Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom – Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex rail on the not so good 5th Jurassic Park film, but could it possibly setup a good or interesting 6th film? Joe thinks so!

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1amadeo says:

5/10 for me, the movie was so dumb and shallow no dinosaur could make it entertaining. Another mutated raptor-thing, this time made for combat (like WTF?! This kind of shit was cringy in the last JW, how could they do this again?). Too bad it couldn’t hunt down moving targets, a little girl outrunned it lol, what a shitty asset- that russian guy should buy himself a dog, it’s by far a better deal.
And honestly, why so many JP1 references (in such a short amount of time) in a movie that treats us like idiots? They made us think they remember and then they dumped on it big time. Is it a message for the old JP fans? Like “your time has passed, go fuck yourself”?
That is one big pile of shit.

Chris Ramirez says:

I’d be interested to know what movies alex actually likes… lol

Primal Rex says:

This was a film for hardcore JP fans. It’s the opposite of the SW TLJ debacle… with the mainstream tending to dislike and the hardcore fanbase rather liking it I think..

Oh and Joe get rid of Alex. He is awful. Just awful. Awful. Awful. Just looking at him swiming in his negativity and smuggness makes many of us sick.

Charlie says:

Joe are you going to due a review on bohemian rhapsody?

devoiddude says:

Joe talking out his ass as usual!!!!!!!

Jon Walton says:

none of the “dinosaurs” in any of the movies are actual dinosaurs. they have always been genetically created monsters. so I have always seen it as kind of monster movie because of that

Babbelmus says:

Watched it. It’s a 4

Eric D. says:

Dino-Tree Huggers: We want to save The Dinosaurs!!
Me: Ok! Let’s save The Herbivores. They aren’t a threat to our lives.

Bethany Goetz says:

I hated this movie but TO BE FAIR lol Chris Pratts character was recruited from the Navy to be an animal trainer in the first Jurassic World

Blacky Chan says:

Still better than Han Solo or Last Jedi

gizzad says:

Movie was SOOOO bad

Gnosistube says:

If I remember the dinosaur were genetically altered with frog dna to be A sexual so all of them could self breed.

mattguitars9995 says:

I agree with basically everything you said except for the complaint about Bryce leaving them to die. Bryce understands that while she thinks these animals deserve to live, she understands that it can’t be with humans. If someone was given the option to release a pride of lions into a city or let them all die, the obvious answer is to let them die.

rpm297 says:

Someone cut the brontosaurus on the dock scene and set it to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”! Honestly that made me laugh! Next up- DINOSAUCERS!!

Nathan Anderson says:

Lmao you guys only hate it because it isn’t the first movie. If it had the same theme every time it would just be even more boring.

Petar Atanasov says:

i sleep half tru the mouvie.steel dont know the end dont care too .

Mark says:

some of the dinosaurs looked like they were sold and put in crates to ship

Mark says:

Jurassic world: land before time

Nathan Gonzalez says:

DINO RIDERS! I’VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOREVER! Just keep Michael Bay away from it!

Michael Blais says:

They just don’t give a shit about the Jurassic Park/World story. The name “Jurassic” is strictly a vehicle.

Nathan Lacey says:

You moan far to much about the smallest thing, unsub

Daniel241992 says:

All my thoughts exactly and more, review was hit on the nail.

ChriZ Hawk says:

I asked for a sequal.

Col. Commissar Ibram Gaunt says:

Its planet of the apes all over again.

Augustuvi Primce dea.V. says:

with this level of education, the protagonists never talk about invasive species, how stupid and intelligently insulating the film is

tabachoy 50 says:

Honestly the movie should have ended with the dinosaurs dying from carbon monoxide thing. If it ended that way, it could’ve given a better message of the film overall and ended the franchise on a awesome note.

edtenorio100 says:

I’d personally give it 7/10 only because there is more action and human killings and the horror feels in the later half. I do agree on the sub-plots, want to add this film felt a little political.

Plus I did not like certain characters, mostly the girl who happens to be like Rose Tico from Star Wars. Would have been a great movie if it doesn’t have the name attached to it.

Marcquise White says:

Joe seems like the cry baby fanboy type that would feel like TLJ ruined Star Wars. Personally I came wait for the best episode. I loved the Last Jedi and would never pay money to see another Jurassic World movie

SpyengoEen says:

Chris Pratt’s character is a Gary Stu. He never seems troubled or worried. He always keeps his cool and is calm and manages to accomplish every single thing he plans to. It’s fucking ridiculous. He should play Superman, if there was no Kryptonite in the movie.

gavin prince says:

This film was boring and pointless

Dragonaut111 says:

Where’s the creativity in movie scripts anymore? Jesus christ the people writing this garbage must be laughing their asses off to the bank for getting so much for such poor quality…

Special Agent: Shoople Squatpump says:

I swear to God that the director of this movie played Capcom, because the only movie I saw this weekend was Resident Evil: Dino Crisis.

TER 0 says:

Movie sucked and was stupid watch my quick review lol

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