Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Movie Review (Spoilers AFTER the Rating)

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The latest chapter in the Jurassic Park saga is here. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom takes the animal rights activist angle with everyone’s favorite dinosaurs. While Jurassic World was a mostly successful return to form for the franchise, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has been extremely love or hate with fans. What side of the prehistoric animal kingdom do I fall on?

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ChiTwn Juggalo says:

I lost interest in this franchise a long long time ago. I LOVED the first one and I remember tidbits of the second but I just lost interest so I’m not even bothering to see this one. But I gotta show love to my boy Cody and I love your reviews!!!

Jason Hobbs says:

I really have to see how how bad this is. Cody which movie is worse this movie or Cult of Chucky


I loved it I feel like you and everyone else don’t think of what you need in it is Dinosaurs the first scene for example is maybe my favorite Jurassic Park scene right by the kitchen the scene when the indoraptor comes into the girls room that is an amazing scene the part when Clair and Franklin are on the later that is scary Franklin you kind of care about Clair you care about a lot it’s like saying you didn’t like documentary because it was not a horror you need to understand in a fictional world you have just enjoy the movie and not say this doesn’t make sense because you are going to miss the joy of Jurassic Park so if you liked the third one the one that makes no sense then why do you hate this one. This is why this film is the second best to me right behind the first.

Kain VS Predator says:

I lived Fallin Kingdom. But won’t lie there was alot of WTF moments. Either way still loved it.

Kieran Micheal says:


Even if they kill all the dinosaurs their are still two dinosaurs that survive at the end of the film it would be interesting if they had the last two dinosaurs on the run from the government.

And if Jurassic World 3 has a Dino-Lincoln I will seriously die from extinction!

Geeked-OutTurtlesFan38 says:

**post includes spoilers**

I don’t understand why all the complete hate for this movie. While yes there were the “WTF/Why are you doing that” moments in the film (that I agree were confusing to why it happened or why would you allow that to happen), the movie in it’s entirety wasn’t 100% awful. Part 3 sucked. This films a little better than that one but no, not as good as Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park 2 and Jurassic world buy a long shot.

****Spoiler Alert below******

The Good: Their nods at the original ala the mentioning John Hammond to the appearance by Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm. I also liked how they basically touched upon the endangered species aspect and “should they or shouldn’t they be able to exist in the human world” because they (the dinosaurs) existed first. I don’t think it’s as easy as yes just wipe them out. Why? Because if you want it to be realistic, people who are animal rights activists would get involved. They are now for protecting and preserving the rights of animals that run the risk of near extinction so wouldn’t logically those type of people be for saving a species (long wiped out because of a freak incident)? Yeah I get that dinosaurs could be dangerous to mankind (regarding the story and how it affects it) but so are animals like Lions, Jaguars, Cougars, hundreds of varieties of deadly snakes and spiders ex…ex…. We don’t wipe them out because of their importance.

Also the realism regarding genetic engineering animals as weapons and the greed of man to exploit it for money”. The Endo raptor was supposed to be more dangerous because it was controllable (sort of). Now was this a perfect film? No. Not by any means. It had many flaws. Continuously trying to make dinosaurs after they failed over and over and over again is a little too much repetitive bs. It shows how dragged out the story is. They killed off the grandfather (who found out the plan to cross generate a raptor ) too soon. Sort of wasted character in my opinion. And yes the cloning part irritated me too. It was sort of thrown in at the last minute like a “Surprise!!” moment that was unnecessary I also hated the cop out by just letting the dinosaurs go. I would’ve rather seen them escape.

I don’t get why you don’t like repeated things in this but you were ok with the idea/plot of reopening another park full of dinosaurs (after the original 3 plans for it in Jurassic Park 1-3 failed) in the Lost World movie a few years ago? Isn’t that the same thing? Its recycling the same storyline with one twist… Genetically modifying another dinosaurs. And even that made no sense because bringing them back to life period was trouble so why is Genetically altering them better? Oh well. We each have our own opinions

Victor Watson says:

Funny how much hate this movie is getting, I enjoyed this movie, it was dark, and creepy at times, I also thought Chris Pratt did a good job as well, its by far no means a great movie, but I have to say it was alright for me, but I never really go into a movie with high expectations, and you know its not going to ever be like the fist one, but you don’t like it , you don’t like it.

