says:

So it’s a video game movie but it’s actually good?

shane daley says:

9/10 this was a great movie they did everything they needed to do to make the video game parts great and the real world they did great call backs to the original the original bad guy the whole thing where the board game turns and the kid puts it in his game and gets trapped for 20 years

Mzk Punk says:

They smashed the console not the board game so sequel is a big possibility.


I just saw the movie and I enjoyed it. Laughed my ass off. Karen aka Ruby Roundhouse was hot as hell. Idk why everyone bitched about her appearance. Shes good. Dwayne, Kevin, Jack were awesome together. Would watch again

falco81dist says:

should we come back after couple views, maybe you will change your mind. also kevin hart sucks

BTG says:

The biggest hole in the story I found was that Alex was in the game for 20 years but for whatever reason he didn’t have the gem. Bravestone had the only gem.

K-rex says:

Alex needs to work out his tris some more. Even them arms out son.

The Reckless Recluse says:

I just saw it today because a friend asked me to go…I went in not wanting to like it and honestly I found myself REALLY enjoying the film.

Waled Dawod says:

Can alex stop being so fucking rude already omg i hate him stop being so fucking hot It’s annoying i swear

DanteHarlow says:

I always thought that I would hate that zethoros movie when I was younger, but I ended up watching it one time because it was on CN and it was actually pretty dang good from what I remember.

poyi1013 says:

This movie just come out today here in Taiwan. Way more fun than I expected. I actually didn’t expect it to be this funny… the movie is way better because going into the game sounds so normal. However they got it so funny, that it does not matter.


ok watched it it was good now time for another zathura

Máté Soós says:

So here is a movie Joe is NOT ANGRY about. Better worth checking!!!!!!!!!!

Skylock Schumer says:

Why all the remakes with blacks or women?

Jordan Novoa says:

People were cracking up in the theater obnoxiously when I saw it and for good reason. Jack Black is great hahaha. Lots of light humor appreciation moments for those who are gamers.

John Doe says:

The original was the best what is this new pile of crap meant to be

Gabe man says:

it sucked soo bad


I thought this movie was set to fail, but man, this is actually a better experience than Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Baris P says:

Joe, you got to pronounce it as zaTHras, not zaTHras. That’s the other brother.

Dalton kammer says:

I loved zathura i gave it a 8/10

TheTuxmblrOne MSP says:

best line of the movie: backpack man: ZOOALOGY BITCH!

Van Steel says:

I’d give it a 9/10. Easily one of the best comedy movies I watched in years.

Johnny Nashe says:

I genuinely thought that it was better then the last jedi.

Bolbi says:

The beginning was iffy due to all the phone jokes jack black made but hen they cleaned it up. Another weird thing ab he movie was if Jumanji has turned into a cartridge and console from the 90’s why wouldn’t it turn into a disc and console in 2017? I could have also used without the scene where he tells her that he named his daughter Bethany and the make out scene at the end but it was still a good film. (The twist was super predictable too but that’s all good)

MrViral20 says:

I really do consider Dwayne Johnson to be a good actor, He has a lot of potential he is like Jean-Claude Van Damme type of quality which I do like. But just like Jean, why is it that every movie he is in sucks donkey dicks?

AMO productions says:

You Forgot to Mention,
That it takes place around christmas!!!

So it’s Pretty much “The New Die Hard” ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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