Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Movie Review

The Jurassic franchise returns to blow up the island that started it all. Here’s my review of JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM


Pancho Perez says:

Preeeeetty bad. The setup was fantastic, but from the second act it went downhill. Third act was OK but honestly the lack of common frikin sense of every character made it a bad joke that I couldn’t take it seriously.
In resume:
First act: HYPE
Second act: wait, what?
Third act: well… OK then

Surinder Singh Bal says:

it’s just crap , start is very nice , after than too much family drama , volcano time waste , would like to watch previous parts . 3/10

Kakachi07 says:

Ok, People need to stop comparing the Sequels to the first movie, They are not the first movie they are sequels and entirely different stories from the first film. Also if you were entertained the movie did it’s job.

Mark Phan says:

Really good movie. It had a way different vibe than the older ones

Andrew Wittenberg says:

Critics uh, find away

Jack Hammerhands says:

It was fine. Entertaining and there’s actually a solid monster movie in there. Typical heroes, typical villains, and another new dinosaur. If I had never seen a Jurassic Park movie and was not told what movie this was I would still have said “its a Jurassic Park movie”.

Skull Crawler says:

The only thing is desagree is when indoraptor opens the door, thats a reference that velociraptor could open doors its not to steal the original jp

Kemon 2nd Channel says:

My list from best to okay good enough:

1. Jurassic Park
2. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
4. Jurassic World
5. Jurassic Park 3

The I rex is intimidating, but indoraptor is just scary, like the Xenomorph and the Demogorgon.

gar55rocks1 says:

1. Jurassic Park
2. Jurassic Park:The Lost World
3. Jurassic World
4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
5. Jurassic Park III

Nostalgia dude 0101 says:

Your being a little harsh, I mean the 2nd act wasn’t as exciting as the 1st and the 3rd but it didn’t really bother me.

Mr. Swiglistic says:

1 jurassic park
2 jurassic world fallen kingdom
3 jurrasic park and the lost world
4 jurassic world
5 jurassic park 3

reggie the chihuahua says:

whoa… maybe Angry Joe bit John’s blazer looks so John’s to Joes leather jacket look. Whoa…

ShyGuy23 says:

Didn’t enjoy it at all. Pacing was terrible. They had good moments, but was just a hodgepodge of things happening just cause. Also corporate villain guy was too comic book for me.

Have to disagree with them showing the dinosaurs as animals and not monsters. They definitely had moments, but the carnivores were all still strangely obsessed with killing humans.

“Deadly volcanic eruption? Oh wait a minute, there’s people there I need to eat!”

Pouya Neev says:

I can’t believe you haven’t reviewed Hannibal movies yet.. i mean not even Silence of the Lambs?????!!!!!!!

Miguel Angel Saenz Palao says:

I didn’t like it. For me it have a very stupid and old premise. Why should people care so much about dinosaurs “rights” when basically by liberating them just let the door open for human extinction

Jake V says:

This Movie was totally trash and so many plot holes, what a disgrace to the Original. Total Cash Grab!

NeroShade19 says:

I saw it last night and it was pretty good. Not the best but good. But one thing that bothered me the most was that Chris Pratt was doing some Uncharted moves in the movie! Like it was Nathan Drake on a dinosaur island….which sounds really badass as I write this!

Matt Da Cat says:

The selfie moment and the drunk shout out to “Dinosaurs!” had me lmfao.

Eh, why not?
1. Jurassic Park
2. Jurassic World
3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
3. Jurassic Park III
5. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Jurassic World I would say is a better movie, but I kinda wanna see Fallen Kingdom again because of the enjoyment I got from watching it.

John Brown says:


The slogan is “Life finds a way” except that it was humans who continuously saved the dinos, it’s really retarded. The black guy is pathetic. The woman with glasses is cringy beyond belief. Claire does nothing at all. Owen is heroic but doesn’t give much of a fuck. The villains are laughable and for whatever reason the wealthy people trying to buy the dinos are portrayed as evil even tho they would keep them as pets, in a protected environment, which is the same thing that the activists wanted. They set the dinos loose because MUH RIGHTS… what they did was ruin entire ecosystems, not to mention the thousands of human lives that would be lost. The main characters only care about the dinos, they don’t give a fuck about human lives. Yep, that’s right, fuck your rights, only the dinos matter to them.

At the end of the movie, they come to the conclusion that humans will have to learn to coexist with the dinos. I don’t think so, those creatures will consume plants, animals, people, destroy infrastructure, etc., why would humans tolerate that? Just kill them and be done with it, they shouldn’t even be alive in the first place.

This movie is utterly retarded, avoid it like the plague.

jonKowalski3210 says:

1. Jurassic Park
2. Tie between Lost World and Fallen Kingdom
3. Jurassic World
4. III
I DONT GET THE HATE THIS MOVIE IS GETTING imho this movie was waaayyy better than the first Jurassic World and nearly rivals Lost World. I feel alone here.

