Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas, Bobby Cannavale. Directed by Jake Kasdan.


rumple foreskin says:

Nice copy of “zathura” back there. Criminaly underrated film.

gallyun1 says:

Any nods to the first movie?

Tim's Corner says:

I wasn’t excited for another jumunji movie the trailer didn’t do justice to me at all

Sammyyam says:

Review Zathura please!

Johan Öberg says:

Hmm that setup is pretty good.. this shouldn’t have been a remake/reboot/reimagining, but an original movie instead

Primordial Serpent says:

In games like Skyrim, NPCs have lives of there own, and do things without regard to the player seeing them or not. So that plot hole isn’t even a plot hole.

ahmed ali says:

Can someone tell me please who are the characters that he tattooed on his arm???

Marney Olson says:


RebSike says:

does this count as a good video game movie?

adam lebednik says:

The rendering thing only happens to low-end hardware like game consoles. A high-end PC has almost no noticeable rendering due to increased depth of field as might a magic console that can put the player in the game.

MagpulSqwerl says:

All Kevin Hart does is be Kevin Hart. Honestly I’m tired of it, I liked him a lot before but now he doesn’t do anything different.

Miguel Abarintos says:

That’s one cool shirt, Where did you get it?

ChaosphereIX says:

Chris, you original plot hole critique makes no sense. They are immersed into the entire world of the video game, not just what they are experiencing. Rendering distant objects is just a game limitation, in some games…in others it is not. A little suspension of disbelief is required. It is a movie that you are not supposed to think to hard about…just look at the cast.

Aaron Booth says:

Gillan is pronounced with a hard ‘G’

thomas Barrera says:

Down sizeing sounds awsome live to down size i build things I wont to make .

mikeman8129 says:

Does this version of jumanji feature microtransactions and a sense of pride and accomplishment?

Yudha Bagaskara says:

CinemaSins will sin 1995 Jumanji before the film was released

Wreck Star says:

Rock is turning into a better version of Adam Sandler with his movie choices.

robbie2267 says:

I haven’t seen the movie and I can already tell I hate it, it literally doesn’t related to the first movie, explain anything about the board game or video game, doesn’t connect back to the original, and it has the rock and Kevin hart

Tailslover13 says:

Honestly, the movie is an insult to the greatness of the original…but, what can you do?

lanu432 says:

Kevin Hart n himself once again..uuhh..

Mr Kequc says:

I can’t believe how nerdism turned into such a massive and easy target for merchandising. This dude is covered and surrounded by trademarked swag. Even his tattoos.

dportal844 says:

Dude your spoiling too much of the movie.

Icey says:

That Shirt Is Dope Af.

davelanger says:

Games can change, it’s​ like procedural generation or radiant quests

Nafis Haider says:

@Chris Stuckman to your point that there are things happening in the world when the main characters are not there, there are plenty of games with dynamic events happening in real time without any player involvement. Example, Guild Wars 2, where bosses and dungeon battles occur whether or not any real player is there to help. To your other point that the game shouldn’t render unless the characters are there, that would be just a hardware limitation. If you’re in the actual game world, the whole world is there, it’s just our computers aren’t fast enough to render it all at the same time, but for the characters in the game world (if that really did exist) it should be seamless. And the third point about objectives changing, check out a game called Divinity Original Sin 2, depending on the players choices the game changes dramatically and affects the entire world and even some NPCs can die before you get a chance to meet them. Games have evolved dude.

Uncle Death says:

Real great movie

If cats had thumbs says:

Does it have anything to do with the original Jumanji at all besides the name? Or could it have been another okay action comedy but they used the Junamji name to try and profit off nostalgia? Honestly just curious.

Arjay Torres says:

This movie is an insult to Robbie williams memory

chrisknockwood says:

I got that shirt!

ConRon says:

Kevin Heart is a comedian not really an actor, he plays himself it’s just what he does, I don’t really ever expect more

Bumble Bee Zero says:

Huh. I wonder if anyone’s pointed out to Chris that he pronounced Karen’s name wrong.

Oh wait, everyone has.

Cody Johnson says:

Nothing against Kevin Hart but he almost always plays himself in everything.

Rayan Sm says:

It’s pronounced gill-un

DevilPoroNnj says:

Chris i see zathura at the back. Review it! Also if you can review eddie the eagle

MG says:

B- What???????? My Brain just broke…………………………………..

FaceOfChief says:

It’s Karen Gillan… not gyllian…

Revanth says:

Chris grew up with Jumanji

Dynamite Gaming says:

Heart playing Heart… what else is new?

BreakOps17 says:

Meanwhile…..Star wars the last Jedi premiere is going on!!

Feisty Ghus says:

Can’t suspend disbelief when the game renders as far as the eye can see, but finds the fact that 4 kids getting sucked into a video game is believable? Those “plot holes” are a complete non issue, understand the Kevin Hart critique to be fair

Amirreza Toloei says:

Chris grew up with Jumanji

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