Daimon Atkins says:

In terms of the original movies Jurassic Park movies
Jurassic Park holds up really well
Jurassic Park: The Lost World I have mixed feelings
Jurassic Park 3 I enjoy watching
Personally I need to watch Jurassic World again because it has been a while

gnc623 says:

“This movie really feels like one of these stepping stone movies where they have some interesting idea of where they want to get in the future, but they have to have one of these bullshit stepping stone movies that’s half-assed left and right to get us from Point A to Point C.” Hmm, where have I seen one of those recently? **cough cough** Cult of Chucky *cough*

The Horror Show says:

Hilarious, Cody! I made the same Speed comparison in our review. How do heavy ass vehicles always suddenly get so much LIFT?!!

And yeah, the problems all originated in the script on this one.

Elm street Killer says:

I agree with u I hated the indoraptor

Presley Kraus says:

I liked it but I do agree with you on the ending Cody. I think they should have let the dinosaurs be killed in the place. Because, like you said, the military should be able to get 2 dozen at most dinosaurs under control within hours. It’s unrealistic that they wouldn’t be able to. Unless they’re just as fuckin retarted as the fuckin twat that let them outside.
I give it a 7/10

poe Smith says:

Hey Cody did you hear about the child’s play TV series coming out soon?

Drumdums says:

Fantastic review brother. We agreed on a lot of points. Shit show.

wayne myers says:

Just In Case You Didn’t Know Cody There’s A Fifth Indiana Jones Movie Coming In 2020. Steven Spielberg Will Return To Direct The Film And Harrison Ford Will Reprise His Role As Indy.
I Just Hope It’s Actually Good And Not A Blatant Cash Grab.

Tanman089 says:

You should definitely review sleepaway camp

Gabriel Lewis says:

I havent seen this yet..but I am curious. I am sure it is far fetched. If you and Lee both didnt like it that says something.

viper 2.0 says:

life finds a way for another Jurassic world lol i believe comes out 2020

Daniel Pena says:

Take them to Isla sorna

Monte Marino says:

Let them be freeeeee…freeeeee!! Lol when she hit that button I was like..uh huh… Children will now be eaten. Your right.. If your going to this movie for some cool dinosaur moments..ok.. For any type of believable story… Sorry.. They are freeeeee now! Lol nice review Cody

RSECOMIC 12 says:

I enjoyed it still don’t think it’s good as the first Jurassic World

Lee Modlin says:

I knew I was going to laugh. It does kill me to hear you say you loved the original because you saw it as a kid. I was freaking 23 when it came out.

Jessica Kugler says:

I need to see this movie. I love me some chris pratt!!!

marinasea17 says:

My counterpoint for releasing the dinosaurs? Traumatized cloned child. Those dinosaurs were probably the only relatable thing she had left after constant trauma she was subjected to that day.

That and Eli Mills’ death was worth it. That was savage and glorious to behold. Other than that? Average movie with some good action. I can’t take too much that went on too seriously, and I don’t try to. I want to see awesome dinosaur stuff happen, and between that and Stiggy’s hilarious body tossing rampage against a group of amoral dipshits, I had fun.

Skyth 2002 says:

I was hoping for a fuck this movie

Sean Higgins says:

It was gawd awful, so many plot holes you are right the ability to suspend disbelief was impossible

Jimpalainen says:

Keyword regarding these films; I love the original. Yes, and they were good because they were just that, original!
Filmmaking in Hollywood has to be in an alltime low right now, ffs they even managed to destroy Star Wars!
That said, even how bad the film is, it’s always entertaining to see your review.

Timelord 007 says:

Best review of Fallen Kingdom, Cody you had me in hysterics with your review rant especially about the ending of this film, me & my cousin seen this last week wondering what the fuck have we just watched, this film jumped the shark with one of the most absurd fucking endings ever, there was a pointless post credit sequence set in Vegas which added nothing as well.

Awesome review Cody you summed up my thoughts about this film word perfect, get this man a cold beer.

Anthony Kulik says:

This movie was ass

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