Anonymous says:

Honestly I thought this movie was better than the first one. The only thing that I did not understand is how did they make the new raptor so quick? Overall rating from me is a 4 out of 5. I thought this movie was solid and was NOT boring.

Film Fiend says:

I really didn’t mind this movie. Fallen Kingdom is better then Jurassic World. Chris Bratt and what’s her name did have a good reason to go. They probably needed the woman’s hand print to access the system. Chris would be a reliable asset. It did slow down after the island, though.

IEF4 says:

This was not a good movie at all. Very dumb. If you’re reading this and you wanted to make films. Step up, because good writers these days are hard to come by. Don’t sell yourself short. Because this film felt like it was written with crayon. It’s for retards and kids.

Jonny Cat says:

1. Jurassic Park
2. The Lost World
3. Jurassic World
4. Jurassic Park 3

Mariko True says:

It was fun sit (once I moved to get away from a blinding cell phone). Chris Pratt did kind of exude super power in several action scenes, but I did not attend this movie expecting a documentary. I wanted fun and popcorn. While I overpaid for the popcorn, I still had an entertaining time. My movie ranking:
(1) Jurassic Park (1993)
(2) Jurassic World (2015)
(3) Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom (2018)
(4) Jurassic Park: The Lost World (1997)
(5) Jurassic Park III (2001) <----reasons for low ranking: Téa Leoni's annoying screaming and the talking ("Alan") velociraptor.

Will S says:

This movie was super mediocre. I was kinda disappointed.

jbroti 004 says:

Don’t give any f***s what everyone thinks, went in as a diehard JP fan and came out pretty entertained. Seeing it again this weekend.
Can’t deny this movie was much more suspenseful than any of the predecessors after JP1.
Maybe if there were more dinosaur movies every year I’d feel less inclined to enjoy this/these movies, but a big reason for seeing these movies are just to see dinosaurs on the big screen.

Gantz:0 says:

Damn i just came from a stuckman review and what a difference. Jahns would be fun to hang out with. Stuckman has a broom stuck up his butt. See what i did there?

Yersifanel says:

I enjoyed, it was entertaining and I got to see adorable baby Blue.

The Mother Flickers says:

Jurassic Park: Awesometacular
The Lost World: Awesometacular
Jurassic Park III: Dogshit
Jurassic World: Good time no alcohol required
Fallen Kingdom: Its alright, but you’re not gonna remember it in t-minus 1 day.

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

I want to see it.

Que Te Importa says:

Fuck You

Cristian Molina says:

1.) Jurassic Park
2.) Jurassic World
3.) The Lost World: Jurassic Park
4.) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
5.) Jurassic Park III

Devon Kamplain says:

1.Jurassic Park
2. Jurassic World
3.The Lost World
4. Jurassic Park 3

jdzencelowcz says:

I think JW2 can stand proudly by JP1, it is JP2 DONE RIGHT!

lego lucas 124 says:

Dude why is everyone hating on this movie i freakin LOVED IT

Raging_Crocodile says:

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park Lost World
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
Jurassic World
Jurassic Park 3

Jonny Bachmann says:

That brachiosaurus at the dock scene… if you know, you know

Roy Saringo says:

Wait. So – according to this universe – had the events of Jurassic World NOT happened, the volcanic eruption would’ve still destroyed everything anyway. Right? Did no scientist figure that out?

Deeej says:

This was literally the worst JP movie, I’m very disappointed

ESPexplorer says:

Michael Crichton would have appreciated this movie, because it appreciates him. People don’t realize a lot of aspects from the Jurassic World movies were taken straight from his books

Mason Ginn says:

I really liked this movie actually, the little girl was great in the movie. I’m ok with the series becoming more like horror movies, the opening sequence was spooky and I wanted more of it throughout the film

Jeremy Jahns says:

A fan made poster looks better than the muddy ass official posters, so thank you fan for making the better poster!

ChrisImaginesYT says:

Come on people I mean be more civilized. I can see why if u dont like it but now u guys r over exaggerating. Like if u have something better

Nick Carroll says:

1,4,5,2,3…in that order. Nothing can beat the king, #1

Mark Wrench says:

You gave the Last Jedi a better rating…. Fallen Kingdom was better by far.

MrSirFluffy says:

They needed Bruce Dallas Howard because of her hand print.

Quinten Loveland says:

I liked this movie way more then the first Jurassic World. It was way different from the Jurassic movies and really showed how the whole world would react to dinosaurs. Not just a theme park. For me I think it todaly got the magic from the first one. Is it perfect, no. There were some wierd parts, but there were just as wierd parts in the first one two. I like how it really pushed the story along and got away from the stupid god forsaken islands. It was a great show.

B Mac says:

Movie was trash. Glad I watched it online. I blame this all on Jurassic Park 3. This series should consist of two movies and two movies only. A perfect original and mediocre sequel. Done.

King91OM says:

They need to stop milking this franchise. I watched this movie the second time (both times was free for me) and both children & adults were laughing at the “scary” parts. No one was taking this movie seriously.

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