Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle – Movie Review

Jumanji gets a sequel that no one really asked for, so let’s review it! Here’s my review for JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!

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160sharp says:

I’m pretty surprised by this

TheCreepypro says:

Don’t know when I’m going to have time to see this but okay

Bradley Merson says:

Hay Jeremy, big fan. While I do agree with most of everything say you’re forgetting that this movie is a continuation of the original. The original and this movie is really different and I would like to just say that this movie might be in the same world it would be wrong to say this is a sequel to the original as they are very different with humor, story, mood, director, and more

cell9899 says:

the trailer made it seem like it was gonna be shit. Now I hear its pretty good, fuck it Im buying tickets!!

Mitchell Freeman says:

The movie was trash

Alec Kelly says:

Please review the movie Wonder please

TheMobyLogy says:

WATCH THE NETFLIX ORIGINAL THE BABY SITTER!!! Cliche yes, far better than expected? YES

Brandon Schreur says:

That T.J. Miller comment didn’t age well in the two days since this review was posted

Mixey Boy says:

Somehow this movie is more coherent & more sense than Captain N: The Game Master

zombie7ish says:

honestly the one thing i absolutely hate about the movie is that they turned the jumanji board game into a video game, i know people play video games alot more then board games but people still play board games, so turning the board game jumanji into a video game is just pointless and i honestly would of liked it if they kept the board game jumanji

but other then that the movie was honestly pretty good

jdzencelowcz says:

I liked it, I thought it was a good sequel.

dimas eki says:

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle ()Watch now http://ow.ly/WO6y30hlVXJ

SNGaming says:

Probably going to see this next week

Elijah O'Connell says:

Nobody wanted a jumanji sequel because jumanji was perfect
Robin William for life

Patrick Luy says:

Great film. Only tiny complaint I have is the bad portrayal of a flashback in the beginning. At first it said it was 1996. Then suddenly the teenagers started showing they had smartphones and such. Maybe a tiny heading saying it was the present would have made more sense.

But like I said, tiny problem. The movie overall was really well done.

blkbearsnakebite says:

No usual rating after the review?…:s :(.


ottoismy1dog says:

wasn’t Zathura the 1st Jumanji sequel?


Damn me and my friends had a whale of a time together watching this movie.Jack Black was hilarious

Josh X Wayne says:

I think we all thought this movie would be shit

sportsMike87 says:

twitter punks with their twitter muscles

PIM's a Whovian says:

I’ve been a fan of Karen Gillan since Doctor Who I’m so happy that this movie’s good

Steve Chaput says:

Good and fun review as usual. I had no interest in this film when I first heard of it, fond memories of the original didn’t get my hopes up for a remake. The first trailer didn’t improve my impression but later ones have me looking forward to some dumb fun. I’m not a big video game player so I’ll see how much I get.

Marc Sharp says:

I will be watching this film on Christmas eve and I chose it over Star Wars for two reasons, Karen Gillan’s legs and that the trailers had me smiling, Jumanji Rocks.

Jhon Shephard says:

about the outfit: is ANYTHING outside of porn allowed to be made to titillate men anymore? Women still have Magic Mike.

Fire Dust says:

The original Jumanji from 1995 wasn’t that great, so why make a sequel……….22 years later?!

Jebpmarine Hafey says:

Interesting. Welcome to the jungle love the GNR reference.

Jarrett Green says:

I generally watch your reviews after I watch the movies, and I usually agree with you but when I don’t I can see where you’re coming from. I was going to go into this movie expecting it to have funny moments but not be great (like I do with all Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson movies) but I’m actually looking forward to it now! Can’t wait to check it out this weekend.

mechasentai says:

Better than Star Wars.

Jaque Ovalot says:

Wana kno wat otha villain aint menacing dis year my nigga? Snoke’s bitch azz.

Osiris Paradox says:

I thought this was a reboot

DontTaze MeBro says:

Now I can’t wait for all the Jumanji spoiler reviews, speculations and theory videos thouroughly discussing the potential future of the franchise

Samuel May says:

I’m so happy about how good you think this is.

Adarsh Kulal says:

Guys if u want full it movie I can upload . but before that this comment should get 150 likes

brobro34343 says:

“There might be a good reason for it” Tell that to the rabid Star Wars fans who think Rian ruined TLJ. Because apparently only he had creative control of it.


Mitachia says:

Just kill twatter!

BAMBO says:

What ? This movie is not dogshit ? What?!? The trailers made it seems like one of the worst cliche bullshit movies I have ever seen. Hmmmm… kinda wanna see it now

Zack Briones says:

I literally watch your reviews before buying movie tickets, or renting any movie. You’re awesome man but still waiting for your Bright review.

diamant dushanova says:

Better than the first. Fucking funny and amazing tbh

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